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Upload Longer Sounds for Less

HeadphonesThe ability to upload custom sounds is a feature that’s changed the tone of ROBLOX since its launch in September. Horror games have gotten more atmospheric, competitive games have become more exciting, and many of the games leveraging the feature have a personal sonic touch that was previously absent. Now that we’ve made it through the holiday season, we’re fulfilling two of the most requested enhancements to sounds: allow them to be longer and reduce the cost.

As of today, the time limit on sound uploads has been extended from 15 seconds to 120 seconds. At the same time, we’ve reduced the cost of uploading a sound from 250 ROBUX to 100 ROBUX. We’ve heard what sounds can bring to a game and we want to hear more. The increased time limit opens doors to more fleshed-out soundtracks, while the reduced cost makes it easier for developers to upload a greater variety of sounds.

To create a sound, go to the Develop page and click “Audio” in the left-hand menu. From there, you can select a file saved to your computer and upload for 100 ROBUX. We recommend you explore this simple demo level for a couple examples of how sounds can be implemented in a game.

Enjoy the newfound flexibility!

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208 thoughts on “Upload Longer Sounds for Less

  1. DangerZoneStudios

    After having my forum post deleted and suggesting this in a email, they actually took their time and listened to me. Dreams do come true :D

  2. SuperMacfish2014

    wow! It seems like ROBLOX has been improved a lot over the years even I haven’t been playing for that long. ROBLOX as taken a big step for ROBLOXIANS! As I always say, once a ROBLOXIAN always a ROBLOXIAN.

  3. Austint30

    COOL! I just uploaded music called Hard Drivers. I also used to shorten the 5 minute song. I am also going to upload a Portal Gun Sound. I wish sound price will change depending on how lon your sound is.

  4. HiImLiteraterexey

    please let it be 3 minutes because I want to upload some cool songs but they are 3 minutes

  5. Trex11122

    Maybe you should make it each 5 seconds is 10$ so if people want to make something saying “Ten”, it will cost ten robux.

    1. zaqw78

      And I was very impressed with how quick the moderation process was. I don’t know how you manage all that stuff, but however you do it, I applaud your efficiency. Great job Roblox.

  6. Veltamax

    I was thinking that ROBLOX could implement different amounts of time limits on sounds so the time would cost, not just having a set-down price for all sounds. Take gun-fire for example. That doesn’t take 120 seconds; it takes probably less than 1. My suggested price: a 5 second sound limit being 5 R$, 10 sec. being 10 R$, 30 sec. being 25 R$, 60 sec. being 50 R$, and 120 sec. being 100 R$.

  7. Kittenlover543jr o3o

    Yus! Now I can torture people with the What Does The Fox Say chorus, FOR TWO FLIPPING MINUTES! :D

  8. randomrobloxian

    This is a very good idea indeed. People who have popular games would probably have enough money to buy such sounds so I guess it’s a fair update.

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