BLOXY 2013 Award

Preview the 2013 BLOXY Awards

BLOXY 2013 AwardWith the excitement of the submission and voting periods now in the books, we have selected — with public opinion as a significant factor — the nominees for each category of the ROBLOX International Film Festival. As promised, we will be announcing the actual winners for each category at the upcoming BLOXcon Chicago, London and New York City. Winners will have their films screened in front of a live BLOXcon audience and highlighted on the ROBLOX YouTube channel, and receive a coveted BLOXY Award!

We don’t want to kill the suspense and anticipation of the actual announcements, so we’re not going to show the nominees for every category. However, we do have a bundle of potential winners for the popular machinima/short film and trailer categories to share. All nominees are listed in a random order. Grab a snack and settle in for some great works of ROBLOX cinema!

Machinima/short film

In this category, entrants had a maximum of three minutes to tell an entertaining ROBLOX story using primarily in-engine footage.

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Capped at 90 seconds, this category gave entrants a chance to create a trailer for just about anything — as long as it came with a ROBLOX theme.

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Stay tuned to the blog and ROBLOX on Twitter for extensive BLOXcon coverage — including award winners — when the events take place in July and August. For those of you who are lucky enough to be attending, expect details about your city’s BLOXcon in the coming weeks!

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310 thoughts on “Preview the 2013 BLOXY Awards

  1. Loverolos

    I liked: Don’t stop me now, out of bloxy cola, Brickslinger, rokemon, boardroom suggestion, the guest escapes, chaos redemption and the most cliche movie ever.

    But out of them I mostly like…… out of bloxy cola

  2. leBiggles

    Bloxxy cola is good, but it’s by XXSONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX and he’s already famous enough.

  3. Samuel

    I can’t believe the most cliche movie ever and builderman trailers are going to become a real thing after this contest is over!

    I heard that they’re going to collaborate together and show secrets in both series hinting subdivided plots as easter eggs!

    I really hope both of them get the chance to be the winner so that their films can get more public attention and support if it gets broadcasted in the bloxcon theatres!

    1. SuperSy

      The creator said builderman is not going to become a real thing, but something better would.

      1. Spideyrulz

        No. I said it was going to be something better than a movie. It’s going to be a web-series. Samuel is correct.

        -Director of Builderman

      1. Samuel

        There’s going to be three winners for each categories so why not have both cliche movie and builderman and chaos redemption win?
        They’re both the most popular and most liked video anyways right?

  4. oldspaceranger12

    man the best one i seen was builder man and bloxy cola builder man was post to be super man btw and bloxy cola was like amazing to when he took one a bunch crooks.

  5. Swag

    The Fallout one would actually make a great game and movie. Same with the Builderman one. Come on people, does injection really look that good? It’s an easy recording of a dude flipping out then someone jumping off a crane with music.

    1. legodog98

      Actually it’s a 3D animation that has bedable joints (just pointing that out) it was hard to make and I think some respect would be nice, don’t be hating… I made it :P

      There is a lot more in it then you can see…

  6. SmartguyJack808

    I like the boardroom suggestion, Fallout roblox trailer, Don’t stop me now, The explosive bowling incident and out of bloxxy cola. Great vidoes to the others.

  7. william671

    i personally like the builderman one the best. when i first joined roblox 2 years ago i really liked builderman and was fasinated with what he made.

  8. Jay9742

    I loved both songs in The Injection because I heard both the songs before and I had a good time listening to them. I also loved that animation in it.

  9. SecretAgentWolf

    With how brutal Out of Bloxy Cola was, I wonder how it got onto here. None the less, it is probably sonicthehedgehogxx’s best work. If he enjoys it, then I suggest he does movies like that, instead of in-game jazz. That’s just me, though.

  10. SuperSy

    I predict Chaos Redemption and The Most Cliche Movie Ever will win in the trailer category. The Doctor Who one was literally a model in front of a green screen with a soundtrack. The Builderman one was ok, I liked the video, but as a parody I found it very meh. I hope RoWar Reboot will win the third spot, but since there are so many fans behind the Doctor Who one and Builderman one I can’t say for sure that it will. If I had to choose between those two, I’d say Builderman of course, it’s still a great video. Best of luck to all of the contestants, the nominees performed greatly :D

    1. whiteyoshi124

      I think the “Model” you speak of ifront of the green screen was a free model. Boardroom one was great.

  11. Naruto911911

    Chaos redemption was pretty cool. I would love to see it in theaters if it was a real movie. I also liked out of bloxy-cola. They were all good though.

    1. Anonymous

      It was very bland. Not very exciting at all. I’m a fan of DW but c’mon, that’s the ONLY reason it was upvoted.

  12. Jake161

    My favorites were Out of Bloxy Cola, Builderman (2013) and The Injection. I wish they could become real ROBLOX movies haha.

    1. legodog98

      Mine, (The Injection) will eventually become a real movie :D

      Well obviously not in theaters, but I will post the actual thing on youtube.

    2. Spideyrulz

      I just announced in a new video yesterday that Builderman is going to become a webseries.

  13. FreechatingGuy

    I also liked The Injection, because I heard both songs in the video, and it was the first ROBLOX Animation I have seen.

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