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Redeem ROBLOX Cards in November and Get Sci-Fi Items

Dragon Hunter ArmorEvery month, we release a new set of exclusive virtual goods you can only obtain by redeeming ROBLOX cards from particular retailers around the world. That means when you’re turning your prized red slice of ROBLOXia into a Builders Club subscription or ROBUX, you’re snagging yourself a stylish virtual good at no extra cost. We’ve decided to make November the month of sci-fi, so if you’re in the market for high-tech apparel (or perhaps a hulking set of dragon-hunting armor), this is the month for you.

November Card Hats


Gold Visor: “Midas touched your visor and you never looked back.”
Dragon Hunter Armor: “The first rule of dragon hunting is Fire-proof armor. The second rule of dragon hunting is Fire-proof armor. ” (Body package bundled with $40 card)


Gold Visor: “Midas touched your visor and you never looked back.”
Death Valley: “The desert can be a lonely place… Nothin’ but skeletons.”

Best Buy

Chrome Glasses: “Because you’re liable to bump into someone when you wear these…”

Toys R Us

Digivisor: “Analog visors are so yesterday.”

Future Shop

Chrome Glasses: “Because you’re liable to bump into someone when you wear these…”

London Drugs

Red Mind Meltdown: I think it’s overheating!


BlueFO: “Trust no one…”


CyberNet Guardian: “After the internet comes the CyberNet. No, I can’t tell you what that means.”


Blue Eradicator: “If you’ve been true, you can look him in the eye. Otherwise…you will be eradicated”


A.N.D.R.E.W.: “Otherwise known as Artificial Networked Destruction and Rational Exploration Worker.”

EB Games

Toxic Green Dronehelm: “The toxins are unavoidable…”


Laser Blue Riding Hood: “Blue is just a bit less conspicuous than red.”

Shoppers Drug Mart

Blue Cyber Golem: “The natural enemy of the Red Cyber Golem.”


Gold Visor: “Midas touched your visor and you never looked back.”

Sci-Fi Guy

The Toxic Green Dronehelm combined with Gold Visor.

All of the items listed above are only available with a ROBLOX card and, after the month is over, some of them may become limited. Three October items — the Dark TidingsSkeleton Lord Wizard and Bewitching Amphibian — became limited and are now much more valuable! Whether you need a new helmet for your interstellar travels or a visor to shield your ROBLOXian eyes from the unfiltered outer-space sun, you can get what you need by redeeming a ROBLOX card this month.

Finding and redeeming ROBLOX cards

The ROBLOX cards page allows you to browse stores (and bundled items) by country, making it easier for you to find cards in your neck of the world. Please note that this page includes even more items that are not listed above.

After purchasing a ROBLOX card, scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate it. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. Click the “Redeem Card” button on the ROBLOX cards page, enter your code, and click “Redeem”. You’re then ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on ROBUX or Builders Club.

84 thoughts on “Redeem ROBLOX Cards in November and Get Sci-Fi Items

  1. For people asking "Why not 7-Eleven?" Heres why.

    I really dont know what happened, but I walked in my local 7-eleven and found NO roblox cards. Now I am seeing no item you get when redeeming a card from 7-11. I guess they have nothing to do with selling cards there anymore. Sadfaic, I still have Gamestop/Walmart probably the two main stores to buy ROBLOX CARDS at.
    UK – GameStop/Walmart
    Thats all I know and in Canda, I think GAME
    and Walmart (maybe GameStop)

    1. CaptainPlunger

      I have the same problem it’s like they just disappeared. I live in the USA I always got roblox cards from that 7-eleven so I wonder what happened.

  2. Vurse

    This page doesn’t say what store you need to go to to get that hat at the far left shown in the picture, does anyone know? It loos epic.

  3. Zachzachk1999

    In other countries stores also so ROBLOX cards, no reason to feel sorry for them. [ASDA = Walmart]

    1. zeuscallum (The one and only :D )

      hey im english but i feel sorry for you, in some states you cant turn a corner without walking into a Mc Donalds or Burger King. But anyway, we are fine, we have plenty of stores in the UK that sell roblox cards, i have had loads and we still get the stuff, also, i dont want any of that stuff, i like sci-fi but they arent what i like, if you find an iron man helmet or something like tron (terrible film but very good sci-fi clothes) let me know!

  4. C3Plego

    the one item at the far right kindove looks like master chiefs helmet so yea it looks cool to buy

  5. Paintball6768

    Spacelord hat needs to be fixed, if you look above the visor part in the helmet you can see through the helmet. Please fix it

  6. spyro372

    Nice. I’m renewing my OBC today. Please play The complex v7 when you have a chance! Thank you! Have a BLOXY day!

  7. guy

    The gold visor looks beast I really need to redeem a card soon.

    also MAKE THE SPARTAN HELM GO LIMITED! I got it through redeeming a card reward and it never went limited. :c

  8. IronDanie01

    I wish the roblox card things were on sale in Norway because I live there. We have gamestop and game so I hope the cards will be on sale.

  9. IanBoy141

    The sci-fi hat at the very left looks like a metroid hat :3

    Pretty amazing, but I don’t live in the US :(

  10. GasconPrinceHamelin

    it would be cool if you sell cards everywhere in the globe for other people to buy them like Italy

  11. batboy778910

    awesome i am about to get a 25$ card from walmart so cant wait to get something awesome!!!!!

  12. HeyROBLOX

    Omg I really want the spacelord it’s so AWESOME!

    Why do we need to get a the 40$ card in United states? Just put it for EB games at Canada because I live in Canada. PLEASE put it in Canada!!

  13. samghost1

    i literally just made a twitter acount just to ask you that question and then this forum pops up

  14. samghost1

    @roblox i just bot 2 cards from wallmart and i only got the gold visor and thats only one gift for 2 cards wheres my other gift?

    1. Awesomepizzaman5

      If you bought them from the same store, you only get a gift from the first one. If both gave you a gift, you’d get the same thing two times.

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