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Your First Look at the Winter Games 2014

Winter Games LogoAt the end of this month, we’ll be lighting the virtual torch for the ROBLOX Winter Games 2014. This competitive event, powered by the new game universes technology, will feature games created by some of our top developers, a hub world specially built for the Games by none other than asimo3089, and leaderboards ranking you and your fellow competitors. While we’re still finalizing the individual events, the hub world – a ski lodge that redefines the word “cozy” – is ready to go. You can be among the first to see it by watching the video below.

The lodge is not only a place to hang out and talk with friends, but a launchpad to the individual games — you’ll ride a gondola ski lift to your selected game. There will be several games running simultaneously, and we’ll swap in new ones at the halfway point of the event. You’ll find a global leaderboard for the Winter Games at the lodge, as well; if you’re really skilled, the whole of ROBLOXia will know it.

Again, the big event starts at the very end of January. We’ll have more news about it soon. Everyone is invited, so get your training gear on and start preparing today!

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288 thoughts on “Your First Look at the Winter Games 2014

  1. sargearielxx78

    I hope Valkier imperier wins the Olympics thanks to unsc and ric that made TAI fall now valkier imperier will be in roblox winter games.

  2. Leedle

    Im great at almost every roblox event involving winter but if there is sword fighting I need some practice, I rarely lose but I tie with people who have the same technique.

  3. CulturedCadence (aka CulturedPrincessL)

    I’m pretty good at snowboarding, but I bet there are other great snowboarders out there. I’m looking forward to this. :D

  4. GiftFromGod

    I think that there should be medals that are hats and even if you don’t get first, second or third, you get a special “Participation Medal.” Everyone who participates in the games will get the participation medal so then you won’t feel as bummed if you don’t win an event! :D

  5. Rho272

    I am interested in the 2014 winter events. I used to build snow mountains back in 2011, and Most of the new stuff today, (especially cloud nine) is very unrealistic. I might be inspired to build my own mountain, and maybe even have giant slalom, or other race courses. I am just not impressed by what is being used now..

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