Find Bugs in Live Games with the Developer Console


A big part of making a polished game is debugging. The Developer Console makes it easier.

Any seasoned developer will tell you that the Output window is one of the most important aspects of building a game in ROBLOX Studio, as it displays errors that occur during testing. Though this tool helps developers find and correct problems within our development environment, often games release to the public with undiscovered bugs in them. This can be frustrating for both the creators of games and the players themselves. We wanted to find a way for developers to use Studio’s debugging tools everywhere, including their live game instances, and now they can. Say hello to the ROBLOX Developer Console.

Before this release, developers didn’t have the ability to see all the output from servers unless they scripted a special log viewer. What’s more, all error messages were difficult to access outside of your Studio instance (they were logged on your hard drive in an obscure place and folder). Ultimately, accessing errors in local scripts was difficult to do, and accessing errors on the client end was impossible.

DeveloperConsoleWith the rollout of the Developer Console, you can track all of your bugs inside any given instance of your game, both locally and on the server. To access this menu, hit escape to bring up your player menu, click Help, then Log on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively you can hit the F9 key to shortcut these steps. By default you will be shown local error scripts, which will be color-coded. Our Wiki has an in-depth guide as to which color means what; I’ll outline the general idea below.

  • White: Output messages. These are messages generated by print() statements in the game’s scripts.
  • Blue: Info messages. These are messages that are generated by the game that aren’t errors or custom print statements.
  • Orange: Warning messages. These messages indicate a potential problem that is not a critical issue.
  • Red: Error messages. These messages indicate something critical has happened.

You can expand the window by pulling on the tab to the bottom right, in case you’ve got extra large sections of messages that you’d like to access. There’s also a settings icon you can click that allows you to filter for each specific color and a “Word Wrap” check box that, if checked, will make your messages fit comfortably within the window, regardless of length.

Local errors can be seen by everyone in an active game, not just the person who created the game. Server errors, on the other hand, can only be viewed by the developer of the game. This should make it much easier for developers to hunt down bugs and corrupt scripts, and ultimately improve the polish and quality of their games.

85 thoughts on “Find Bugs in Live Games with the Developer Console

  1. EcoMagic

    Oh, a console was suppose to open up when I press F9? Good… I thought I glitched a game that opened some secret dev console. xD

  2. kingping780

    I don’t know why people say updates on roblox are bad I like them this is really cool

  3. AnthonyJF

    Doesn’t seem right to let everyone see the errors in your place. Anyone can see them by just pressing Shift+F9.

  4. AtomAwesome

    I approve of this, because debugging the game that i am currently working on with PricyLogan is a toughie. This is a simpler way to show the bugs and flaws of a game, and now we all can agree developer consoles work magic on games! Not only that, but the access is easy, and you may be able to code it to a way that you an put in commands to Noclip, Godmode, and even some Buildertools, just like SVcheats on the Valve consoles!

  5. ffjk1567440332hfiel

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  6. rsethc

    Does this mean anyone can see errors and output from your developed game? This isn’t really a bad thing but it would be nice to keep a potentially ugly error log from giving players a bad first impression on something that has really good scripting but just a lot of errors that are actually handled properly.

  7. Jollycrazyboy66

    Somewhat like steam games, you can access a Dev console, pretty cool ROBLOX added this, very cool indeed

  8. cardgamechampion

    Awesome update! Also, now players will be able to tell developers exactly what the error is and what line of what script it’s coming from! Keep rolling the awesome updates!

    1. AlteaAerospace

      I’m pretty sure this is for developers, not players. Of course, the owner can recode it to allow players to use it too…

  9. OfficialM39a9am3R

    Sweet! You finally updated the old error console! Now I just need to test it out!

    1. thane1326

      Thank you guy’s so much! This and the ability to use multiple test players are the best updates for debugging!

  10. aguywhowantstoreply

    So that’s what I accidentally hit yesterday..
    This a great update, especially since I’m trying to test a Stun baton I made.
    Less of a pain trying to figure out the problem.
    Thanks Roblox Team!

  11. soaprocks2

    man I’ve waited so long for this because most my scripts are local and work differently online THANK YOU!!!

    1. Scarfacial

      All the information held within the local dev console is (and always has been) freely available to anybody who wanted to view it. It’s already saved in Roblox’s logfiles.

    1. davisky2

      No. We can only see errors, prints, player joins or leaves, textures failed to load and some other things. It’s pretty much same as output

  12. MikalPSP

    THANKS! I had created a GUI Output but it was buggy…works..but buggy..but this update changes everything! THANKS .3.

  13. cloudychad8989

    Ok sounds great looking forward to seeing what this does and how it will help major developers

  14. Qwerty1806

    I’d prefer it if only the owner could view local errors, I don’t want people learning about the hierarchy of my code.

  15. Qwertygiy

    I’ve been waiting for this for 3 years. After all these Data updates, it has become entirely necessary.

  16. Ajedi32

    Awesome. Maybe now I can figure out why some of my old places didn’t work properly in-game (but worked fine in my test environment).

  17. trogyssy

    Thank you so much. I can now work on my admin commands in peace without worrying about making an unobtrusive output GUI only I can see.

  18. Toadboyblue

    I find this great, but I don’t like that anyone can see local logs. I prefer to keep everything private. Not sure why, but I feel like this is a invasion of my privacy.

  19. FattyGuinea/TrainSupreme

    Awesome! But you can’t input anything into the console, right? Because I could see a lot of cheaters if you could.

  20. DiamondBladee

    They should remove the Ctrl+Shift+F1-F6 keystrokes, and make tabs for them in here instead. I would absolutely LOVE that!

  21. Anonymous

    I only find it somewhat humorous that you release this after you had a lot of bug problems with the Egg Hunt…

    1. DeSpizer27

      Me too, but I guess this is sorta good, for problems that don’t show up in a 2 player test server through studio.

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