Introducing Developer Central and the Developer Exchange


Keep making great games–we’ll pay you for it!

We have really exciting news to share with you today. We at ROBLOX are putting much effort into enabling, encouraging, and rewarding our developers and creators — and we think you’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done. Today we’re launching Developer Central, a hub on for all things development-oriented.

You’ll find Developer Central on the Develop page, which has replaced Build in the main navigation bar. The Develop page is similar to the Build page, but will be home in the coming weeks and months to a variety of developer-centric features, such as metrics that provide insight into how your creations are performing (how many visits? how long do people play?), special forums, toolkits, tips about what successful games do well, and more.

One of the first pieces of Developer Central is our Developer Exchange, or DevEx. In an effort to give our community further incentive to create fantastic games, DevEx lets successful developers exchange the ROBUX they earn for real-world currency. DevEx can be accessed from a tab on the Develop page.

As you can see, there are a few requirements that need to be met in order to participate. First, you need to have earned at least 100,000 ROBUX. You can cash this amount out at $100.00 USD. The cap is set at 500,000 ROBUX (or $500.00 USD). We anticipate adding additional participation levels in the future. Second, you need to have a PayPal account, as this is how earnings will be paid out. You also need to have verified your e-mail address with ROBLOX.


Finally, you need to be an Outrageous Builders Club member. While we’re not ready to reveal many specific details just yet (we’re contemplating additional features such as special access to ROBLOX engineers through dedicated forums and chat, perhaps a developer program-only test environment, and more), OBC is going to be transitioning to a developer-centric membership program; DevEx is a key feature of that program. It’s entirely possible that successful developers could use the Developer Exchange to pay for their OBC membership and still have plenty of cash left. If you qualify, you can participate in DevEx once each calendar month.

Big picture, we think this will give our builders and developers incentive to not only create stellar games and places on ROBLOX but also help them see serious ROBLOX game development for what it really is: a job. If you’re producing some of the top content on ROBLOX, you deserve to be compensated for your work. That’s a core idea behind DevEx. We’ll be bringing you more news about Developer Central and our Developer Program as it, um, develops.

We’ll also make be sure to highlight Developer Exchange success stories whenever possible. Imagine a power-user cashes out and buys a car to get to and from college–all from developing a popular game on ROBLOX. This is the kind of story we can’t wait to tell.

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227 thoughts on “Introducing Developer Central and the Developer Exchange

  1. Mike

    Here is the deal. If you are still playing ROBLOX just save up Robux till you leave. Then you could get cash. But the problem I see is that you need a lot of Robux just to get a couple of dollars. Like not many people here has 100 million Robux for 100 dollars cash. So if you think about it you would get so little cash just for a lot of Robux.

  2. Help-102452

    Hey guys! If you are new to PayPal, it’s a user friendly way to transfer money around the internet! you do not a certificate validation on your paypal but you need to verify the email which will be sent to your specified email.

    If you don’t understand the system that Roblox has just announced basically there very proud of there users building creativity so say for example someone makes 100k robux from there game (the money doesn’t have to be earned from a game) and you basically give 100,000 robux to Roblox and they give you 100 USD, if you live out of US/Canada then the money that is sent to paypal is automatically changed in to what currency you use, for example;

    If you live in England the 100$ that is given to you from the robux will be automatically changed to pounds. (Roughly 65 pounds).

    I hope I helped guys.

  3. Xtremehero10

    well…what if we traded 500,000 robux for 500 dollars, then bought OBC for life…and just get the 500,000 robux back after a year or so :P

  4. Terratronic

    I think the rates on here are very generous. I don’t understand though, why are they doing this?

    1. Mersid

      I am not exactly sure. It is probably the first time ROBLOX has done such a generous thing. (Applause)

  5. alvinchimp

    So rich people make money while poor people suffer

    You guys need to increase the amount of daily tickets for nbcs to like 30 or so

  6. louisphilippe2@Roblox

    How do i validate my Paypal account? Anyone send me a pm to tell me how to louisphilippe2

  7. Zamsongod

    At what point is this going to be available to the UK and the other 185 countries ROBLOX has disabled this for..?

  8. Star

    I was really excited about this, and the rates are pretty decent(it could use to be a bit higher, to be honest, considering the price OBC people are paying.), but it only figures it’s for OBC people. :/ I honestly badly need $1,000 by next year to be able to take a trip to a place I’ve wanted to go for a really long time, and thought maybe this could help. Oh well. It only makes sense that Roblox would never give away this much money to people who aren’t paying them enough or at all.

    1. LordOptimal

      No, The max cap is 500K(500USD). You can get that twice,(1k USD), and then 4x the 100k cap.(400USD) so ~1,400 USD total

  9. egammelgcloak

    Roblox is doing this to have game developers and the such feel like they can get paid and earn a living to make games. If that is the case, then you need to up the price. 1 million robux = 1000$
    All the developers are only going to be making 100-1000$ a month, and that’s not enough for a living. I think the price should be better for serious game/clothing developers on roblox.

  10. GermaneMagic

    I don’t get this 100k robux for 100.00$ USD? Why 100k robux i mean i spend 100.00$ USD for 10k robux not 100k…

    1. Help-102452

      Hey, GermaneMagic!

      10,000 robux is not valued at 100$, roblox has made the rates very generously and they think that it’s fine like this.

  11. halariousbob22

    Will it count if you sell limiteds in the catalog? Or does it have to be from place visits only?

