Tired of Your Username? Change It!

OldUserNameROBLOX has been growing quickly for upwards of six years. In that time, many members of our community have grown along with us — so much so that some builders no longer feel their username accurately represents who they are on ROBLOX, and what they represent. Rather than require those of you in this situation to start fresh with an empty account, we’ve decided to launch a new feature: the ability to change your username.

Each username change costs 1,000 ROBUX. In order to make it happen, click on the Account link in the navigation bar. You’ll notice a large green button next to your username that says “Change My Username”. Clicking that button will launch a pop-up window guiding you through the process.To make the swap, type in your desired username and confirm your identity by entering your password. The menu will not let you go any further if your desired username is already taken. Once you’re ready, hit the “Buy for R1,000” button, and you’ll receive a confirmation that you’ve successfully purchased the name, exactly as it’s spelled, that you desire.


Just about everything will carry over to your new account name, including your inventory of items, the places and games you’ve made, and your friends list. Your account creation date will remain the same, as well, so don’t worry that changing your username will change your status as a ROBLOX veteran.

There are a couple minor caveats that we should mention. All forum posts (and forum post counts) will remain, but they will continue to appear under your previous username. New forum posts will show up with your new username. The forum post count will carry over to your new name, but your actual past posts will appear under your previous name. What’s more, people will soon (within a few days) be able to search for and find you by searching for your old username. That’s because your old username will remain locked, in case you ever want to revert back–though reverting to a previous username will still cost you 1,000 ROBUX. On your Profile page, people will see your new username and all of your prior usernames.

There is currently a bug that prevents you from making forum posts for 24 hours after making a username change. This is a temporary problem that will be addressed very soon.

We tried to do this in a way that is as flexible as possible, while also making it easy and affordable to take the name you’ve always wanted. But because you may want to revert back, you will always be tied, at least loosely, to your original ROBLOX name.

We hope you like this feature — and can use it to keep your ROBLOX account an appropriate reflection of your persona over your years of gaming, building and developing.

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Senior Web Engineer at ROBLOX. cmed on ROBLOX.

629 thoughts on “Tired of Your Username? Change It!

  1. matt75009

    Roblox should do a account sweep and clear out any user that has not been online for more than 2 years now so more original names are available


    In my opinion, after reading numerous amounts of comments, I really think that the first username change for no charge is fair, and this should only apply to the veterans (3-4 years of being a Robloxian), or BC members/previously BC. The 2nd+ times a username has been changed would result in a 1000R$ fee. Personally, I this would be a great idea, considering the amount of comments pleading for free name changing.

  3. CptRedder (Redder89)

    This new feature works like a charm! My old and original username, Redder89, has now been changed to CptRedder. Thanks, Roblox!

  4. hexmatt

    1000 R$ is a very good deal, some people have to make a new account to change the name and then they lose BC/R$/Tix/ETC.

    1. topdedman LOLZ

      HEY this free thing is AWESOME i only have reg. BC and i want new name i dont want topdedman for my guy i wants topdeadman for my name

  5. Purpleorigami1034

    If you want it available to everyone why not actually make it available to everyone? It would take a NBC member 1000 Days to save up enough to change there username…

  6. ModdingNoobz

    Nice, like this. I’m trying to save up to change my name to the one I’m using to post this.

  7. James (cool619)

    I believe that veteran users should have the ability to change their name once free. I hate my name, I made it when I was like 9. I’m 15 now. My name is ridiculous because I was a really ridiculous person way-back-when. So please, consider making 3-4 year vets able to change their usernames once free. -James

    1. LOLKING

      I cannot agree more. Veterans should have privileges, and should have the ability to change their username once for free, or at least a lowered price (one chance to change their username for free/lowered price, after one their username has been changed for the first time, back to 1000R$).

      1. babymario44930

        Can’t agree more. They have to lower the price at least for veterans from 2+ years of playing…

  8. Melody

    I find that the controversy surrounding the username changes is very interesting, though I agree with the concept that the first change should be free or of a reduced price, much like Xbox 360 gamertags.

    The reason I say this is because I suffer from serious gender dysphoria. I causes me to suffer just to get up in the morning, and wish to change my username because back when I made it, I put man in the name, mostly as a reference to stick figures as of many years ago. However, now it has kept me unable to express myself at all via Roblox and has made another place where I feel unsafe and unable to express myself proper.

