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New “Liquid” Games Page Makes Blank Margins a Thing of the Past

new games pageThe ROBLOX Web Team is always looking to update and improve to further empower our builders, developers and gamers. We are on a never-ending quest to ensure that great games and content get as much visibility as possible. Positive and upfront exposure is one of the keys to being successful on ROBLOX, and it’s in that spirit that we’ve begun rolling out a new “liquid” Games page. In our tests thus far, we have received great player feedback and we’ll be incorporating that into the official release in the near future.

Liquid, in this context, means that the amount of games that populate your Games page is dependent on the amount of screen real estate you have. The wider the screen, the more games you can see. The liquid Games page is built to be entirely scalable, as well — if you decide to decrease the size of your browsers’ window, the amount of games available will shrink to fit. This is another step toward realizing our vision of a Games page loaded with fantastic content, and we’ll be sure to fill you in on further advancements in the coming weeks.

new games page

The “Top Earning” sort will be included by default on the liquid Games page, and sit just below the “Relevant” sort. This means you’ll be able to see two different sorts of games on the same default Games page. All of this is in an effort to streamline your user experience and make it easier and more intuitive to find the games you want to play as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind, the liquid layout applies to any sort you choose, whether that’s Top Earning, Most Popular, Featured or Recent Games. When your browser window is maxed out across your screen, you’ll be likely to see three times more games than what you’ve come to expect. This sets the stage for many other changes we’re going to be making to, so stay tuned!

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406 thoughts on “New “Liquid” Games Page Makes Blank Margins a Thing of the Past

  1. sss5167

    I miss the old one! Please make an option where you can change it to the original because I really don’t like the new games page.

    1. Builder6039

      You might find it so but I tend to become stuck on the first page that comes up without the ability to scroll down or go to a different page. Then again that’s what you get when your WI-FI goes down.

  2. Opee

    It looks excellent, I do not often visit the ‘Games’ page, but it looks like a great improvement for Robloxian gamers.


  3. pengcheng1

    Needs improvement. The old pages loaded much faster. This has a 4 second lag whenever it loads more games. I remember once it loaded almost instantly. Is this a recent “bug”? My connection is fine I’ve tested it on many other things.

  4. commandercody235

    plus now if you look on your recently played games list and press see more it brings you to the games page so now you cant see you recently played games. say you wanted to play a game and you didn’t remember the name of it. lets say you played it the day before. in the old one you could see the recently played games. I’m very unhappy with this new setup. >:[

    1. epicfacekitty

      i know theres a group called down with the liquid games page we are trying to make roblox find the group :C

  5. musrocker

    i thing this is a big update so thanks for putting it, i dont’ get why people join the group “down with the liquid games”, wierd eh?

  6. Juliancookie

    Yea,make the Forum neater,and some people don’t know how to make a new thread.

    1. mrpricetoyou

      I can’t hear another word about this – It makes no sense! There is barely any lag in most games on ROBLOX, except for the ones that depend on physics or have lots of moving lights. Whenever I hear something like this it makes me mad. A major multiplayer game like Call of Duty or Halo can have lots of lag on a device that is made with lots of speed but a game that has programs in Lua which is nothing compared to (speed wise) the programming languages of those developers. This is ridiculous, there isn’t much lag, there could be a lot more. Stop now, we don’t need lag reduction. Go get a better computer. I run smooth on 95% of the games and I have really slow internet.

  7. Box

    Good update they need to update the forum to make it look neater. I don’t like it just blue and white.

  8. Compaqs

    ROBLOX Should re-add the option to choose older site themes. I miss the older ones and sometime would rather have those, than these. But the liquid looks real cool. Can’t wait to get it. But they should still re-add the choice to choose different themes

    1. jonthebon

      I agree, Roblox should add a choice of previous website themes. I’m not so keen on the new liquid though… I think they should add a theme for that too, so you can switch to the previous game page themes.

    2. qdog145bakup

      Yeah, those old themes were awesome. Someone should start a poll or something on that.

      1. Box

        Im just from 2012 i wonder what 2009 was like though
        Roblox should have on the page where you click if you want like 2009 or 2013 or another year. that would be cool

  9. guy890007

    What if someone got a screen so big, that they could see every single game on ROBLOX?! o.O

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