Black Periastron

Redeem ROBLOX Cards in July, Get Great Hats and Gear

Black PeriastronEvery month, we release a new set of exclusive virtual goods you can only obtain by redeeming ROBLOX cards from particular retailers around the world. That means when you’re turning your prized red slice of ROBLOXia into a Builders Club subscription or Robux, you’re snagging yourself a stylish virtual good at no extra cost. This month, we’ve got a variety pack of options, with an emphasis on headphones. Because when you’re out and about in the summer sun, you just have to have the appropriate soundtrack.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a new Periastron in the mix?



Steampunk Headphones: “I don’t know why you need headphones when you have a music box, but that’s your business.”
Shadow Master: “Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.” (Body package with $40 card)


Fancy Summertime 2013 R&R&R: “Rest, relaxation, and ROBLOX in style!”
Rainbow Band Fedora: “You won’t be hard to find in this rainbow neon striped fedora.”
Noir Periastron Psi: “The sword men use to fight unendurable black evil crawling with rabid dinosaurs… in space.” (two cards)


Mischief Cap: “He’s about to do something harebrained.”

Best Buy

Straw Styles: “You’ll be cool in more ways than one when you’re wearing this hat.”

Toys R Us

Robot Gear Headphones: “Perfect for listening to dub step, the music robots prefer!”

Future Shop

Straw Styles: “You’ll be cool in more ways than one when you’re wearing this hat.”


Redcliff Headphones: “Defending honor and great music!”


Sainsburys Gold Skull Headphones: “Death metal, anyone?”


‘R’ Visor: “If it wasn’t clear to everyone that you play ROBLOX before, it is now.”

EB Games

Steampunk Headphones: “I don’t know why you need headphones when you have a music box, but that’s your business. ”


Alien Egg Headphones: “Listening to music on these headphones will result in an alien hatching in your brain and controlling what you listen to forever. But they do look pretty cool…”

Shoppers Drug Mart

Korblox Headphones: “I always imagined the Korblox would listen to metal. But who knows – maybe they’re dancing around to Biebs.”


Fancy Summertime 2013 R&R&R: “Rest, relaxation, and ROBLOX in style!”

Rainbow Fedora

All of the items listed above are only available with a ROBLOX card and, after the month is over, some of them will even become limited. Show off your personality — even your taste in music — with items only a select group of ROBLOX builders will ever sport.

For a complete worldwide listing of stores that sell ROBLOX cards, see this page.

How to redeem ROBLOX cards:

After purchasing a ROBLOX card, log into ROBLOX and go to Scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate your card. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. Enter the code and click redeem. You’re then ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on Robux or Builders Club.

77 thoughts on “Redeem ROBLOX Cards in July, Get Great Hats and Gear

  1. explosionsrock

    I got the Redcliff Headphones. They’re pretty cool, but I think the top is a little too high. Just my opinion.

  2. Anonymous

    I hope the periastron doesn’t go limited because then it wont sell for as much as the other periastrons.

  3. Tony109297

    I might go out and buy some card’s from Wal-Mart to GameStop. Three from each.

  4. PaulDudzz

    I wish I was OBC lifetime and have soooo much gears hate clothing and stuff. I will be a billonaire!

  5. Tyro76

    In order to maintain my “I have all the R&R&R hats” status, I am obligated to purchase a card from Wal Mart. Curse you, ingenious marketing strategy!

  6. 9972dorian

    I’ll hope to get some game cards soon to get some of this GREAT stuff (I especially like the Robot Gear Headphones)!

  7. zombeman24

    Guys,on the last picture before the comments the shirt the guy is wearing is from Kestrel. Clothing group. Really good company. AND WHAT HAPPEND TO 7-11

  8. HardcoreKiller1357

    I’ll have to get Straw Styles I bought two this month and got it on Best Buy. But I guess Straw Styles is good for Summer time! And my wild shades. xD

  9. 123lps

    One day I’ll ask for some ROBLOX cards as a gift (Soonest, Christmas.) and then wait for a really cool item so I can cash it in.

    1. Laxman15

      First off to make the buyers want to get ROBLOX Cards, and then each store has their own so they can get different buyers. Example, if someone wanted the psi they would want to go to Walmart over Target or Best Buy.

  10. RobloxWarrior89

    Cool…Sadly I don’t buy ROBLOX cards that much anymore…I might this summer due to the cool gear, but probably not.

  11. Brawldude2

    I’m probably going to EBgames to get these awesome stuff :o
    Also, where’s the filmfest thing?

  12. epicfaceblox

    ROBLOX may troll us with the Psi not going limited and the headphones will. Just a theory…

  13. HockeyRules141414

    Lookin’ good. Good thing I’ve got an old 25$ one somewhere….


  14. kaibloxx

    Not buying any ROBLOX cards, don’t wanna waste my money because I’m putting it in to premium bonds, then when my obc expires I’ll buy one but only redeem it when theres loads of cool stuff. :D

  15. step3step2

    Now these hats are awesome. Please change the Shadow Master’s price instead of 40 bucks as a reward. It looks like the Darkage Master , make it have a shadow behind , it’s called Shadow Master.

  16. beastofbeastly

    I got gold rimmed shades. I didn’t know about the items until I saw the shades today sweet! (I used my 10.00 card to buy 800 robux)

  17. Lulu2345

    I redeemed by two ROBLOX gift cards on June 29th, and at the time, I didn’t even know I was getting the Psi. After I found it, I found the other versions and saw how much they were selling for, and realize I hit the jackpot. If this thing goes limited, I’ll be happier than a ROBLOXian with a snow day during winter.

    1. Fools

      But, the other periastrons had less than 200 or so copies

      This will have near a thousand or more

    2. epicTT

      Well, I have it too, but considering that the new periastron is much less rare, it will sell less because some people like to sell low.

    3. EuropeanCow

      You do realize that there’s going to be a lot of people trying to figure out the same, and that there’ll be more than the ~150 stock; the reason why they’re so high.

      1. Lulu2345

        Yes, but even if there are 1000+ copies, some of those people won’t be able to sell. Some people will take the two cards and get 2k R$, they won’t be BC, and they won’t be able to sell. And anyway, it’s still a Psi, whether it has 200 or not. Plenty of people who know the value of the others will still sell for a high price, and people who want it will still buy it because it’s a Psi, and they’ll probably ignore the fact of how many have sold. Also, I know I had to beg my parents to let me use my money on one card, let alone two. I guarantee there will be some parents who will say, “Nope, you can’t buy two, you don’t need two, just get one.” So that should help keep the number of owners down a bit.

    1. Awesomepizzaman5

      It’s only in Canada, I buy my ROBLOX cards from there, and I’m buying another one this month so I get those Korblox Headphones! :D

    2. TylerRocksWorlds

      It’s British, wouldn’t be worth all the travel for me to buy one 10 dollar gift card xD


    i think the only good ones are the golden skull headphones, the redcliff headphones, korblox headphones and the periastron.

  19. Doopliss99

    I have the Rainbow Band Fedora and the Fancy Summertime 2013 R&R&R. I hope my fedora goes limited. :)

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