Presenting the ROBLOX Shop

ROBLOXShopYet another awesome facet of Virtual BLOXcon! We’re proud to present the first-ever official ROBLOX Shop. Now everyone at home has the same chance to purchase exclusive ROBLOX items and real-life gear that attendees to our city BLOXcons snapped up.

Visit to see what we have available — from t-shirts, hoodies, and fedoras to pins, patches, trading cards, and more — we’ve got a lot of stuff for you to drool over. We’re opening the shop to run in line with Virtual BLOXcon tomorrow, but will be keeping the Shop open for (at least) a full month after the event takes place, in case you need some time to snag that one (or several) item(s) that you really want.

This shop will mark the beginning of some exciting prospects for the future — we plan on restocking the shop with new and different items and deals as time goes on. For now, you can earn yourself this exclusive (and really awesome) ROBLOX Virtual body (pictured above) by spending $20.00 or more in the Shop. This is the first “Shop-exclusive” item we’ve ever debuted, though there will be more in the future.

In keeping with our big event tomorrow, the majority of the gear in the Shop will be BLOXcon-themed, though you can expect newly themed items throughout the year each time the shop is restocked. For now, please take a moment and head over to and have a look at some of our available merchandise, and purchase some awesome gear to truly get in that BLOXcon spirit! And please join us for Virtual BLOXcon, starting tomorrow at 9:00 am PDT at We’ll see you all there!


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113 thoughts on “Presenting the ROBLOX Shop

  1. 44electra

    I ordered two pins and headphones around 5 hours after virtual bloxcon (I just received them) which equals $20 but I didn’t get the virtual body. Can someone tell me if I did something wrong?

  2. safwan

    this is the best shop ever I am gonna buy the package and sword. plus I am gonna buy the coolest things ever on roblox. I love roblox so much.

    1. Rangerxl

      I love the gear on this site. I have some of the great ones. Also I play roblox for about 5 hours a day.

  3. racingmasterz

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY LOVE ROBLOX!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS :D!!!!!!!!!

  4. abdulrahmanawwad

    roblox keep on the work on and the game soooooooooooo cool with peolpe thats awesome i really like it alot roblox

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