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Get Creative in the BLOXtober Costume Contest!

Costume ContestBLOXtober continues today with the launch of a costume contest! This is your chance to piece together a creative Halloween costume for your character and, using the new outfits feature, enter it to win a yet-to-be-announced virtual item. While we’re not revealing what the prize is just yet, we will say that the top three costumes will be integrated into our Halloween game, which launches later this week, with a mid-event update. Anyone who wears that costume into the game will receive a useful item.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Dress your character in a costume and save it as an outfit
  2. Using the dropdown gear next to the outfit, click “Download as image” and save the image to your computer (important: do not change the name of the file)
  3. Go to the contest site, enter the required information and upload the image you just saved

One piece of information we need is your User URL. You can find this by visiting your own Profile page and copying the link in the upper-left-hand corner, beneath the words “Your Profile”. It will look something like

You can browse the catalog and your existing inventory for assets, then build your costume and outfit on the Character page. There are no strict requirements as to what constitutes a costume, but we are looking for creativity, boldness and something you don’t see everyday — something that screams Halloween.

Keep in mind that dressing in limited, prohibitively expensive and off-sale items will reduce your chances of being one of the top-three winners. Other players ultimately need to be able to obtain the elements of your costume to wear into the Halloween game!

You can enter one outfit in the contest. The deadline to submit is Thursday, October 17th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. There will be a voting period over the coming weekend, and a total of five winners will ultimately be determined by a panel of ROBLOX judges early next week.

Good luck, and may the most creative costumes win!

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  1. stevenisallama123

    HI, my name is Steven, and i was wondering if you are able to save your in-game halloween costumes from the game to your actual roblox avatar … im 13 and im smart but I cant figure this out … PLEASE HELP

  2. wow!

    How can I check my outfit votes? I don’t know how! My name is carlosblazelake, and my costumes name is “death bunny”

  3. sharken10 (Roblox account c:)

    Look at mine! My roblox account is sharken10. Send me a friend. :D … And why are so much Jeff and Slender?

    1. Ihatemylife123

      Do you relize you have to give the link of the COSTUME?? not your profile! It’s on a website called

  4. 5jupiteralt

    You know, guys, they won’t accept votes in the comments. Go to the contest site instead to post them.

  5. supersonicz2000

    And mabye in the game, could you make a retexture of it to make it look like the portal gun? you dont have to but it would be awesome!

    1. tiffanythecuteshark plz vote for meh

      I realy don’t care if I win but I want something to remember of this Halloween it is my first one on door duty (giving candy) I realy hope it works out T_T

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