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When It Comes to Paid Access, What Works and What Doesn’t?

ROBLOX Games June 2013We like releasing features that give builders and game developers the freedom and flexibility to experiment and find new paths to success. Our Paid Access feature, which essentially lets you charge Robux for players to access your game, is being leveraged by builders and staff alike. There has been a mixed reaction about whether Paid Access will benefit ROBLOX, though the numbers we pulled were quite revealing. We thought we’d take a look at some of the metrics behind Paid Access to see how builders and game developers are using it, and what strategies appear to be effective in the early stages.

First, Some Numbers

  • Combined, the Top Five highest grossing users have earned 1,222,621 Robux in Paid Access alone.
  • The Highest Grossing builder to utilize this service has generated 591,291 Robux from Paid Access.
  • 712 builders have generated over 100 Robux from Paid Access.
  • 120 builders have generated over 1,000 Robux from Paid Access.


So far, enabling this service has surprised us in many ways. The top earning Paid Access games are radically different titles–don’t take my word for it either, have a look for yourself.

  1. ROBLOX Point Theme Park
  2. Slenderman: The Nightmare
  3. Miami, Florida Home
  4. Summer Eggstravaganza 2013
  5. Spongebob the Movie Obby
  6. Medieval Warfare: Reforged –Pre-Alpha
  7. Nuke the Whales: Benthic Warfare Edition
  8. Club Rich Version 3.0
  9. Grow a Slime!
  10. Go Camping With Friends

Here are some things we noticed:

A fair amount of people are using this service to beta test their game. This is great if you already have a core audience of players who are eagerly anticipating your next title–you can publish your game as a beta, and charge for access until release. That way, players can participate in early access versions of your game and you can collect feedback from people who are invested in the experience. For many, the feeling of exclusivity is worth the cost.

Often, when game developers make substantial changes to their popular place, they have to nuke every running instance of the game in order to publish the new version–if you’re the developer of a very popular game, this can be a real hassle. With Paid Access, game developers can create a copy of the place they want to work on, turn on the Paid Access feature, and users will know to just use the original copy of the game while the developer can build and implement changes privately in an entirely separate instance altogether.

250 Robux is the most popular price for Paid Access. This is the first asset that users will be able to sell that can potentially earn them a ton of Robux (as evidenced already, three weeks after it was switched on). We want to give you as many tools as possible to thrive in ROBLOX–and this is a substantial tool we’ve added to the toolbelt.

Top Paid Games get insane exposure. With our new liquid Games page, the default sort (which lists three categories of games by default, including Top Paid, Top Earning, and Relevant) gives you ample opportunity for exposure. A Top Paid game often populates two sorts at the same time–because it’s making money, the game will often appear in the Top Earning sort in addition to Top Paid. We’re talking twice the exposure–couple that with some ads and you can see some exponential growth.

Don’t take our word for it

We got in touch with starmarine614, creator of ROBLOX Point Theme Park (AKA the number one Paid Game on ROBLOX) to talk about his method.

ROBLOX: We don’t want to give away precise numbers, but–well, you’ve made a lot of Robux with this feature. What’s your secret?

starmarine614: This is the most Robux I’ve ever made in my life, hands down. [Laughs] I remember when I told Shedletsky I was making 100,000 Robux a day, he didn’t believe me.

ROBLOX: ROBLOX Point is a super cool place–we can’t wait for you to finish all the rides. It came seemingly out of nowhere, too.


starmarine614: I used to build rides on ROBLOX many years ago; I left for a year, and when I came back I saw all my old friends had started to create their own rides. I was inspired by their creations, and decided I wanted to work on a really big and ambitious project that focused on great detail. I put together an elite team to work with me and we got to building.

ROBLOX: It was free at first, right?

starmarine614: Yes, totally free. But it became really popular, and users up to no good kept going into the game and breaking the rides on purpose. So we decided to put a small price so people had to buy access to the game. Even after doing that, people still kept breaking things. We raised the price to 250 Robux to try and stop them.

ROBLOX: And people just kept buying access?

starmarine614: [Laughs] Yes! So I just started using the money I was making to run ads to really get my game out the door. 4,000 people bought the game before I made it free to play. I kind of had to because the Games Page keeps reverting.

