Q&A Session

You Can Still Experience Much of the Virtual BLOXcon

Q&A SessionVirtual BLOXcon was a fantastic event. We had tens of thousands of ROBLOXians from around the world drop in to watch our five-hour live broadcast, view recorded footage from each of our summer BLOXcons, and play contest-winning games with ROBLOX staff. We even saw #BLOXcon become a trending topic on Twitter in multiple countries — that’s what roughly 10,000 tweets will do. We poured a lot of effort into presenting the event, but it would have been nothing without your participation and enthusiasm.

While Virtual BLOXcon may be over, it’s not too late to experience everything it offered. We suggest starting with the recording of the livestream; it features two Q&A sessions, product demos, an awards ceremony, gameplay streaming and more.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”spRkstu8QfE”/]

Community veteran Merely was kind enough to time-stamp the livestream, making it easy for you to jump to the segments that interest you.

[0:05] Intro video
[0:06] Welcome
[0:09] David Baszucki’s State of ROBLOXia
[0:25] Q&A Session #1
[1:11] Stickmasterluke’s Gameplay Streaming
[1:29] ROBLOX Hall of Fame 2013 Awards
[1:50] ROBLOX Film Festival/BLOXY Awards
[2:04] Q&A Session #2
[2:43] Stickmasterluke’s Gameplay Streaming
[3:16] Outfits Feature Demo
[3:20] New Materials Demo
[3:26] Developer’s Exchange
[3:30] Newtrat’s Gameplay Streaming
[3:59] Halloween Level Sneak Peek
[4:05] NobleDragon’s Gameplay Streaming
[4:15] Reesemcblox’s Gameplay Streaming
[4:50] Blockhaak’s Gameplay Streaming

Nick Streaming Gameplay

Nick (aka Newtrat) the intern was a hit in the gameplay streaming chair.

We also recommend browsing our BLOXcon playlists. There’s a wealth of content from each city — Chicago, London and New York — much of which features the thoughts and opinions of the attendees, including successful game developers like daxter33 (New York City) and TheGamer101 (London). Each playlist starts with an extended recap of BLOXcon, followed by interviews with people who took part. You can use the players’ controls to navigate the playlists.

Of course, the contest-winning BLOXcon games are still active and waiting to be played some more. Check out ROBLOX.com/bloxcon to visit them.

This wraps up our summer of BLOXcons. We’ve received a lot of feedback about the Virtual BLOXcon, but we’re always looking for more. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts — your most memorable Virtual BLOXcon experience, the staff you met, etc. — and what you’d like to see us do next.

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60 thoughts on “You Can Still Experience Much of the Virtual BLOXcon

  1. Superherokevin11

    I missed virtual bloxcon because I was busy, and I wished it was like a week earlier or a week later but it was still cool. Can you make another virtual bloxcon like in december or next year?

  2. zee160

    If you look through the playlists in the Chicago video, and click the people of Chicago, I’m the girl in the orange shirt :D I thought I would’ve never gotten noticed! :DDDDDDD

  3. solticex

    Pfft, they lied during BloxCon. They say they want the economy 95% user generated, but they go ahead and put this horrid update where they put a floor on prices…

    Sooo disappointed…

  4. Robotnik64

    The halloween timestamp doesn’t work.

    No, I didn’t click on it, I went to the specified time and only got that zooming text.

  5. ninjafang7818292

    Woah! this is cool! I’m not sure if this was answered but I have always wanted to know. What inspired you guys to create ROBLOX?

  6. MrUnknown

    Are they going to make a halloween event level that also have a in game item that you can obtain like the easter egg event?

  7. Zakarq

    Perhaps maybe us Robloxians should be allowed to choose a color of our chat texts, like how Nick has a “Yellow” one?

  8. Minifig77

    Dangit… I missed BLOXcon Chicago, which I could have gone to, then I miss the Virtual BLOXcon because I was on a camping trip…

      1. Meep

        Cool c:
        If it’s something where you have to go to bloxcon for…
        then that would be a bummer for me XD

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