Calling All Artists! Three Design Contests Are Up and Running

PaintIf you’re the type of person who loves creating things and sharing them with the world, you’re in the right place – that spirit is what fuels ROBLOX. We recognize that not everyone is an aspiring builder or game designer, though, and we just launched three contests that give users who best express themselves through art and design a chance to make a significant mark on ROBLOX.

1. Fan Art Contest (now through March 10th)

Fan Art Contest Header

Do you have an artistic side? If so, our Fan Art Contest might be perfect for you. We’re looking for you to create any kind of ROBLOX-themed art you’d like, then snap a photo and send it to us. Every week, we’ll pick a fan submission and feature it on our Facebook page (and more), and give its creator an exclusive virtual item to show off to friends. To enter, create a piece of art using any medium you’d like (if physical, snap a photo or scan), then attach it to an email to Please be sure to include your ROBLOX username so we can give you a prize. Send at as high of resolution as possible, preferably in PNG format (JPG and bitmaps are fine, as well).

Pencil ROBLOXianThis contest will run through March 10th. You can submit as many entries as you’d like, but the work needs to be your own and it’s better to make one really awesome piece of art (and photograph it nicely) than 10 good-but-not-great pieces. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a pencil drawing
  • Paint a ROBLOX scene
  • Create/paint ROBLOX figures
  • Make some sleek modern art in your favorite graphics software
  • Create a ROBLOX statue out of a loaf of bread

The most important thing is expressing yourself!

Faces2. ROBLOX Face Creation Contest (now through March 10th)

Your ROBLOX character’s face is possibly one of its most important features – it says a lot about who you are and how you’re feeling – so we’re going to expand our existing selection with your creations! Got a great idea for a face? Now is your chance to turn your favorite expression into a real ROBLOX face. You can download the face template here. In order for us to make your face available for purchase in the catalog, it needs to meet all the following specs:

  • File must be a 128×128 pixel PNG
  • File must have a transparent background
  • Eyes and mouth must match template placement
  • Face must be submitted by 11:59pm PST on March 10th

ROBLOX staff will select the best entries and let the users vote on which faces should be published. The winners will receive a free copy of their face and 2,500 Robux. Email your face submissions to!

Standard Egg3. Egg Retexture Contest (now through March 20th)

This contest was announced on the ROBLOX Contests forum on Thursday, but we want to make sure everyone is aware it’s happening. After all, the Egg Hunt is one of the most popular annual events on ROBLOX (see this post for a description of last year’s hunt). We’re giving you the opportunity to design an Egg of your own and get it into the Egg Hunt — and that’s just one of the twists and surprises we’re bringing this year!

  • Contest ends on Wednesday, March 20th
  • Two Eggs (one regular, one Faberge) will be chosen
  • You may submit multiple entries, but submitting the same one multiple times will not increase your odds of winning

You can enter the contest by completing this survey. You can get the retexture “template” by inserting the Egg you’d like to retexture (Faberge / Standard) into a place in Studio, then finding the texture ID. Visual Artist Tara Byars (aka tarabyte), who is leading the charge on this contest, recommends new retexture artists join her Retexturing Apprentices group to get up and running.

Which contest will you enter?

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131 thoughts on “Calling All Artists! Three Design Contests Are Up and Running

  1. robloxian player

    This blog post doesn’t exactly state when the deadline is and when we can send in are entry’s for the fan-art contest.. :(

      1. robloxian player

        It says now through march 10th.That doesnt make sense.Does that mean it ends on the 10th?Or your allowed to enter your pieaces on the 10th?

  2. Mechawaffle

    Dont get your hopes up im entering my entrie Muwahaha LOL good luck to all of you

  3. PikaPhillip

    WOW! I Cant WAIT! :) I’m making a “Rubymouth Doughnut Mouth” Face! ( Im making a face.

  4. amonster117

    What do they mean by Create/Paint ROBLOX figures? Im guessing that mean you can do clay sculpture?

    1. thespirjet

      Yes, that means you can make a ROBLOX figure out of something and paint it, or you can paint a ROBLOX figure on paper

  5. BrickBuddy709

    Yay! Contests!
    Entered the face one already – I did an anime face! Roblox needs anime faces, in my opinion, which is why I did it :)

  6. Thunderflame55

    I’d say the best contest for me is the face maker. I have drawing skills, but they would be no competitor to the others. And I don’t know to retexture, if anyone does can you tell me?

  7. Brickage

    I’ve sent an E-Mail. I’m just wondering, did I have to make the black part of the background transparent as well?

  8. Noob

    wait, so is it possible to cframe anything to make a scene??? if so, I’m so doing this

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