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RGC 2013: Announcing the Awesome Venue for New York City

At long last, we’re ready to announce the venue for the third ROBLOX Game Conference of the summer, which is taking place on August 10, 2013, in bustling New York City.

Or should we say just off the piers of New York City?

Intrepid Museum - Horizontal Logo

RGC NYC will be held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum! The Intrepid Museum is “centered on the aircraft carrier Intrepid (CVS-11), one of the most successful ships in US history, and now a national historic landmark,” according to the Museum’s website. The Intrepid Museum features many exhibits, including a variety of interactive displays, historic planes and submarines, and multiple decks showcasing life on an aircraft carrier, which RGC attendees will be able to explore between other ROBLOXian festivities.

This announcement brings us to the following lineup of RGC 2013 events:

More information is available here. We’ll be launching ticket sales – along with a new website – for our summer events later this month. Over the next couple months, the ROBLOX team will also be setting up a unique program of presentations and activities for each city. We’ll be sure to let you know when new information is available.

For now, know that we’re really looking forward to a fun, summer day at the Intrepid Museum.

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79 thoughts on “RGC 2013: Announcing the Awesome Venue for New York City

    1. GalenLP

      This will, though i’d think a better carrier would be the USS Ranger CV-61, which is in conversion to a museum, and once it is done, it will the THE WORLDS LARGEST FLOATING MUSEUM!

      My father served on it is why i said that.

  1. bobafett215

    I guess Cj and I need to keep sending emails until we hear whether or not Roblox will let us make a presentation at the RGC.

    Admiral of the Roblox Assault Team and Sparrow Corp Head Developer

  2. Charleypuppy

    Chicago is only an hour away for me. I’ll go, along with my 3 friends and brother. Also, its at a museum. I’m sure my parents won’t object to that :D

  3. Stefan631

    I would go, I live like 3 Miles from Intrepid, but, August 10th is my sisters Birthday.

  4. Linda12344

    You guys are lucky that some of you live close.I live in Australia, So Couldn’t go because to far away.

  5. maxpooped


  6. freezball24

    what do you get when you go to rgc do they like give you exclusives tht would be cool

  7. M45war

    I’m going, I’m in the Long Island area, and the Intrepid is awesome! It has famous war planes and a submarine! I went there when I was 7.

  8. awesomerobbie1

    I think I have been to the museum in London and if I can go it should be amazing and I only live 39.6 miles away

  9. coruki

    Needs to be in California, I have issues to bring up with them in person since they rarely ever respond to me online anymore when I bring them up.

  10. jmjustin

    I start school August somethingth in Arizona and we’re leaving NY on the 3rd. :/ Can you guys move it? D:

  11. sk8man100

    I live 4 (give or take) hours away from there. Definitely ordering tickets for the 10th.

  12. COOLDEAN17

    That’s a good place to hold an event, but I live to far away from it. I live in Scotland.

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