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Everyone Can Experiment with Paid Game Access

Games PageA couple weeks ago, we launched a beta test for Paid Access – an experimental configuration setting that allows builders and game developers to charge players once for permanent access to their places and games. Yesterday, we enabled the feature on, but not before making significant changes to its inner workings based on your feedback.

  1. All ROBLOX builders and developers can sell access to their creations. There is a 90% marketplace fee on Paid Access sales for non-Builders Club members; Builders Club members have the standard 30% marketplace fee.
  2. The price you choose is configurable (from 25 ROBUX to 250 ROBUX).
  3. There is an entirely new game sort (“Top Paid”) for games that sell access, meaning another way to rise to the top. This is in addition to Paid Access sales factoring into the Top Earning sort, which displays by default on the Games page.

The overarching goal of Paid Access is to increase the quality of content on the Games page. After all, players will only spend ROBUX on good games, and we have the ability to “quarantine” any game that is not as advertised, is broken, or otherwise unplayable and refund any purchases still in escrow. This will mitigate scamming and false advertising.

We understand that some gamers – especially those that do not receive a daily stipend of ROBUX via Builders Club – are averse to Paid Access, primarily for its expense. On the flip side, many ROBLOX builders and game developers pour a huge amount of time and effort into creating on ROBLOX, and we believe they deserve to have a potentially high-leverage path to success.

By the same token, game developers and builders are aware that enabling Paid Access will reduce player count, and many have considered applying the feature for early access to games in beta and “premium” versions of games that are otherwise free to play. In the early phase of Paid Access, those of you who are creators will have to experiment, listen and find a successful balance among your audience.

Hunger Games by Ozzypig

The Hunger Games: a good example of a game that earns through quality.

You can enable and configure Paid Access on the Configure Place page. To get there, go to the Build page, then click “Configure” under the drop-down gear icon for the place you’d like to make pay-to-play. You’ll see the option (and an FAQ link) under the “Sell Game Access” header. Comments cannot be disabled on games that take advantage of Paid Access, as potential players need to know what people are saying before making the purchase.

While Paid Access is live, it’s still an experimental feature – now, we’re waiting to see how it’s adopted and how it affects the collective ROBLOX community and economy. If you’re one of ROBLOX’s many creators, we encourage you to experiment with Paid Access and help us determine the future of the setting.

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258 thoughts on “Everyone Can Experiment with Paid Game Access

  1. hydraslash123

    I think roblox is a good game but it has minor problems like sometimes I lose connection or I just cant play

  2. Anonymous

    I honestly think that this should be limited to NBCers only, for the fact that this can help them get an income of robux. I feel it should be limited to NBCers only because the BC people are already on a fixed income of robux, therefore leveling the field for the NBCers. I also think for NBCers the marketplace fee shouldn’t be 90%, because that’s pathetic, maybe change that to 50 or 60%?

    1. GamerGod360

      That’s a terrible idea, the whole purpose of this is to help improve game quality, if you take it away, there is no use of it. Besides, ROBLOX has been kind enough to give this feature to NBC members, a feature that with more greed could be used to drive in more BC members. So kudos to ROBLOX.

  3. JasonField

    I think it should either be gotten rid of or prices should be lowered because its already being abused and not many ppl join those games.NBC ppl cant join them because they cant get robux as easy as BC members and even some “broke” BC members such as me cant either

  4. Monty

    I think this is a great idea because you can get lots of robux, and that’s why it’s great.

    But then, there’s a downside. What if it all of a sudden takes 250 robux to get into my favorite game?

    But I love the idea, and keep up the great work!

  5. ZeeTwo

    I think this is an interesting idea. Despite the numerous complaints about it, I can see this benefiting game quality. I do agree that players should be able to use tickets as an option, but I cannot see this feature being abused, as place visits still matter more (More visits = more popularity = more money).
    I’m interested to see if this will have a great effect on games or not.

  6. Kalozz

    This update is fair, but: It should be from 5 towards 100/200 robux.
    And also in Tix. (Also 5 to 100/200 Tix.)

    With that, the NBC problem is somehow fixed.

    Also, 90% marked charge for NBC people? even if I’m a OBC member, I think thats to much.

  7. Katiereimer66

    This update isn’t fair to NBC users. The minimum is 25 robux which is a bit too much for NBC’s to afford. Why not make it tixs not robux?

  8. BuildMcBuilder

    And guys, There’s also the fact that for new games, No one has played it, so no one can give reviews on it or like/dislike it, so news payed games cant stand a chance of visits because we don’t know if its worth it or not.

