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Price Floor: T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants

Effective immediately ROBLOX is changing how clothing is priced. In the past users could charge whatever they wanted for clothing. We think it’s better for the economy as a whole to enforce a minimum price on these goods. Therefore, we’re instituting a price floor of 10 R$ for T-Shirts and 25 R$ for Shirts and Pants (or 12x this amount in tickets, which is slightly above current exchange rates as of the writing of this article). Users will be able to charge more than this at their option, but they will not be able to charge less if they choose to sell their clothing in the ROBLOX catalog.

Why are we making this change? There are three main reasons:

  1. Raise the quality of items in the catalog.
  2. Reward makers and sellers of clothing.
  3. To incentivize non-paying users to buy ROBUX.

Raising the quality of items

Talented artists aren’t making a ton of clothing because they can’t make money doing it. We think it’s important for the overall health of our game that all characters look great (like in screenshots that appear in gaming magazines). If users have to spend 25 R$ on a shirt, they’re not going to spend it on a bad-looking shirt. In contrast, for 1 R$, you might not even think about it.

Catalog Items

Rewarding sellers

It takes a certain amount of skill to make a good-looking piece of clothing in ROBLOX; this should be fairly rewarded. Right now it is not fair.

One huge problem is copying. If I make a great shirt and sell it for 20 R$, it’s fairly easy to copy it and sell the copy for 19. Or 10. Or 1. ROBLOX wants to reward creativity, not copying. Copy-protecting these assets is technically impossible, so we want to move to a system where copiers cannot profit on their copies. Adding a price floor limits their ability to do this. Copies won’t be able to sell for less than the original, and given the option, most buyers would rather have the original.

Another issue is that creating clothing isn’t very profitable in general compared to other ways users can make money on ROBLOX. Sales of shirt and pants represent less than 1% of the total player-created economy (game passes, paid games, gear commissions, and resellable items). We think that having great-looking characters is probably nearly as important as having great-looking games. Game makers are currently making 94% of the money in the player economy. We don’t know exactly what a fair split looks like, but it’s higher than 1 to 94.

Incentivizing ROBUX purchase

The rapid growth of ROBLOX has been supported by the players who make purchases. We philosophically believe that ROBLOX should be free forever.  We currently provide enormous value to free users, and we understand that this is one of the attractions of ROBLOX. However, we want to bring our virtual economy system more inline with regard to the industry standard freemium business model. At the same time, we are not compromising on our core vision, which is making ROBLOX the best free online building game on the internet.

806 thoughts on “Price Floor: T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants

  1. Souldude504

    Or, if you don’t want to lower it, at least give the NBC’s R$3 a day. Then they’ll be a bit happier. :-)

  2. Souldude504

    Although, I am OBC. I Still think this is crazy. If ROBLOX lowers the price to something a little “Agreeable”, like R$5 and TIX: 500. Then it’s a little more “Agreeable”. Soo just lower it by R$20, and we’ll be a little more happy. :-)

  3. Manxsuper555

    I think personally think roblox should a higher the prices because some of us richer roboxians want to spend more money.

  4. Sarahbooboo1

    Personally, i think the players of the game should be the ones who decide the prices. THEY made the clothes. THEY should decide, not the roblox admins.

  5. Bradley6555

    Ok I kinda get it for private sellers. But groups should still be able to sell their uniforms at an affordable price for all their members. Which I suggest since groups can only spend their money on advertising anyway. Allow groups to sell their cloths at a cheaper rate to allow their members to buy the uniforms whether they have BC or not.

  6. Pieperson50

    This is not good for Team Domino! None of our Ensign’s can afford the uniform’s too get started in this adventure, remove the floor price’s or we will all suffer!

  7. A group owner

    You see if the prices are this high no one can by my uniform or even f.e.a.r.s uniform the big groups/best groups are going to fall plz lower the prices

  8. ryikav

    The only reason there doing this is for money: you have to buy Bc Tbc and Obc (and other ways) to get robux and you don’t want to wait about 1 month to get one item. Get rid of it roblox staff

    1. NBC player

      Hey, I know that nobody likes the price floors, I totally understand, but if you were a creator of a nice set of clothing, you would like to know just how much people like your clothing, if they bought your item, even at these prices, you would feel pretty good. Don’t just read 1-2 sentences of this blog post, read it all! I’m with you on this, David Baszuki!

      1. Fluffypm55

        Thats true David, but why make it so NBC players and even some BC players have to wait to buy something for around 1 month, I personally think it is a bit exaggerated (The pricing).

        Yours sincerely, fluffy :)

  9. Tomunist

    Thats the stupidest idea i ever seen here! Players will be rewarded for their creativity: Its their choice witch price they choose for their clothes! AND they can change the price at will!


    This is not good for FEAR! No one can buy the uniform any more. ROBLOX, I ask you to fix this problem. FEAR will fall soon!

  11. Evilblackwidow

    This bloody update is rubbish,the new recruits in my group can’t buy the uniform fix it or I quit.

