Spotlight: Oysi’s Wild ROBLOX Experiments

Spotlight_OysiWe knew when we first experienced Galaxy Wars that developer Oysi had something going, but that turned out to only be the tip of the iceberg that is his backlog of projects. Oysi is an interesting developer because he’s created several sort of “platforms” for games that focus on pushing the boundaries of what you can do with ROBLOX. Instead of focusing on one particular game, we decided to take a look at some of the creations (that’s plural) this intrepid developer has managed to build, and how he’s leveraged our platform to realize his grand visions.

Oysi has an impatient mind. He is constantly moving between projects–picking up and dropping new experiments at the drop of the hat. That’s because his experience with ROBLOX is constantly evolving–he is constantly learning new things and then finding ways to apply them to projects he’s already started. It’s an interesting give and take. The first game of his that caught our attention was Galaxy Wars, a space simulator with a very interesting control scheme and simulation of gravity.


The goal of the game (thus far; it’s unfinished) is to navigate between different planets and mine them for resources. The more resources you collect, the more upgraded ships you can create in the “Forge”, the central hub of each world. Each world is represented by a small globe that you can freely traverse–though the way you walk across them feels different.

“I made this game so that there is no sense of ‘up,'” Oysi explains. “Everything is relative, right? If you’re walking on a planet, any direction is technically ‘up.’ So I wanted to make sure that walking doesn’t feel anything like you’re walking on a baseplate.”

Though this concept alone is exciting in and of itself, it’s when you take flight that the game comes full circle. Once in a ship, the mouse becomes a directional tool, and the ship heads wherever you move your mouse. By default, the ship always moves forward, and the standard movement controls (w, a, s, d) are used to define the pitch, yaw, and rotation of the ship. Each ship also comes equipped with canons that be fired using the left mouse button.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”phMN9DF0els”/]

Traveling between planets in open space is visually stimulating–you even pass through a small atmosphere around each planet before reaching the surface! In space you can dog fight with other players in an effort to stop them from collecting precious resources. Or, you can park your ship on the surface of any of the planets and start exploring. It’s an interesting and unseen concept for a ROBLOX game, and it’s a fantastic starting point to what could be a triple-A title.

I told him during our interview that I had never played a game on ROBLOX that featured this sort of control system, to which he replied:

“I couldn’t find a way to get it to move the way I wanted while utilizing the scriptable camera type, so what you’re seeing in this game is a compromise. That’s also why I included that moving line–so players know where to point the in ship in relation to the middle of the screen. It was a funky test, and then ‘poof,’ fanciness manifested.”

At the moment, Galaxy Wars’ development is on hold so Oysi can work on a first person shooter camera system that is fluid and realistic. Though it’s not a full-fledged game, the camera system he’s developed is noticeably precise. He tells me was able to develop a “two-part limb-with-point system” that uses several complex hacks and a ton of interpolation.


“Basically, the left arm identifies points on the gun that it’s holding,” he explains to me. “This includes the slide, the mag, the grip. Each of these parts has a brick that communicates where the left arm should move to. The left arm doesn’t interpolate when it moves between points, and the right arm always does.”

“The aiming mechanism is also pretty interesting,” he continues. “I put a part on the scope, and that part has a script that automatically tells the arms to move the handle of each gun to center the camera down the sights. I had to rewrite this animation system three times to get it right–I wanted a first-person camera system that allows for extreme customizability. That is something you will find in all of my projects.”

Oysi’s gun demo is playable, and he’s working on the custom camera system he developed to eventually develop a killer FPS. It’s not like he’s started from scratch, either. In fact, he worked with prolific builder daxter33 on the early development of Paintball! which is now one of ROBLOX’s most popular titles.


“Daxter and I have been sharing things for a long time–we used to talk really frequently through PMs. We hatched the original idea of actually creating paintballs on ROBLOX. We were both fascinated by the basic idea of holding a gun that shoots a trajectory pellet, based on raycasting.”

Both Daxter33 and Oysi made competing Paintball games years ago–Daxter moved on to updating and adding to Paintball! as frequently as possible (making it the game it is today), while Oysi abandoned his Paintball game to begin developing Galaxy Wars. Since then, he’s been in and out of each of these projects, stopping development intermittently to pick up new projects, or update current ones.

“My priorities shift quite easily,” he tells me.