  9. pokeash22

    I don’t like this idea. This allows access to get kind of expensive. Why would you waste your robux to buy access into a game? Plus, not everyone has the right amount of money.

    1. Tehnoobpwner1010

      I am on the featured p2p games (Slenderman: The Nightmare) and I can tell you 1 thing. Place visits hardly matter. The money I am raking in is insane. This feature is incredible, people need to stop whining and use the incredible gift given.

    2. Neiaa

      I don’t really like this idea either, but, if its like a exclusive game, that is still under beta, and you don’t want EVERYONE to come, then its a good idea, like I’m making a Pony Roleplay game, and I want certain people to test it, so I made it where you pay 150 robux to see it. No, its not the best idea, but good for Beta and testing games.

  10. BrickBuddy709

    One of my favourite games has become P2P.
    And am I willing to pay 25 ROBUX just to go back on it?

  11. WPM

    A side not for all thinking it will be abused, it wont. Simple reason being creators will see ‘Oh, no visits’ and so will be prompted to lowering their entrance price. Aside from that, I still think this is a shockingly bad idea. Here’s my analogy, a while ago in the UK university fees were introduced (no more free education) except recently they went from being £3000 to £9000. My point is where does one draw the line? Now features like this are getting impletemented how long will it be before everything is paid access? Or before everything requires BC? It’s a slippery slope Roblox and like with the UK Govt at the time I will urge you to avoid this path entirely.

    1. Enzo90

      Not a bad idea and roblox enjoys its players I don’t think everyone would want to have paid acess for their game. I’m willing to pay for some games just not sll games I also think the minimum price should be 1 robux and 10 tix per pay not 25 Rbx.

  12. Anonymous

    … And what if someone steals your place and makes it free? Or worse, charges a lower fee than you?

  13. dellpacker

    This isn’t fair, poor players who hasn’t got enaugh R$ won’t be able to play, everyone is going to do it just for MONEY. Roblox, stop this immidietly!

    1. Storchhead

      Most of the great developers of games like Redditor and Nytraulics will probably make their games free to play, so the truly great games will be played even more, because people who would otherwise not play a game, may be drawn to it just because it’s free.

  14. Ralle08

    This is great, but make an option to choose if you want to buy game access with tix or Robux.

    1. HaloEliteLegend

      I would be somewhat OK with a system where NBC members can pay with Tix, and the minimum entrance fee be lowered. The 25 ROBUX fee is quite high for NBC members, although if people could lower it down to even 10 tix, that would significantly improve it all.

  15. Tubdood33

    I think that this is a good idea, but needs a few improvements. First, 25 is a bit much. 15 or 10 would be better, because then regular BC members would only have to spend 1 days worth of stipend on games rather than 2-3. Also, tix would be nice too. I don’t think we should discriminate NBCers so much. After all, they make up some 75-85% of the site.

  16. Trackspeeder

    Check out the top paid games section almost every paid game has 0 players! I only saw 1 with 1 player on it!

  17. Samkhoa

    I don’t agree with this idea. It just take away our freedom to go to any games we want.

  18. SailorDee

    Oh hey, missleading and scamming games cover the Top paid section. Predicted by most of the people that disagree with this idea.

  19. Anonymous

    Why do the owners make their prices so high? I like the idea of paid access, but what about the people who don’t have builder’s club? They only get 10 tix everyday and one of the games cost 250 robux? e.e

  20. Imacheeseburger

    Look, I understand your concern for players wishing to increase income, but if you want to buy game access, even at the very minimum price, you have to wait a M O N T H for enough robux if you are NBC. 12tix = 1 R$. 25 R$ = 300tix / 10tix/day = 30 days of waiting for NBC members — If you’re going to do this, leave a project hard-worked on in tatters and make ALL OF ROBLOX pay-to-play so that only the rich kids of the world can play.

  21. XellGaming

    I personally am very against the idea of this. I, and probably a lot of us NBC users feel like we’re on a tighter leash then before. We’re unable to pay to play amazing games. And, have you seen how many are on the top paid games? Only one or two.

    1. bob112584

      I agree with this, I feel that some users may drive the price of their games all the way to the top, even though many people play their games, and they don’t really care if they are played or not. Even though I am BC, I think the NBC fee should at least get pushed down to 60 or 50 percent, aswell.

  22. falejandro01

    I do not like this idea, it is completely against the people that do now have builders club, they are not able to pay, plus not every one can just pull out a bunch of robux out of their pockets! Not only that, but that might make people leave roblox early because of that!

