Six Amazing Sci-Fi Themed Environments

SCIFI_cover.We’re consistently blown away by some of the creations our intrepid builders are able to create using ROBLOX. Their creativity inspires us, as well as those who get the chance to experience their vision in ROBLOX. This may come as a total surprise to you, but our office is home to some pretty hardcore sci-fi nerds (shocking, I know). So we thought we’d compile six of the most creative and detailed sci-fi themed places we’ve seen on ROBLOX. Enjoy!

Metro v0.68 by Zusik

SCIFI_metro2Far and away one of the more subtle entries of this roundup, that certainly doesn’t make it any less impressive. In fact, this map requires close inspection and exploration to really appreciate the amount of work done here. We like that it scales–it takes place in the future, yes, but only 13 years from now. As such, nothing is way too out there. The trains still look relatively normal, and the screens you would normally find dotting the walls are now replaced by virtual projections (some of which blink GUI messages). Great detail, great concept, great execution.


SCP Site-34 by SeldomZaros

SCIFI_scp3What is SCP Site-34? The rumors run rampant. Some say that it’s owned by a secret group, who are using some of the machinery inside to conduct “experiments.” Indeed there are some very strange devices tucked behind many of the sealed chambers. I’ve been in and out of a few sessions, and had a differing experience each time. Sometimes, SCP Site-34 is heavily policed–I entered once and was met by a group of armed soldiers, who guided me through the facility. ROBLOXians in lab coats scuffled throughout, pressing buttons and opening chambers. The lights flickered on and off. It was very strange indeed, but also a ton of fun to explore. Check it out.


Inverted Dreams and Designs by lololy7

SCIFI_inverteddreams1.One word: detail. This is hands down one of the most intricate environments we’ve ever seen on ROBLOX, and we’re not even exactly sure what this place is. Enter, and approach the first hangar as massive torches signal your arrival. There are so many details to digest. Ships fly freely from their docks off into the fog. There are weird, mechanical spider contraptions that hang out on some of the walls, seemingly watching you move from room to room. And wait until you find the ships. Some are too massive to pilot, while others can be taken for a spin. In addition to being insanely complex and beautiful, these ships are equal parts menacing. If I saw a ship like the one below approaching the battlefield, I have no shame in admitting that I would surrender. Like, immediately.


Mystery City by Ptah70

SCIFI_mysterycity2Dynamic Lighting has turned Mystery City into a beautiful, sort of neo-steam-punk style town–builder Ptah70 seemed to have a very specific idea for the aesthetic, which you begin to notice as you have a look around. The residents of the city wear bold and contrasting colored pinstriped suits, and there’s an overall grunginess to the place that makes it seem like a massive city that is tearing itself apart through social disorder. Buildings are covered in graffiti and police officers can be found all over the street, either inspecting crime scenes or patrolling the block. What’s more, almost every member of the city is an NPC who might give you a mission after a conversation–find missing objects, solve mysteries, stop crimes from happening–there’s plenty to do in Mystery City.


Innovation Research Center by madattak

SCIFI_innovationlabnarrowWe first caught wind of this awesome place many months ago, when we released dynamic lighting for testing purposes, and asked users to create innovative places with dynamic lighting and shadows enabled. Because labs represent much of what we’re all about–building, experimenting, and discovering more–it makes sense that, months later, we still have a soft spot for virtual lab recreations. There’s a lot to explore in the Innovation Research Center–start off by finding a way to turn on the power to the lab. Then check out the Emergency Detox room and other experimental chambers littered throughout the map. If you do enough exploring, you’ll eventually find a gun dispenser where you can earn yourself a nifty laser gun that fires red laser spheres.


After the Flash: Darkness by chadthedestroyer2

SCIFI_aftertheflash4This post-apocalyptic world is dark indeed–often, you can only see ahead as far as your beam of (dynamic) light can illuminate, adding a level of tension and realism. Furthermore, the map itself is massive, featuring several ruined landmarks of New York City, including the Empire State Building (which is on the verge of collapsing into rubble), the USCPF Airbase, abandoned dock towns and more. As you travel through an intricate series of sewer tunnels you’ll run into makeshift towns along the way. There are essentially two loading points–the first takes you to a room filled with items, where you can choose the items and gear you’d like to take with you on your quest. After, Chadthedestroyer2 lets you choose where you want to spawn in-game by standing on the desired location on a huge map. SCIFI_aftertheflashCOMP

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  1. Joshuasol the epic guy

    I think im 7 and I love CfI and some of these look like star wars and its my favorite movie!

  2. sailorman150

    Wow!! I have yet to play SCP site-34, but I want to now!!! the lighting and detail on all of these games is amazing!

  3. Matthewno

    SCP Site 34 is horrible. You know what happens? The guards with guns spawn kill you like crazy.

    1. veryepicfail

      I have an entire eight part post-apocalyptic series of games called Desert of Death where you can adventure from the Remains of New York to a frozen waste to London 2014. Fight evil mutants, meet villagers, travel to strange places and even start a nuclear war!

  4. jacobnavy and JamesWorthy

    -JamesWorthy I am glad they made a new update that some people weren’t expecting.
    -jacobnavy Good job making an update that Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) fans will enjoy.

  5. pufflesgoeing

    I was at 2 of thsoe places. ATF and Mystery City. I better check out the others (except for maybe SCP, I’m not realy an SCP fan)

  6. Anonymous

    I want to see more post like this. It is indeed great to see the awesome creations and building skills. I played one of the games and it was awesome and you can learn a few things from them and I’m working on my own game.

  7. Sgt1Prime

    They are such amazing builders yet there games are forgotten… I Suggest a staff recommends icon where all these amazing games can be found again easily.

  8. Daniel8599

    They should’ve seen ATO one or two. Both SciFi, oh well. GJ ROBLOX Admins on hunting down other games ;p. And others.

  9. Chadthedestroyer2

    Just brought a pretty large update into Central Town for ATF: Darkness!

  10. oj

    Hi I play roblox and SCP Site -34 and after the flash darkness are really cool, soon I am going to try those other games!

  11. Random

    I remember playing that After The Flash:Darkness game, before when there was no dynamic lighting, and it was still awesome, but now it’s simply amazing.

  12. DrDreap

    I like the concepts, there very nice creations.
    If ya don’t mind I have a pretty cool sci-fi map called krileos, ~Dreapster

    1. Tailsxd7

      I just saw it, it is amazing keep up the good work Dreapster and it might end up on the blog.

  13. ScarthorSpaceRuler

    I would love to see more posts like this, It is indeed great to see creations like this.

  14. blueshadowblade33

    I played every game on the list every game is so cool heads up to the people who made the games.

  15. madattak

    Hurray, thanks for featuring my place ROBLOX! Although, I think I can learn alot from SCP13 as well, so thanks for featuring it as well as the other places :D

  16. Detecvive

    You should try Mystery City…theres a few guids on youtube,1 off em r bye crazycreaper13

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