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Maker Faire: A New Home for All 2014 ROBLOX Events

After 2013’s BLOXcon took us around the world, there has been rumor and speculation as to where we’re going this year, and, more importantly, what we’ll be doing.

We considered not only the many, many (many) requests to come to a city near you (and that’s a lot of cities), but we also wanted to take an approach that will provide a much broader reach overall for the ROBLOX brand and provide greater exposure to potential new players and builders. We met with more than 3,000 people last year at our events; this year, we’re going for more than 100 times as many!

So we will be traveling, as always, though your BLOXcon experience will take the form of something new and exciting: BLOX Faire. And chances are that we’ll be doing something in a city close to you — as part of a Maker Faire.

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Maker Faires are huge events that celebrate invention, creativity and ingenuity, spanning numerous platforms and form factors. We share a distinct interest in these ideals, and feel that Maker Faire events are a great way to introduce our platform to a wider audience who are passionate about building and creating.

Maker Faires happen all around the world throughout each and every year — to start, we’ll have pretty much our entire staff at Maker Faire Bay Area (May 17th & 18th), and we’ll be sending people to the world Maker Faire in New York City (September 20th & 21st) as well. At each of these two flagship Maker Faires, we’ll have a full-blown booth populated by lots of staff members, so if you want to come by and meet us this year, that’s where we’ll be! But wait, there’s more.


This year, we’ve decided to sponsor player-run booths at up to 28 Mini Maker Faires across the US, Canada and England. We want you to find your nearest Mini Maker Faire, and represent ROBLOX. We will provide everything you need to create your very own BLOX Faire, including space, tables, chairs, t-shirts, decorations, internet access and full admission to the Faire. We need at least eight volunteers per location to consider sponsorship — if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, check out this map to start, and find which Mini Maker Faires are closest to you. If you’re nearby and willing to take part in this, fill out this brief survey to sign up!

And here’s a bonus: if you can gather more than 20 people to run a booth at your respective Maker Faire, we will send a ROBLOX admin to hang out in the booth with you, wherever it happens to be!

ROBLOX Maker Faire Booth

We had a big presence at last year’s Maker Faire, held in the Bay Area.

Let’s touch on the basics:

Who: YOU. Represent ROBLOX at one of 28 Maker Faires throughout the globe! Or come visit staff in NY or here in the Bay Area!

What: BLOX Faire! ROBLOX booths run by users at Maker Faires everywhere! Show off ROBLOX and Studio to the other attendees of the Faire.

When: That depends! Our huge staff-run booth will be at the Bay Area Maker Faire on May 17th & 18th. There will be a staff- and player-run booth at World Maker Faire in New York City on September 20th & 21st (so if you’re in the NYC area, we’d love your help there!). Use the map above — click the red dots — to find out when Mini Maker Faires are happening in the areas nearest you.

By the way, we still plan to have a massive Virtual BLOXcon this summer — stay tuned for details about this awesome event. Virtual BLOXcon will be our showcase this year for new feature previews, live Q&A (which of course we’re also doing on our monthly BLOXcasts), and other surprises yet to be revealed. So whether you’re attending online or at a Maker Faire near you, there will be ample opportunity to see us soon!

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351 thoughts on “Maker Faire: A New Home for All 2014 ROBLOX Events

  1. kulality

    i cant wait but i can only got to 1 event in newcastle because it’s the only even in England. And i don’t know exactly where it’s being held. If only there were more events and it’s so far but it’s worth going there though. Next time though Roblox, have more events nearer to London.

  2. CrazedGurl

    O_O Waaa they didn’t go to Las Vegas!! :(
    They only went to the outside of the valley x.x

  3. mrdudu10

    Go to Malta (EU) please. It is very small. Just 1 faire. There are some very dedicated ROBLOXians here!

  4. Tomspro123

    This is madness from Latvia i have to drive to UK Or Canada?! From europe to north americh *i would go to UK* but neither thats like 900 euro to London so way NOO

  5. TheDangerhouse

    Darn it! The only Canadian ones are in BC, and some of the USA ones are in Tornado Alley.

  6. Fireball687

    I was there last year. My friends found it boring, but I enjoyed it. They were more excited about the hotel, eggheads. Too bad it doesn’t count as actual bloxcon, like NYC or London. But I have a feeling it will be better this year.

  7. pogy12

    To stop rage I’m making a BloxFair myself. I’m just gonna do it where I live even though about 4 people I know play it D:

  8. ausmel105

    Wait, don’t you guys realise?!?! NO BLOXCON!! A maker faire is where heaps of people who MAKE stuff congregate. Not just ROBLOX…

  9. WonderKirby577


  10. Prince124Gohaty

    Go to the Philippines! I would really like to meet you in there and alot of people in here are playing ROBLOX too!

  11. Kevin Yamaya

    I’m looking at the map. Where exactly is the location for the Vegas one? It looks like the middle of nowhere

  12. ReallyRoblox

    Roblox wanna know what grinds my gears?
    Because you never put thingss like this in Canada,
    You make me mad.

  13. Devastator934

    Does anyone outside of the US know what I’m thinking… Every special place, event, famous person, thing, company, has to ALWAYS BE IN THE USA!!!!! If any of you live in the USA, countries around the world know about USA, but you don’t know them. I know some Americans that don’t even know where Canada is… ROBLOX, come to Canada, your neighbor, MORE

    1. awildmew

      I Live In The US, And They Are Coming To Toronto And That’s In Canada!
      P.S. I’ve Been To Canada Before!

  14. BadcoolChristopher

    Wow… They only go around U.S.A. and one part of United Kingdom. Good thing they have it in Pennsylvania but I know I’m not going.

      1. Devastator934

        Think about other places besides the USA! Some people don’t even know where Canada is located

  15. Another Random Brazilian

    Yeah, when will there be any events in Brazil? I don’t live there anymore but I would love to go there again.

  16. bikerrboyy12

    Here’s an Idea…

    Roblox could make some kind of headsets, so then we could talk instead of typing…

    Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    1. Anonymous

      It would also give spammers/trollers/noobs a chance to shine, and the game would probably be rated T+

  17. HotJazzCP

    Shame it’s not in London again. I’m not driving for over six hours to get to BLOX Faire.

  18. kick1789

    Why not make a Blox-Con in Norway?
    It Used To Be Alot Of Peoples In Norway Who Used to Pleay Roblox But 60% Of them left ca.
    Because of boring.
    So please make a blox con in Norway.

  19. deadblast

    aRead the dates wrong sorry, but Austin is only 50 minutes from where i live.I’ll look into it!Thanks roblox!

  20. Random Brazilian

    What about coming to Brazil(Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro) uh?
    Or any place of South America

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