ROBLOX: Yeah, we’re still ironing out some bugs. But Liquid Games is here to stay! Our Web Team is hard at work at refining and tweaking the page. You, along with a lot of users on our list were able to make a ton of money using Paid Access. What would be your advice to a user who wants to do something similar?

starmarine614: Well, two things. First, you’ve got to show people that this is something you worked really hard on. You can’t just take a bunch of free models, throw them in a place then tack on a price tag. If you show everyone that you’re working on a great place and you’re constantly updating it every day, they’ll pay for that. Make it look appetizing.

ROBLOX: And the other thing?

starmarine614: Ads! Ads are so important. I debuted the game, and I think it rose to the fifth row down on the Games page, which isn’t bad. I had like, 1,000 Robux in my old account, so I converted them to tickets and ran an ad. My game immediately jumped to the number one spot, and stayed there. Then the game purchasing just spiked through the roof, and I immediately used the money I made to keep running ads. More and more people kept showing up, mainly just to see what the fuss was about! I ended up spending over 100,000 Robux on running ads alone, and it was totally worth it.


About Alan "JacksSmirkingRevenge" Fackler

Communications Specialist at ROBLOX. JacksSmirkingRevenge on ROBLOX; @JacksColdSweatX on Twitter.

274 thoughts on “When It Comes to Paid Access, What Works and What Doesn’t?

  1. fahmisack123

    Now only one thing. you know how you can restrict certain people from entering games (eg: Friends Only), can you create special prices for those certain people? (eg: Public: 25R$ and Friends Free).

    Also, Will there be a chance to pay in tix instead of R$? If not, Will the Paid access have cheaper options?

  2. Tojalon

    I know this probably isn’t the place to put requests, but how about we get like, 10 robux a month (Without having to play that entire month, just maybe 60% of it), or maybe 15 robux on account creation for NBCers? That would even out everything… Right? I dunno, this comment is probably going to be deleted, or bombed with hatred comments

    1. jasondekiller5

      It is not needed to give NBC Robux so they can buy paid access. NBC can set oaid access too. That way they can earn money to buy stuff (Or paid access) Without having roblox giving away robux while others pay for it.

  3. A NBC Robloxian

    Maybe NBC should get a tix pay to access instead of Robux and the price will be kinda higher -like 25 for ROBUX and 50 for Tix.

  4. revengar

    i had bc and you what generated 10 robux a day so maybe if nbc just got 1 robux per 2 days it will atleast even out a little

    1. Slingstone

      I had BC, so I know what it’s like. your spoiled rotten. Paid access is a good thing because all your hard work gives a profit. But let’s take Roblox Point for example. It costs over 200 robux. 10 tix a day is 1R$. That means over 200 days just to play a game. I get that BC have payed their money to get this but come on. I propose a system. Play a game for atleast 30 mins or recommending it gives you R$. This would help any NBC’s who want to play a game but can’t.

  5. Flamemax101

    i know they need bc but They can’t just leave nbcers behind because i one time tried to get robloxian 2.0 and it took me ages to get it

  6. wonderwomen02006

    Why can i only access paid access on one of the accounts on my sisters i cant seem to get it

  7. sammy507605

    I don’t like how we have to pay enen if your Bc ,Tbc ,Obc Btw im bc and im getting obc soon

  8. Detective32

    i tried to use paid access for my game. However, it will not work. I went to the access tab of configuration. There was nothing about access. On my other account (AmandaKittyLee), I could do it. What is the problem with that?

  9. Brandonanderson1

    In my opinion, I like pad access it gives users a chance to make money off of their hard work, but I also think, that there should be two prices, one in Tix, and one in Robux. But I think 5 dollars a month is low enough for regular BC. also I’m OBC, but I think that Non, BCers should atleast get 5 Robux a day.

    1. DHATF0111

      yea i agree with you its not fair at all im not bc and its very hard to get stuff from the catolog

      1. CuteFlyingKitty

        True. It took me ages to buy America’s Sweetheart. 5 Robux at day would be to much if you play Roblox for free. I think 2 would be great. (5 Robux is to much, 5×10 days=50 Robux. Wow, that’s much. So I think 2 Robux would be great)

  10. Random Username

    Paid access was a good profit idea but some thing still need work.
    We could keep debating forever but let’s focus on the main details:
    A. NBC users need a way to use paid access without waiting a long time.
    B. Paid Access price could be made somewhat lower.
    C. Using the price as tix or robux could be an option.
    I think I listed the main things…
    If I missed anything,say so.