  12. Bina

    I understand what you guys are trying to do but don’t you think this a bit far fetched? If you want to support more creativity, then why not add shirt/pants designing to NBC (but it’s of course up to you if you want them to sell them or not)? That oughta get a bunch of people to like ROBLOX more. That would be more reasonable than a far fetched price floor. I also agree, if there’s gonna be a price floor, then the daily TIX is gonna have to come up or your going to have to allow NBC to start making and selling items. I think that’s what most people have been wanting cause I sure want to be able to make my own clothes and KNOW that someone is not back stabbing me/or forgetting about it.

  13. Happyrylie12

    I would be OK with this idea if we got 100 or 50 tixs a day. Now they think everyone can afford BC. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? I was BC so what do I do now??

  14. KishaBear

    How does this “help the economy”? No one buys clothing anymore because it is overpriced. The creators of the clothing will not get profit anymore unless they are extremely lucky. People got rich off of selling various shirts for 3 tickets, and this new price floor ruins their chances of getting more robux/tix… I think that when we could choose how much our clothes cost was much better.

  15. Rye123

    Come on guys, let’s speak like civilised people. Anyway, I disagree with this update. Here are some solutions to resolve the problems listed above.

    1.) Reduce the prices to a much lower price.
    That is exactly what happened in mobile application stores. Prices were high and so many people began pirating then to save money. I suggest we lower these prices such that it is not worth the effort copying them.

    2.) Make a penalty for creating a shirt/pants/t-shirt.
    Maybe allow the penalty to be directly proportional to the cost? This will make copiers think twice before copying a T-shirt.

    As for encouraging users to pay, I feel that this is going a little too overboard. The general idea of ROBLOX is for custom content, and this actually discourages players from having custom content. Also, judging from the angry comments in the thread, this is preventing them from buying the content, and reducing the money earnt by the creative t-shirt/shirt/pants makers.

  16. HeyThereI'mRandom

    1.Raise the quality of items in the catalog.

    Higher prices won’t raise the quality… It’s up to the shirt/pant makers if they want quality or not. This is inflation, and this is where the value decreases.

    2.Reward makers and sellers of clothing.

    It won’t reward makers. People would probably make a ton more money if they sold for cheaper prices because more people would buy them.

    3.To incentivize non-paying users to buy ROBUX.

    … Can’t argue with that one. $$$$$ is what all of this is about.

  17. Queenfine

    *Dear Makers of Roblox,*
    Recently there has been a change in price of “Clothing” on Roblox. You have made clothing 25 *robux *and 300 *tix*. We express ourselves with variety of clothing, some which express or emotions and or personalities. I acknowledge my fellow Robloxians and learn about them every single day. I know that some do not obtain as many “*TIX*” as required for some items in the catalog.

    I know that you want Builders Club to be dominant over regular accounts but this is just cruel. How could you make these (used to be 5 *tix*) fashionable clothing so expensive?

    I demand you please change the catalog prices back to the way they were. No one will “get use to” this kind of torture.

    Think about the new Robloxians coming to Roblox for the first time. They also want to express themselves, but they can’t by looking like the way they started. And they can’t simply afford these kind of prices. Do you really want them to wait moths just for one shirt? If they can could have got a shirt in one day with the old roblox prices.

  18. Piegood

    I used to make about over 300 TIX a day selling my clothes and now I’m only making about 300 a week.. I really don’t like this new money system.. Roblox please change it back :(

  19. Arck

    Although you may say that you want to reward clothing creators, you are essentially decimating the customer base of those clothing creators. You are not helping sellers in this case, and the entire update was a calculated move to make ROBLOX more money.

  20. Anonymous

    Shirt makers are allowed to make their clothes price what they want, now roblox wants everything to be good quality or fancy. Freedom is being limited now.

  21. kira78910

    This isn’t good. Lets say your looking for a new group to join… You join a few so you first buy the uniform so you can actually experience this war group.(Usually in war groups they require you to wear the uniform to get in) So after you decide you don’t like the group… That’s a waste of so much tix. Another reason is that for making the prices higher, You are drawing away people. No one wants to join a website that pretty much makes you pay money on builders club right away! And don’t say you don’t have to buy clothes because you almost HAVE TO to not get bullied by other players. I suggest you spend more of your time monkeying around with chat rather then make us all mad.

  22. kayotte1

    I think that this update is an outrage. If you are going to set the clothing price up to 300 tix, 25 robux minimum then you should increase our daily tix to 150 tix (maximum) 76 tix (the minimum). If we were to make 76 tix a day it will take us 4 days to achieve the amount of 304 tix, which is enough to buy clothing. And I also think the price should be dropped down to 120 tix and 5 robux minimum. Tons of kids play this day, I mean like c’mon our parents aren’t made out of money. If you want only rich people to play this game then please say so instead of hidding your direct message.

  23. Anitapie

    You should just really change it back to normal, in my opinion. First of all, 300 tix we would have to wait like so many months to get for people who don’t have BC, I sure don’t have BC. We can’t buy BC because our parents or guardians can’t afford it or some just think its a waste of money ( some parents including mine have stupid or poor jobs ). The fashion designers won’t get as much people to buy their stuff so it won’t be on the front cover of the catalog.

  24. Deathdragon3000

    Sure, I think that there should be a higher minimum amout.

    BUT 300 TIX?
    Are you SERIOUS Roblox?

    New players won’t be able to buy clothes, and this is all chaos for NBC members.

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