There are still more BLOXikins to collect, and companions to aid you on your quest!

More Quests and Prizes Coming to The Witching Hour

There are still more BLOXikins to collect, and companions to aid you on your quest!

There are still more BLOXikins to collect, and companions to aid you on your quest!

The horizon and scope of ROBLOX games are constantly expanding. Though our platform is shaped 99% by our user base of builders and game creators, our very own Games Team likes to step in every now and again to deliver a unique gameplay experience to all — and then release what we learn to the community so that you can create even better games. Last year’s Egg Hunt was a large undertaking that went over quite well, so we knew the next time we created a holiday-themed game we would want to make it even bigger. Thus, the basic idea behind BLOXtober’s Witching Hour was conceived.

We are currently right in the middle of the release cycle of this game, and we thought we’d take stock of how the game has changed since its Early Access release 10 days ago, and look to the horizon at features and changes we’ve yet to implement.

From the very beginning the Games Team and I were cautiously optimistic about the scale of the game we wanted to create. We generated a map 100 times the size of our Egg Hunt, and had but a few weeks to build a game inside the massive world we created. Why so big? A map this size was a challenge to create, and we knew it would be a challenge for players as well; this wasn’t going to be a game that you could finish in a couple hours. It was going to take commitment! We were also introducing new features (that will soon be available to all developers) such as consumable items (in The Witching Hour, these are things like candy, which is the in-game currency, and single-use items like teleport spots). These were things never seen before in a ROBLOX game, and we knew from the start that there were rough spots we’d only encounter when the game was live.


The Witching Hour had an iterative development cycle, meaning we had a baseplate to start and slowly and methodically designed and built around it. We discovered early on that in order to make a fun and in-depth game, we were going to need some extra help from our users. We take great pride in calling on our users for rapid improvement. When we released Early Access to the Witching Hour, we wanted feedback. There were so many aspects to the game, and we wanted to know which aspects should take priority and why.

Improvements based on your feedback

The feedback we received was immensely helpful in plotting our development and release pipeline. Over the following days, The Witching Hour started to become a better and better game. At the point of this writing, we believe that the game is largely functional and much more fun than it was when we first released. Here is a list of some of the things we’ve improved based on your feedback:

  • Faster join times
  • Introduction screen with directions
  • Guidance (i.e., help players understand what to do and where to do it)
  • Moved Quest missions into houses that immediately surround the location where you received the Quest
  • Rebalanced difficulty based on metrics we gathered (that means certain quest items are now dropped much more frequently)
  • Stopped every single game-breaking bug
  • Completed nine out of 13 zones of the map. Remaining zones are in development (which means there are more quests to come!)
  • 75% of hats are available and can be achieved/unlocked by playing the game
  • New types of enemies, including zombies, vampires, purple spiders, ghosts and more


The content to come

All that being said, there are still a few days until Halloween, and more work to be done! Here are some features we will be enabling soon in order to bring The Witching Hour to a satisfying conclusion.

  • Still more companions, including a flying dragon
  • Faster and easier ways to move around the map (including teleporters that will take you to and from each admin’s house, once you find them)
  • Social gameplay: you’ll move around faster and get more loot if you’re playing with friends.
  • More quests — which means more BLOXikins (who have proved to be very popular) and badges
  • Prize tiers based on how many BLOXikins you’ve collected
  • Integration of the top three BLOXtober Halloween costumes


The Witching Hour is now planned to remain live well past Halloween, so you’ll have lots of time to explore the giant map of Bloxburg.

Happy hunting!

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269 thoughts on “More Quests and Prizes Coming to The Witching Hour


    The game is over and I didn’t see any integration of the top 3 Halloween costumes… The prize tier idea interests me, though. Since we didn’t see the top 3 costumes, is it possible that they have bloxikins in the prize tiers?

  2. starcool123

    I am doing quit well on this and am progressing fairly quickly but I have spent to long trying to get onto JeditKacheff’s island. I have walked around half of it and found no way to get across the water. I raged when my internet suddenly stopped. Also I would like you to be able to walk faster, I have spent to long walking around to find new people and get new teleporting spots.

  3. 1mimi290

    I like how you have to wait for the houses to turn their lights back on. It adds to the difficulty, and makes camping much harder. Plus i also like that it’ll be here for a little longer. I’m tired of people saying it’ll end today when right here out even says it’ll stay much longer than Halloween.

  4. IvyEvergreen

    I love the game but I have heard complaints In-game from people saying that the amount of chests given is outraging! And I agree.

  5. bubbaman73

    this is an outrage i just finished coat pocket ninjas and shedletskys bloxicins and i lost connection and it swiped most of it!!!!!!!!!! an admin NEEDS to fix this now!!!!!!

    1. yummygaven1

      I got to stickmasterluke and i lost connection now im back at ChiefJustus.

      Then i keep on playing and i get to Ostigesized im doing this scrab one and it says i have 4 and when i get another one it says i still have 4.

      A admin NEEDS to fix it

    2. Anonymous

      I’m sorry but an admin cannot fix connection problems. The admins did what they did. Now get new Internet.

  6. nk361

    Every Bloxikin that has been added so far is working great, I have no complaints about travel, and I’m very happy with the level of difficulty.

  7. NanoWolf50

    I talked to Frazzled Clerk Jim and I fininished it before Resee’s quest! Now I can’t proceed to the next quest! Kindly fix it please!

  8. CoolNack

    The inventory cannot be accessed on the IPad ver due to the jotstick. Can that nenu over on the bottom right be relocated to the top left?

  9. DispensableUltraDude

    OstrichSized is broken so I can’t get his BLOXikin. If any admin reads this please fix it.


    Okay, I have three questions. What do keys do, How do I get the dragon, and Can I trade keys for dragons?

    1. Kingneo123

      Now everyone does because if you click on the side where it has the names it shows you were they are

  11. theowlman1234

    I’ve gotten a lot of bloxikins, but does anyone know when more are gonna be released? I’ve been waiting for Sorcus and Games to be actual quests for a while now.

  12. Mumsan

    I was keep doing the quests until I once realised I didn’t get a BLOXikin for a while. And then I realised… Once I have made a quest, I should be getting one, now there’s a bug that makes it that I can’t get any BLOXicins anymore once I complete a quest.. :/

    1. Nevan101

      Where are the other admins!? I had to get someone’s help to find Reese Mcblox! Where are the others!? Is the map expandable?

  13. crazyawsomejames

    Why not make candy earnable
    Like not really common but at least make it possible to earn

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