Purchase and Trade Multiple Copies of Limited Items Today

Starting today, you can purchase and trade multiple copies of the same limited item. We’ve made this change to simplify our economy while simultaneously expanding it–in particular, it offers you much more flexibility when trading within the ROBLOX economy. Before we go into any more detail, keep this in mind: this doesn’t mean you can purchase multiple limited items from us, but you can purchase and trade multiple copies of the same item from other users. 

We recognize that “item hoarding” is a talking-point among the community, though we don’t think this should be cause for concern. If you’re planning on going out and blowing 100,000 Robux on 100 copies of the same hat, we recommend rethinking that strategy. There’d be no value in it–the market mechanics of supply and demand would make it difficult to resell those hats at a profit.

We’ve talked previously about the implications of this feature, but we’ll reiterate. Like nearly all facets of our platform, trading items on ROBLOX is something of a meta game, and this update will change the rules for the better. Trading will be entirely different–you’ll never have to worry about losing out on a great deal because you already own an item that’s a part of the transaction. Likewise, you can conceivably deal the same limited item in more than one trade. We think this will lead to an economy that is much more willing to trade, as users won’t need to fear being forced away from a good deal because one user has a particular item that they already own. We’ll also be upping the overall amount of limited items we release, depending on the demand that comes from this functionality.

We are aware that the release of this feature has disallowed the initiation of new trades. The Web Team is working on a patch, which will deploy tomorrow and resolve this issue. We’re really interested to see what kind of activity will take form in our economy as a result of this feature, and will be keeping a watchful eye on things to see what trends. Want to discuss these changes with experienced ROBLOX economy enthusiasts? Talk with fellow ROBLOXians about what these changes mean? Head over to the Let’s Make a Deal forum and share your thoughts.


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104 thoughts on “Purchase and Trade Multiple Copies of Limited Items Today

  1. Spencer

    I plan to save my limited easter hats so that they are of value later. I recommend others do the same.

  2. farmerman1379

    I remember seeing this post in the forums. A user suggested it. Power to the forumers!

  3. Bov

    I dont mind this at all. Yes, prices have shot up horrendously. But for those limiteds that needed to be raised anyway, I feel like i finally have a chance to make some profit…

    1. Zaqw78

      And those prices will go down eventually, once people figure out that such a high price for such a worthless item won’t sell.

  4. Tanker273

    This could be good or bad, but off the top of my head I can think of an obvious bad reason: the richest robloxians who would want to take advantage of this could buy every available copy of a limited, and either not re-sell or trading which could lead to extreme prices, making users not want to trade because the items they want to not be available. Another thing, if a user is banned with say, 10 copies of an item, all 10 copies would be lost.

    1. Zaqw78

      First of all, if a rich person did buy all of one limited item (which by the way, none will because that would be stupid) they couldn’t sell it for an extreme price because no one would buy it. If they wanted money, they would have to put it at a reasonable price. And second of all, it would be a good thing if some got taken away, it would make the item more valuable and would end up benefiting you if you had the item.

  5. Jakeyyyw

    Guys, just trust ROBLOX on this. They know what they’re doing. PLUS, you can FINALLY show revenge for those noobs who sell really low!

  6. -Y

    There are a few problems with this, firstly, as stated, people will hoard the object of dispute, and wont buy it to wear it, but buy it to inflate the marketplace. Secondly (but somewhat firstly) the items will go quicker, and users will be at the mercy of the prices set by the first-come buyers. Along with that, it will make the roblox trade economy very unstable, as many prices rise, there will be few to buy them, therefore, the prices would possibly go into a slump and ending up to cost people more when they buy it, and so on. This update is not recommended, as it will benifit very few who rely on this form of trade to fill their wallets.

    1. Zaqw78

      Apparently you don’t understand that this is exactly what roblox wants… They want users to take the market by the reigns and experiment a little. They are making it more like the real economy, and they are training kids to run an economy without them knowing. Roblox is an amazing experience, and this new update is part of it.

  7. thespirjet

    Let’s face it. Now that the update is out there, there is almost no way for ROBLOX to undo it. Because where would peoples multiple items go of they take it away? Instead of complaining, embrace it and you might find the update nice. If you think about it as something bad, it will turn out to be bad.