    Obviously, I am not the common crowd. But the point is that something as simple as a username can cause serious issues for people, and I feel that a reduced price (or free) on the first username change would be more than acceptable.

      1. Annoymus

        Free would be a good idea because think about all those robloxians who would like to but can’t because they don’t have 1000 robux

      2. Cynical-Anonymous

        Here is an idea, Make it a token system, where once every year, or every few months you can change your username, or save up “Name tokens”. This has been applied to many other games that I have played “Even if most of them allow you to change your name FREE of charge unlike Roblox”.

      3. Cynical-Anonymous

        Otherwise I guess I will have to wait about 1,000 days to get 100 R$ worth of tix. Implying that I will not do anything with said tix. By the way that means I will have to log in to Roblox EVERY DAY for 32.8549 months, and not spend ANY of it. This will apply for all NBC’ers implying that the daily tix is “10”, and also implying that the exchange rate of tix to bux is 10 = 1, Since this is not true It will take TWICE as long to get that much bux which will result in 65.7098 months implying that there is a 20 tix to 1R$ exchange rate.

      4. Cynical-Anonymous

        That means 1999.99932106 days folks, not one single NBC’er will be able to afford that outrageous price within their average lifetime in this game.

    1. Cynical-Anonymous

      That’s also 5.4758166667 Years, that I would have to wait to save up for this.
      Implying that I do not buy anything with my tix until I reach that time.

      1. lookwhatyoudid

        It’s 10,000 Tix
        Is it that hard for you to get place visits, or learn to use the TC system to make money?

    2. Cynical-Anonymous

      I also agree with the commonly suggested idea of allowing Roblox vets one free name change, due to the fact that they were younger when they made the accounts, and have now matured.

  9. crazy

    I think it’s a good idea but I love my username and people made there usernames for a reason. SO they can be them… It’s a good idea but people should stick with their username because they picked it c:

    1. James (cool619)

      Some people made theirs when they were little kids. A lot of vets started as little kids and are now teenagers and hate their childhood-made names. Some didn’t even MAKE their names.

  10. cartersbff2

    i wanna change my name to somthing unique and yes i am bc but i dont have enough to afford this!

  11. legomanfan557

    The price is perfect.

    Bad idea:

    1st free
    2nd 1000
    3rd 2000….

    1000, it’s good the way it is…. so stop complaining peeps!

  12. TheNyankind

    I honestly don’t see a problem with the price. I honestly don’t. It’s pretty fair, if you ask me.

  13. mrpizza8 Is mah ROBLOX name.

    I understand why it’s so high priced. If you changed your name very cheap, then you’d lock the old username, and people with the new Username would be able to change back to the old username, and people would be clogging the system with Usernames, preventing growth of the player community. Smart Roblox. Very very smart

  14. realEpicIllumina

    Why do you guys want it free? Everyone will change crazy over and over again! I think 1000 robux is too much too but how about 10 tix for each name change and 5 robux for each change name. I think poor robloxians aren’t going be able to buy it… but only if you log in for a day… you will get it.

  15. Polyatomic

    I think that changing your username for 1,000R$ is a reasonable price. I don’t understand why players are complaining, if it were free everyone would be changing their usernames.

    1. JollyJohnny

      I agree, everyone will be changing their names; however, if ROBLOX decides to make the first username change for no charge people would reconsider changing their usernames (especially NBCers), resulting in a decrease of name changing. Personally, I think that this is a great idea and if you’ve read others comments, they even recommend this change.

  16. azbenaz123ALT

    Dear ROBLOX (if you are reading this)
    Can you please make the first name change free like on the x-box, everyone would appreciate it and you probably would have more members.


    1. happyme182002

      But 1000 robux is a good price so that everyone won’t just change their name everyday and pretend to be someone EVERYDAY and that is reasonable

    2. bestboy456

      ROBLOX will not do that. They have to respond to each request and accept it, so 1000 robux is a very reasonable price

  17. Brennablue2009

    How about… 20 tix to change name. If you want to change it again it would be 1,000 tix (100 rbx)then 5,000 tix (500 rbx) and so on…

    It would be great for the Nbc’ers because they want to try it out. If they want to keep changing it, they would have to save up more and more!

  18. MargretheGlucksburg

    What is the point of this if it is free? I changed my name from Gorgona132 to MargretheGlucks urg. This is an accessory, not a necessity. The price is reasonable considering what you can do.