  23. bigbadke12

    Although this may make you think you’ll earn more through your place you won’t.
    Many players are avoiding Paid Access games so there’s less of a player base for them.
    Which if it remains a non-paid access game odds are more traffic will come to your place which overall will earn more than paid access in the long run.

  24. BanishedFate

    Honestly, I don’t like this update. It’s nice to see ROBLOX experimenting with the games, but I don’t want to PAY for a game with a outrageous price. Heck, I wouldn’t even WANT to pay. All I want to pay for with my Tickets and Robux is for Hats, Clothes etc. But it might be only a matter of time before ALL of the games go Pay-2-play. Actually, it could also turn out the opposite way. When you need to pay for the game, people might not want to be THAT interested and never play it. So in conclusion, I think it’s one of ROBLOX’s bad updates or updates that aren’t as amazing like Dynamic Lighting.

  25. SeasonBelle

    Has Roblox ever thought that NBCers do not have that much? Even if they do convert tickets, it would be days for them to get into a 25R$ place, let alone 250R$! Most people would abuse this and make people pay to play a copied or misleading or not very good game. I really hate this idea. We earn Robux for catalog things, now for games too? This is just too much. Roblox was supposed to be Free to Play. Guess not anymore.

  26. firox88

    That fee for NBC is way too high and NBC members buying this will have to wait (at least) 25 days (including the login requirement) to get this much.

  27. Dylhens

    Nice idea…

    Pros: Could force people to pay a fee to play your game.

    Cons: 25 to 250…

    Make it 0 to 250, as I would use this, but only want to charge 5 robux as a fee.

  28. NJdog231

    Me, being a past Builder’s Club member. I know that you make plenty more Robox, when you are BC. A MINIMUM, of 25 Robux, is just too much. There should be the allowance to pay tix to gain access to a place. I see this as a potential opportunity to keep guests that join to troll, and annoying noobs out of a good game. YET, It is currently too much to pay. 25 robux, is around 250 tix. Now, 250 tix is kind of hard to get when you are NBC. Along with that, not everyone knows how to exchange tix for Robux. See some problems yet? This is a good idea, yet it needs a major rethinking. That is my take on this “Paid Access” update.

  29. Nightninjagaiden

    This idea isn’t very good, I know people can exchange tix into robux, but what is the point of paying if it loses the title of a free to play game? It is a terrible idea, it removes the ability to play games because it’ll become overused like everything else. It is a bad idea that shouldn’t have even been thought of.

  30. cardgamechampion

    I agree that 90% is too much for NBCers. I agree that it needs to be a significant amount more than what BCers get otherwise no one would get BC lol. I would say that the percentage for NBCers should be 60%. 50 sounds a bit too little, 70 sounds a bit too much to me, so 50 sounds good, and is a good amount and easy to do math with lol. Some ROBLOX users may not be able to solve it with cross multiplying :P.

    1. darkrun88

      Roblox should try to keep this from being used on all games, if it is not then eventually Roblox will not be a “Free to play” game, but a paid one. I’m sure it will be fine as long as this is prevented, but overall it’s a really good idea.

      1. Austin Hayducky (Austin5003)

        If you actually READ the post, you’ll see that the fee is an OPTION in the place configuration.

      2. MrMcCOOL

        I agree, Roblox should also allow pricing the games from 1TX to 250RS instead of forcing the lowest amount to be 25RS, this way Game Developers can consder this option and still allow access to newer players or players without BC. Otherwise there is no way any smart developers will use this… 25RS is too much.


    Paid access WILL be abused by many making the opportunities of many Robloxians shortened for charging too much Robux which many NBC users don’t have. Its a good idea to reward the hardworking players for their creations but people will make the access fee to high making NBC users unable to pay the Robux. I am aware that NBC users can trade Tickets for Robux but you earn a very small amount of Robux from the amount of Tickets that you give.

  32. YourLocalFaxMachine

    It’s a pretty good idea as long as it’s not abused (like everything ends up being eventually). You all DO realize you can trade Tix for Robux, right? That seems to be a huge chunk of these comments.

  33. lydia249

    Nice idea, ROBLOX. But us NBCers don’t earn RObux, so why don’t we rarn ONE Robux a day?

    Then it’s fair, otherwise we will have to carry on trading out Tix. Otherwise, while We’re paying to play for games, we still are saving for hats, so it clashes!

  34. Raven98

    It’s a good idea but I’m starting to dislike the pricing of it and some more I have to pay more when playing in different type of games which make NBC like us, bankrupt.

  35. potato26

    Players already have the ability to earn tix which can transfer to robux it isn’t at the expense of other players. The new system allows more money but it will greatly decrease the visits to that place.