  8. jazzylegodude

    I don’t like this new system. It seems that if your banned forever from an account and they own 5 to 10 of that item then only 5 to 10 less are still around

  9. Shadowlord221

    This only works for MMORPGs like Runescape or Wow… This system is best left to a “Unlimited” number item with rare quality, and hard to get. Not “Limited” number of items that are already kinda rare. Instead of them being kinda rare, now they are Rare. Fix this please roblox.

  10. SwimyGreen

    I don’t really approve of this. It could easily lead to item hoarding and make the prices horrendus. Could there be an item purchasing limit or some type of compromise?

    1. Thefastmasternoob

      I agree. The users that have the item will only sell it for more, when you can just buy it for the original price. This system seems useless.

      1. Zaqw78

        You guys… If people do hoard them, they can’t sell them for a really high price because no one would buy them… It would eventually go back down… REMEMBER THE RULES OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

  11. Gerrett99

    I dislike it. What prevents someone from buying the whole hat all together? Then no one will have it.

    I wish this wasn’t included.

    1. Anonymous

      One cannot buy all the hats on ROBLOX. You have inactive owners, NBC owners, and people that collect the item.

  12. Blake1Studios

    People are just going to use this to make a profit. Which is good and bad at the same time. :/

  13. BostonWhaler21

    @below comment, what you guys can atleast do is THINK about it, I’m not forcing you guys to do it, I’m no dictator, but I would like these changes, and so will millions more will.

  14. chequeredflag1

    As long as bots don’t go and purchase them all at once, it’ll be good. I think you should only be able to obtain one during the time it is originally on sale at the normal price and then, as others have said – multiple copies thereafter.

  15. Sugarcane321

    I don’t see how this is a bad idea… You’re getting more Robux cuz your buying more of the same limiteds… Sounds cool to me!

  16. helperman95

    If you had 10 copies of a hat that had only 100 in Roblox and you quit/got banned, that means 10 copies are gone and only 90 remain.

  17. BeyBlade2703

    awesome so this means we can buy multiples and sell them off for a profit i have limeteds that some will go for like 10000R$

  18. Redsoxkid629

    Look this is horrible. I went to go look at limited hats to buy and I’m greeted with prices off the charts! An 80 robux-priced egg was now 800 robux. This is ruining it for people who like to collect these items. If you’re going to allow more people to have copies please limit it to two. This truly is ruining all limited items.

  19. Sinkhole

    I think that the ROBLOX administrators are trying to help the rich out and make them richer, while making the poor work ever so harder to make a virtual living. Oh well, earn a living, don’t get a living.

  20. Sethalonian

    No item hoarding? Stickmasterluke is hoarding the Kind Eggs Of Sharing, so your argument is invalid >:P (He Bought Mine >:O)

  21. Jason

    I can see the flaw in the trading system. People will hog a large amount of limited items and try to resell them ten times their normal price.

  22. Tommyll

    I’m not sure if this is going to be good for the less fortunated robloxians who don’t have any limiteds…

  23. pwnageryblox123

    This is dumb. Some rich guy will buy all of a certain limited (more than likely are super popular one) and sell them all for like over 1 billion robux

  24. Thunderbolt777

    People aren’t gonna hoard? Wrong, ROBLOX. They’re probably going to hoard all the items regardless of value and sell them all anyway. What would make it difficult to get their money back?

  25. josh50000

    I was really against this when it was announced, but now that they have addressed pretty much all of the problems with this idea, I think it will work fine.

  26. zMatrix65831

    I don’t like this at all. ROBLOX just ruined limiteds all together. How ’bout this: no matter how many are originally sold, you can only hold up to 5 at a time.

      1. Netprobe

        No, it helps stimulate the economy. Plus, it makes sense! If you bought 10 hats in real life, then sold 9 of them, is that not logical?