    1. Epicryan158 (Pufflefan158)

      It should be free. Because what if people really hate their username like me, but don’t have the money?

      1. LOLKING

        It shouldn’t be for free. That’s just a huge mistake if ROBLOX makes it for free. Just save up; use the trade currency to get R$, get BC. If the price is lowered then that’s more reasonable.

      2. Anonymous

        @Pheagles: Ever hear of regrets? A lot of peoe do stuff that they regret or change their mind. I wanted azbenaz123 but now I want something else, people’s mind change, remember that.

  19. stephen202

    You know you can just go to gamestop, buy a gift card (10$ one), and use it to get 1000 robux. I’m going to do that right now xD

  20. kellybaby900

    if it was free people woh work for roblox would not have a lot of robux or tix to give to people

    1. Anonymous

      That isn’t how it works it isn’t a banking system there is unlimited money, kind of like the u.s money system.

  21. VividSilence

    Guys stop complaining about it. Yeah its 1000 Robux to change your username but that’s not a big deal when you think about it. Xbox gamertags cost $10.00 USD to change, 1000 Robux are worth $10.00 USD. So stop complaining and deal with it.

  22. buildermanshelper999

    I want to change my name to Buildermanshelper999 with a capital B , I am using grammar so I need a capital B and this will not work.

  23. kirbxXD

    haha, I’m not complaining about changing it for 1,000. My problem would be changing it back. Maybe I wanna troll everyone like loleris and change it to dogeris. I don’t wanna spend 2,000 Just for that. We should be able to get our old usernames back for free.

  24. docselmo

    It does make sense. ROBLOX would not do it for free because it would be crazy to have evrybody’s username changed for free.

  25. You'reReadingMyCommentCongratulations!

    I think if they make us pay 100 tix for one shirt/pants they’re pretty much giving us another thing to worry about. I totally agree with having the first username you could change it to for FREE. It would give the less-fortunate people a chance to feel into it. Some people, obviously, can’t AFFORD BC, TBC, or OBC. It’s only around 2 out of 5 ROBLOXians that are fortunate enough to get BC. It’s kind of discriminating against people who are more poor than others. Getting BC is a luxury to other people. As to being able to change your name. I was 9 when I made my username and was into different stuff than now. I have a horrible name. And people judge me for it. I’m now being bullied because of my name. It is a great idea though and I’m not saying that! But give the minority a chance, would ya?!

    1. LOLKING

      Yeah, a lot of people made their accounts when they were like 7-9 and when they’re 13-15 they actually realize their childish username. So, I agree about making the first username change for free. But in my opinion, that should only be available for veterans (3+ years ROBLOX member) or BC members.

  26. xXHiNatXx

    The price is fair, and you don’t need to pay real money unless you need to change it now, it is only a username, this is just an add-on, prices don’t matter,

  27. laaaaaaaaa10

    If you were to change your username people who look for an account name already changed it won’t show up.
    Also if it was free no one would keep track of whose who.

      1. Cammie1644

        Yeah ROBLOX Please make the first name change free cause I accidentally made my username my real name and I have made really good progress

      1. qwerty12chris

        BUT, that could have been five years ago. Now, I wish I had chosen a different name, considering I was about 8 at the time…Just saying

    1. LOLKING

      In my opinion the first free name changing thing should be provided for veterans, just like James had said above. It should be provided for not only veterans but the users who were recently BC or currently are a paid member. Honestly, I think this is just an awesome idea!

  28. Anonymous

    1000 Robux is rather ludicrous to simply change your name. You should at least let the users change their name once for free before charging us as many people do no want to use real life money on a virtual game.

    1. :D

      Then dont spend real life money. stop being a Oder and sell some cloths make a good game or something
      thats another way.

  29. Killercooltroop

    If you could I would love if that for the first week of this new update changing your name ONCE would be free and only for the first or second week.

  30. KaiFireRed

    I understand That you are incoauraging people to buy BC, but buying OBC just for one thing, how crazy is that? I want to change it, but Im only BC so cant you put it NBC proof but also not WAY too high?

      1. jasondekiller5

        Buying R$, Previous BC, saving, paid access and countless other ways. You just have to be a little more patient that most people are :P

      1. SparkleSheep

        I can agree that might be true, I mean, I am NBC and I had 3,000 Robux… from my old BC. I also changed my username, so I don’t have that much now.

    1. rainbowsparkles

      Agreed!I think it would be best if only 100 robux because I’ve got a new named planned!

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