Happy Halloween from the ROBLOX Staff!


Happy Halloween! What a month it’s been. We figured there would no better way to celebrate the end of BLOXtober than to show a little holiday spirit, and come to work dressed in the duds we’ll be wearing tonight! We had ourselves quite the party, and even had a costume contest. Check out the gallery below to relive our celebration!

Bruce is THE garden gnome.

Bruce (arbolito) is THE garden gnome.

There can be only one...lumberjack?

There can be only one… Lumberjack?

Sai's arc reactor.

Sai (RobloxSai) designed and created his very own miniaturized arc reactor.

Dave stood on a chair to announce all of our costume winners

Dave (david.baszucki) stood on a chair to announce all of our costume winners.

The costume contest winners!

The costume contest winners: RobloxSai, ReeseMcBlox, Tone, and Morganic!

That's where the wild things are.

That’s where the wild things are.

Brighteyes and Tarabyte.

Tarabyte and Brighteyes.


John was shooting strange looks at the chicken all day.

John vs Chicken

Turns out John was hungry.


We had no idea Isaiah (ostrichSized) could kick so high. Also pictured: stickmasterluke.


Keith had toiletries for sale.


Uhm. So this happened.


Yes. Our CEO rocks.

Just going to take a quick selfie and--NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE.

Just going to take a quick selfie and–NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE.

From all of us here at ROBLOX HQ, have a terrific and safe Halloween!

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413 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from the ROBLOX Staff!

  1. Anonymous

    I saw this house with a guy dressed up as slender man and he would stand there and sneek up on you

  2. rainbow112211

    The costumes are great and I love the batman costume. It reminds me of my cousin. He loves batman.

  3. MiniMaster7

    Lol. “have a terrific, and safe halloween”
    *shows slenderman in picture*

  4. Northfang

    LOL At the first picture where all the people are together, in the back, you can see shedletskys big head on the left. Heres ready for some chicken alright.

  5. MarioGamer4ever

    Love Morganic’s costume.. John was John. XD Dang, John.. Eating that chicken ALIVE.. At first I didn’t know what Tone was supposed to be.. Until I read this picture under it. XD

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