      2. Zaqw78

        No guys… You don’t understand economics enough to know that this will benefit you in the long run, not destroy roblox. Roblox knows what they’re doing, just trust them. Like they said in the blog, it’s a bad idea in the first place to buy hundreds of the same limited item, there is such a thing as too expensive. They wouldn’t be able to sell it for much more than they bought it for because of supply and demand and rarity. If it’s really rare, it will already be expensive and won’t go much higher, if there are tons of them, people don’t want them or already have them or won’t buy it because it’s priced too high for how many are available. You’d be surprised how easily the economy regulates itself.

      3. WrightRacer3n

        I don’t like that. I like the ability to buy multiple limiteds. It’ll teach the people who want to sell really low that the people with a little more cash can just bought out all the low priced and sell for higher. :D I bought 8 of the same limited and so far, I like the view of this.

  27. Prettyfed

    Does anyone else find it odd that in the picture the best price for the fedora is 100 ROBUX?!

  28. Shadowlord221

    I think this can be abused, some players have every hat, and money to spare. By the time you know it, people will be buying every one of a LimitedU, and would never sale. (AKA, A Limited Monopoly.)

  29. EvilNoobKitty123

    Great, now prices are higher than ever. An equinox egg was 90R$ a week ago, now it’s 300R$. This is just perfect…

  30. doomchicken007

    I really don’t like this, to be honest. It has ruined all the small limited’s values. Please repeal it and do a roll back. Thank you

    1. LethalRaptor

      The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Terrible roblox, just terrible. Have you no thought for the community?

    2. Empoleonex100

      This is not good, it’s just ruined the value of items. Insanely rich people will now be able to make other items rarer by buying them out until barely any other people own it this is not good. :/

    1. ThunderBladeWolf

      IKR? I mean the least they could do is make it so you could own only up to 3 of the same item. Maybe 5…

    1. agr0n

      It will probably just show multiple copies of the item in your inventory or maybe something like ‘you have x number of this gear/hat’

    2. NBA157

      The same as any, I think. Probably would give you a dropdown with however many options, but I can’t know for sure.

    3. RokinRonan

      I’m sure you just select any of them, it wouldn’t affect anything because you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

  31. Alexis777777

    For some reason when I try to trade it doesn’t let me place things in the boxes and it doesn’t show up.

    And I disagree, people can hog everything.

  32. JRO09

    I think you should only be able to purchase multiple limited items after it goes off sale because otherwise rich people will hog all of the limiteds before they go offsale and that will not be good for everyone else.

    1. HotCoffeePot

      They already said, you can only buy multiple from people who BOUGHT it. You can’t purchase multiple from ROBLOX.

    2. Lappys

      They mentioned that you can only get multiple copies from PEOPLE, not from when it is being sold by ROBLOX.

    3. Radstar1

      If you actually read the whole entire thing it said that they can’t purchase something from ROBLOX more than once. Only from the users.

    4. Daniel8599

      That’s how they did it basically, they made it so you can only buy multiple items from OTHER users.

  33. Brokendevil148

    I think its a bad idea, why if a bc person buys the hat more then once And do not put them for sale limites will drop untill that special hat is gone

    1. Replier

      You can’t buy an item more than once until its been sold out. You can only buy multiples from other people who decide to sell it.

  34. deadlyfox43110

    Yes, I’ve noticed. I’m glad I kept my 79 robux limited because now it’s worth 1337 XD

  35. airplanejoe

    Great job. I like it, but people are complaining that it will ruin the market. It actually will help.

  36. logan12345678901234

    No, absolutely no. The website will be dedicated to the rich thanks to this update, thanks alot ROBLOX…

    1. ?

      You obviously did not read this article. Nobody is going to spend 100 dollars in real life just to buy the same item over and over again.

      1. logan12345678901234

        I did read it and people WILL spend $100 just to make their limited worth a million tix, when I saw this feature in beta, I knew when this happened, ROBLOX would be dedicated to the rich, give the website some time now… TERRIBLE IDEA ROBLOX!!!

    1. gome123abcd

      I absolutely agree, people like Merely could get duplicates.
      (I’m not saying he will but he can.)
      No offense Merely, I just used you as an example. :x

      1. pawan9

        People can’t buy multiple limiteds when they are on sale, they can only buy it after it goes off sale and someone resells it.. Read and think!!!

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