  36. Kiashi

    NO. this will prevent playability far more than necessary. Roblox is supposed to be a FREE GAME, which is already partially a lie thanks to builders club places. If you want people to be able to make others have to pay for access, atleast make it that they can only charge tickets, as people shouldn’t have to pay real money to you just so they can then waste more of their money they could spend on hats and such, just to PLAY THE GAME.

      1. TheTripleAAA

        Keep in mind that if someone’s virtual currency has gone dry, they’d have to wait more than 25 days to even pay to play something.

    1. MrJamesRoboto

      Really ROBLOX? I like your little expirments, but I can’t pay a lot even though I can save up with my BC, but it’s too much, and don’t want to save.


    That is a steep price to pay for NBC, it would have to be a really good game with continuous updates to interest me. But i also think taking away 90% percent of a NBC’s cash flow for that game is ridiculous after all aren’t we the one that need it we do not get 15R$ a day or 35 or 60 like BC members i know this sounds like a biased opinion but i’m just stating how i feel, and how some other’s maybe feel, and i am not against builders club i am just saying they have more benefits for the members who have it.

    1. FridayDawg

      Even though I am OBC, I agree that 90% of NBC’s cash from their game is too much to take away. A 50 or 40% charge is better for NBC members.

      1. meiskewl

        I agree with that too. They should lower the tax to a maximum of 50%, but if they’re taking away 90% of a player’s profit then that’s just plain wrong…

  38. Kotare

    So much for free. It’s a good idea, but not everyone can play any games unless they have robux, which means buying it directly or daily income from bc. Essentially, its BC games with a little more price. I don’t like it.

    1. Sniperontheroof

      For me, at least 10 robux for the minimum price is reasonable. After all, if the price is too high, you are going to deter potential players, which is not a good thing.

    2. TheRainbow34

      It’d also be nice if it was possible to make it cost Tix. Do I want to pay 25 Robux just to get into a game? No. I’d have to earn 250 Tix just to get the minimum worth, and, just, ugh.

    1. Dedlyham

      You realize if you’re not BC, the 90% marketplace fee would grant you about a third of an R$.

  39. Spartasaviour10

    This would be great for games that are in beta, so you would have to pay for beta access.

  40. Pandocool

    My opion is to not make a marketing fee higher for Nbcers, but to make their limited to 25 robux instead of having a marmet fee up to 90%. Just make it up from 5$ robux to 25$ and leave the market fee 30%. I mean 90% just sounds plain ol ridicuolos.

  41. Austin Hayducky (Austin5003)

    The 90% market fee is insane! And for this to be a decent feature in any way, a LOT of other changes would have to happen! First of all, users should be able to “flag” comments as spam and be able to vote their removal, and game creators having the ability to remove their own comments. Second, there would have to be a “report copy” page on games, where someone would check different versions of the game. And if demo plays weren’t put in, the game creator should at least have some control over the demo time.

  42. ScoutBob

    Haters gonna hate I guess. I mean seriously, you don’t necessarily have to use this feature. And if place owners were smart, they wouldn’t be using this if they had a great game.

  43. pengcheng1

    Interesting update but I feel like rarely anyone will even just pay 25Robux to pay a game they don’t even know if it’s good or not. What if BCs have no fee? And NBC have a 30% fee? And making the Lowest possible price 3Robux?

  44. AwsomeSpongebob

    You should make an option to charge monthly, like a subscription. It would be really cool for MMOGs and stuff. Or for games that are club related and require a monthly fee to get access to enter the game. It would be a really neat feature.

  45. badrobotboy123

    NBC users are a very large portion of ROBLOX. Frankly, most of them don’t have that much money, Robux or Tickets. Charing 25-250 is downright outrageous. Many many people will lose game plays. And really 90% to 30% Market fees? ROBLOX is just “trolling” now.

  46. armyman1237

    If a game builder is SMART, they won’t add this to their games. Obviously, when you make a game, you want people to come to it. Poorer people won’t be able to play games with this. If you look on the “Top Paid” section in the Games menu, you’ll notice only a couple have people in them, and the number of players there is just about 1 or 2.

  47. Greatbad5

    Honestly, I don’t really like this idea. One of the reasons why is because we have to pay robux to play the game. What if the game shuts down on you? Do you have to pay for the game again? Or what if it wasn’t worth it? I know that you want to reward people with good games that is good. But aren’t they already getting tickets? And is it enough that we have to pay to make places, get robux, get into or make BC games, make different places and more? I think this idea is going to take Roblox way too far.

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