    1. Accidentalmeme

      does making games a requirement? no so the answer is you can get money from selling limiteds

      1. 3xtremeVirus

        I play ROBLOX Battlefield like EVERYDAY. I have 3 golden guns, and every single heavy gun, light gun, special gun, etc. Cx

  12. Kikirino

    Great idea roblox just great! now people will just need 100,000 robux to be able to easily buy tbc for 12 months(1 Year) thats kinda a great idea.

  13. toyoplayer

    If I were to be able to see my progress to see how close I am to that or how far I am away from earning 100k yes that would be great so I can purchase OBC at the correct time.

  14. JioCash

    Ok, love the idea, one thing still puzzles me… for along time now I have wondered where I can learn the proper ways to create games because I have to say, roblox wiki is tough to understand and is not detailed enough.

    1. Jojomen56

      Hey JioCash. I consider myself a developer (game creator). I’ve been analyzing various free-model scripts and models ever since 2008 when I first joined. The combination of that, the ROBLOX Wiki and my own time and practice have brought me to where I am today. Just keep practicing like I and thousands of others have and you’ll get there!

  15. Cookiedude42

    To everyone whos saying it pays for itself… Well that’s only if you get a game on like the 1st page which isn’t an easy feat.

  16. m27frogy

    This is actually a fantastic idea. I don’t mind the OBC at all, since, logically, the DevEx pays for OBC by itself. Great update!

    1. EMIN3M187

      i honestly think this is a good idea but concerning the new clothes update i think we should at least get 5 robux a day

  17. eugenevorld

    What I got from this is that the Developers’ Exchange is open to everyone with a flat fee of $20.

  18. Fdude2000

    Lol. Average 1st page developer makes 10k an hour. Minimum wage is around 7 dollars and hour in America. Pretty nice deal! Nice update Roblox. Though I do wish you could have some sort of way to check if they made the 100k from their game not from other ways.

  19. Bugor

    Half of these posts are illogical. It’s like you guys read snippets of the blog and piece it together to seem like the worst possible idea. You don’t need OBC to keep building, this feature is just for good developers to get some profit out of what they do.

  20. Jojo2342

    This is a very good update. Having OBC as a requirement really does not matter if you’re going to be gaining much more money from this then you would actually spend on OBC.

  21. Joshzombie12

    I like this I have over 150,000 place visits so I can probably get some money! Thanks roblox

  22. roku17

    You take out Places tab, take out Build tab, and now there is Develop tab. Also making us buy OBC?

    1. bcramaster

      The develop tab is exactly the same as the build tab, except there’s an extra feature added on to it.

    2. foreverpower

      Learn how to read. You need OBC to make money from games. You can still make games without it.

  23. megakidmata

    well, does this mean that if i was to be building a game, i wouldnt be able to because you have to use devex to build it? or can i still be able to build my game and have it on the website without Devex? (im not really interested in devex)

    1. Merely

      No, it sure doesn’t. You can still build, but to get your money, from DevEx, you will need to purchase OBC, and get a PayPal account.

      1. Zokorio

        Ozzypig is right, most people of Roblox play games and the rest actually make the games. Also this idea really is to convince people to make better games. It helps Roblox to have you make better games and makes a little dough for yourself in return. It’s a great idea in my opinion.

  24. ezaiahs

    Basically this is to attract people with better abilities to create games, since someone with a vast knowledge of scripting could easily make 500k for an easy 500 bucks. I do hope to see better quality games come out of this as well.

  25. Hazza447

    I really like the sound of this update! Question though, please reply on my character page: If I have lifetime BC would that count for the feature to work?

    1. Sinblade

      If its lifetime OBC, then yes. If its Lifetime BC, or TBC, it will not work as it states that “you need to be an Outrageous Builders Club member”.

    1. Ali365Dash

      Yeah, just changed to GBP using the exchange rate just before you get it. You need a UK credit/debit card connected to PayPal to get it in GBP.

  26. hussaingold

    Well the point is the amount of robux your gonna need is about $100+ in the your gonna spend $100+ (thats if you dont have enough already)and then get like the $100 back.

  27. InfernoPhantom

    I think that’s great and all but what about the people who make good games and don’t have OBC? Or what about the people who have a bit of trouble with scripting? How will they be able to earn money if they find it difficult to script. But I suppose they can try to figure it out but Roblox studio should have a scripting tutorial on it so people can at least learn a little bit of scripting with out having to go online and search for some lua learning sight. If it does have a tutorial though then I should watch it. X3

  28. SuperJames4848

    So, if we want to take part in this program, we need to do 3 things.
    1) We have to invest in OBC.
    2) We have to have insane building and scripting skills.
    3) We have to know what ads work.
    Let’s take the average ROBLOXian.
    There are quite a few people who have OBC. That’s OK.
    Building skills? That’s a very small part of ROBLOXians. Scripting skills? That’s even fewer.
    Knowing which ads work…People ignore ads. It’s not going to bring that much traffic into a game.
    Considering you can only do it once a month, there’s gonna be an issue. People can live off of $500 a month, but what happens when something unexpected happens?

      1. SGAbrett

        Exactly. Unless you have an extremely good game, that has 100,000’s visits a week, and then exchange that on the currency, that’s still going to be only 10’000’s. Profit won’t be as high as you’d like but there is some. =/

      2. TerexEquipment

        You make it sound like you should get paid for doing nothing. Anyone can build or script, they just need to put the time into it to get a good product

  29. Ahmedegg

    What if someone buy a obc lifetime? He will get 60 rs evryday and he will make it real money so thats mean 60 dollar a day…..

    1. 1Riblock1

      Ahmed, the exchange is 100,000 robux to one hundred dollars.
      The fact of the matter is, I think most people will never be able to pay the OBC fee off with what money they get.

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