  11. bigbadmonster12

    paid access isd ide but i think thats for NBC’ers it to hard to save up i think NC’ers should get 15 robux per-day and bc’rs should get 35 tbc’ers
    should get 75 BC’ers should get 100 for what people pay or OBC

  12. legoperson57

    Hmm if you want paid access but don’t have the popularity, what are some tips for getting more visits

  13. bjtft36

    NBC People dont have really get much if a chance to go in Paid Access games.I think paid access should be for Robux and Tix.

  14. a man with an opinion

    I like the idea of paid access. I do not however think that it is fair to the non-buildersclub members who cant offord high amounts of robux. I would suggest changing it to tickets, but the creators would just raise the price to an extremely high number that would equal a high price in robux. I think there should be a limit. Not a limit to the price but to the number or days a game can be under paid access, and after that limit has been reached you can no longer charge for that game. Of course creators would find a way to abuse that too and just keep republishing a game so they could charge for it again, so what you might have to do is put a higher limit depending on a persons BC “rank.” [example] BC gets 50 days of paid access over all their games, TBC gets 100 days of paid access over all their games, and OBC gets 200 days. Something like that would persuade people to buy BC, but still keep it fair for the non-buildersclub memebers.

    1. Anonymous

      Well i think the same things i have this game a like but a can’t play it anymore because of high prices i don’t think u should put paid acces at all it will make ppl stop playing there favorite game so no

    2. diesezme

      I agree, and I think ROBLOX could make NBC only games, which can’t have prices over 50 R$. Not everyone wants to pay to see an image on a screen.

  15. AGamingDerp

    I do believe paid access is a good idea, but some builder will make false games. This is scamming the community of their hard earned currency!

  16. OfficialRaindropz

    Us NBCers need robux, and it takes very long to save up in tix. NBCers should get the same amount of robux as Regular BCers

    1. SuperBloodyKiller10

      No. That Will Not Be Fair For BCers. We Payed For It. If You Want Robux, Buy BC Yourself.

      1. ItsMidna

        Again, what if you cant get it, because where you live is a place that deals in Euro’s or pounds.

      2. Flamemax101

        Yes u payed for it But u still have your special privileges to do other things like gruops and stuff we just want some robux to earn each day Nbcers u know what i mean right?

    2. Flamemax101

      I think that NBCers should at least get 10 robux a day because we cannot save robux fast and we should have the right to get some robux a day

      1. slomo0077

        10 or 5 for us yes.
        I’m lucky because We went to Germany and my dad had 100 Euros left over which = 80 pounds Then I can convert that into dollars by using paypal I think and then 20 or 30 pounds will be added by working then Lifetime BC.

    3. Tristan63

      This on the other hand will make BC not worth the money for Robux so NBCers should get 5 daily robux not 15 but i do think that paid games dont deserve NBCs in them since 60% of nbcers are Noobs.

    1. ItsMidna

      But. You still need to wait AGES to get the R$, because you wait for the TIX and trade it for the R$.11 TIX= 1 R$

    2. legojoker

      I’ve made 300 robux (not a lot, but still a decent amount for little work) using the trade currency system, going from 1R$ –> 9 tix all the way to 1R$ –> 13 tix. It doesn’t sway that much anymore though :(

    1. ILuvToSing

      I dont because every paid access game is like 250 R.And I trade Tickets for Robux but do you know how long it takes to get even 50?

      1. ItsMidna

        5 days, and to get 250, 251 days it would take to get it. Its unfair for NBC’ers who cant afford, dont have, or can never get it.

      1. Tojalon

        Builders club should be what it was in the past, non-existant. Builders club just makes a gap in the community.

      2. TheRobloxKid24

        guys roblox is a company if they took out bc all the money they would get would be fro page views and that isnt enough to pay employees and develop a game

  17. testnoob4ban

    There were no mixed reactions, only complaints from the greater No-BC. This is like so unfair because BC people get a HUGE advantage. It’s probably a ploy.

  18. 0Gangamstyle0

    Here’s what ROBLOX should do Since BC ROBLOX’ians get 15 robux Us nbc’ers should get 5 robux each time we log in if your going to permently keep this feature.

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