BLOXtober Gift Preview

Gifts, Games, Costumes! Welcome to BLOXtober

BLOXtober Gift PreviewThis year, October isn’t just the month of Halloween. We’re not just working on an epic game. We’re not just lining up mysterious gift boxes for the next 13 days. We’re not just designing fantastic costume apparel. No, we’re doing all of the above. This is BLOXtober!

We’re kicking things off this afternoon by putting the first Halloween gift box on sale in the catalog. If you purchase it, it’ll remain unopened in your inventory for a few days and eventually open to reveal a mystery item. There will be a total of 13 gift boxes, released one by one over the next 13 days. Each one will have its own look and only be on sale for a few days — it’s up to you to figure out what might be inside and decide whether your guess is worth the investment!

As teased above, there’s much more to BLOXtober than 13 days of gifts. We’ll have additional news later this week and throughout the month, so keep your eye on the ROBLOX news feed.

394 thoughts on “Gifts, Games, Costumes! Welcome to BLOXtober

  1. ahhsum123

    Now we’re left with the big gift in the back. Is it a gear? A new Dusekkar? Maybe even A…Dominus!

  2. wantthegiftsof13

    The big purple gift everyone is talking about is black with green bats on it, the only thing purple is the ribbon.

  3. awsesomeguy8880

    the next 2 gifts will be a franksiten head gift and a black ball with pumpkins on it with a orange bow

    1. toddybear101

      Oh how did you work that one out? -_- Maybe look at the gifts on catalog then look at picture .-. Ah the noobs these days

    1. Ramie525

      do you have the fedora gift if you do tell me how to get it or just tell me ho to get a good gift pls i never get gifts any year :(((((((((((((( its so sad :(

      1. Jacksonrules1098

        Yeah it’s really expensive always. I hate it because I can’t get BC cause my parents won’t let me, so I never have enough robux for like ANYTHING. Well at least I have a small chance at winning in the clothes contest thing. Well good luck

  4. Primigable

    Hint: Dominus = gift that is 31,000 R$ better have 200$ + 100$ guys and a bc atleast to sell and trade.

    1. Jayson5000

      Maby a New Pumpkin that looks like the original pumpkins :O i want so im saving for it…. I already got the orange gift :D

  5. Kamrinn921

    It’s not going to be a paintball or anything, didn’t you watch bloxcon live?
    It will be a game where you find the admins/mods in there costumes and they give you a quest, you complete and get whatever

  6. troylovezfawn11

    im pretty sure the black pumpkin round lookin one is gonna be like the darkseed only different -_-

  7. planetepicface3434

    ok im excited for the halloween level and i don’t want to know what it will look like im just wondering is it paintball or a scavenger hunt this year?

    1. Anonymous

      I’ve never known they do a halloween game (besides the gifts) so it will be a total surprise for me.

  8. PurplePrincessPony:)

    there is no “free” gifts, and they wouldn’t gift a free item. You buy it. because its a random item

  9. GraveSun

    Why do people say, ” It isn’t called a gift if you buy it! “. It’s the same as buying it.

    Example: It’s Christmas and you are going to buy a gift for the one you want to give. It’s just the same as buying it.

    1. andrehd1

      Your buying it for some one else and your giving a gift buy. If you buy it for your self is like buying clothes for yourself NOT A GIFT

      1. notveryevildude

        I like how you capitalize every single word even though they arent the starts of sentences or proper nouns.

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