Spotlight articles were designed to pinpoint and showcase users who are doing new and innovative things with our platform. Oysi has created templates for games that feature camera tricks and hacks that we’ve never seen before, and we look forward to seeing where he goes with these exciting projects. For now, we encourage you to check out his profile page and take a look at some of things he’s been working on. Per usual, here is his advice for new builders:

Do crazy things. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true, and it’s kept me going all this time. Nothing is too crazy, and if you think something is too crazy, then it’s worth doing! Choose your craziest idea, and find a crazy way to execute it. I guarantee it’ll turn out good. I love it when people play a game and say, ‘how did he do this?’ That’s the ultimate inspiration.

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  1. SDuke524

    Glad Oysi finally got some recognition. He has been doing this kind of stuff for a long time and is popular within the scripting community, but not really anywhere else.

  2. Maxomega

    I’ve always wanted a game with custom gravity. Frankly, I think ROBLOX should incorporate that as a setting. Gravity can either be standard (Default), non-existent (Null-G), or Universal Gravitation (You attract to the largest object). I, also like Oysi, can’t keep to one project, and I’ve been thinking of having a Null-G shooter for a while, but couldn’t do it without this.

  3. S141

    Excellent work! Happy to see builders with creativity and imagination! We all thank you for making great a great game(s).

  4. Kby100

    Does this mean with the planets when you get out upside down, you can walk all the way around? With out falling off?
    Because I have been dreaming of that.

  5. Fromlegouniverse3

    I am working on recreating the old cursor with the green circle for invisible paths, wish me luck.

  6. As8D

    All hail the god of insanity!
    Even here…

    I recommend:
    – Find Oysi’s YouTube channel.
    – Watch his amazing projects.
    – Try use his OysiGL for 3D GUI text transformation ect.
    – Much other.
    – As

  7. josh50000

    Making a game with customisation like that is difficult to do. I am working on a game with a very high level of customisation at the moment, but because of GCSEs I will probably not finish it within a few months.

  8. DarthVader

    I thought the galaxy wars was cool, but not to hard. What amazed me was the rotating GUI. Unless ROBLOX game Oysi access to this I don’t know how he did that. My best guess is that he made a gui that can follow your cursor and it streches but man… I don’t know. XD

  9. TheBloodyMeep

    No matter what its always 99% done, everything can be improved no matter how good it is; Oysi’s a significant person and will achieve great things, he is a person almost anyone can look up too.

  10. killjoy37

    Oysi has such a great mind. It just amazes me what he does. I’m surprised they didn’t mention his pathfinding AI.

  11. LordDesUbles

    I will most likely enroll on scripts for college,and then after i get a degree or something i’m gonna practice my building.

    1. Amiracle56

      So you are going to go to college to learn scripting, solely for the fact that you want to make better games for roblox…

    1. StudioTM

      No no no, There is no “rotated gui” here, He used multiple gui’s then inserted them into a table and used mouse’s position to do the effect.

  12. databrain

    I’m exactly like Oysi with projects. I always jump between different things, because I always learn new stuff. My first though is that I needed to write more APIs, so that I could make my games much easier to script. Then I decided to make more plugins, so I could build easier. But I’ve come to the conclusion that roblox is not a good game building engine. Why? Because EVERY GAME ON ROBLOX is made by only 1 person. What needs to happen on roblox is teamwork. Groups that work on one project with care. Then you could make the perfect game.

    So if you want the perfect roblox game, get EBR to work on one game, with all EBR members as part of the team, making models. It will be AMAZING when that day comes.

      1. databrain

        Yeah. And there are great games with breathtaking building, but those are not “Games”, they are Scenes. I want more games like Roblox Battle, but with AWESOME builders.

        Oysis is a really good scripter, but it’s hard to combing good scripting and good building.

    1. coolieman2

      If you really feel that way search stranded:episode one in games and the one with IMPORTANT NOTICE written on it is the one. There they are working on completely remaking the game because all the code and that stuff is very messy. Jobro13 is working on the API for all of us developers and then we can update away to make (Current name) stranded the best survival game in ROBLOX!

  13. greekfiregiant13

    NOOOOOO! I thought of something like galaxy wars! Ah well, I still have some ideas… Oh man, there are so many inspiring game developers. I can’t wait till I have a chance at it. I can’t wait to try out the games!

  14. bluezombieslayer43's alt

    I’ve been trying for 3-4 years and cant even make a simple game that a GUEST likes.

    1. Mostwanted1

      Well, do you know how to script? It isn’t required, but it definitely helps. There are quite a few people who made games that thousands of people played that have free models in it. Just let your imagination run wild.

  15. Trail39rulez

    Lol I read how inpatient this guy was reminds me of me :) But other then that Good job and keep going!

  16. digpoe

    Oysi’s a math genius; he teaches me things that I’ve never known almost every day. That’s why I decided to name the math library after him in the LAU project. ( for info)

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