ROBLOX vs Steam: How We Measure Up

rvssquareWe’ve seen plenty of individual success stories on ROBLOX through the first six months of 2014. Nikilis went from zero to 6,000 players overnight with his trend-setting Murder Mystery. Loleris jumped in and stole the show with his own take on the murder genre, amassing 3 million play sessions in about a month’s time – or roughly 100,000 play sessions per day. Three games have cracked the 30-million-visits threshold.

But what about ROBLOX as a whole? We wanted to share some exciting numbers about ROBLOX, but we get it, statistics don’t make for a particularly exciting article. And we can spout numbers all day, but without context they’re meaningless.

So we did something a little different. We took our ROBLOX metrics and applied them to Steam, the popular PC gaming service, to ask the question, “Where would we rank in the Steam store?”

Thanks to sites like Steam Charts and ArsTechnica’s latest report on Steam games, we’ve been able to get a more accurate snapshot of the games there, and more importantly, how they compare to ROBLOX. Check out some of these stats – they might surprise you.


Aspiring game developers, take note. When it comes to getting players to try out your games, collecting feedback, and even monetizing your work, the ROBLOX community is the best resource around. We have dozens upon dozens of games created by people like you that have over six million plays. And as you can see our top games go well over 10 million.


As with most stats on Steam, Dota 2 is in the lead. But check out how ROBLOX compares to other popular games on the service. We’re right up there with Counter-Strike: GO, and significantly ahead of Team Fortress 2. (And, not to brag, but we have WAY more hats.) ROBLOX players are some of the most dedicated gamers around, rivaling the biggest first-person shooters and strategy games.


These are all-time peaks for each of these games. What makes this data interesting is that ROBLOX now peaks in the 150K+ range every month. While games like Borderlands 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 peak shortly after release, then drop off significantly a few months later, ROBLOX’s ever-changing game lineup keeps players coming back month after month.

In fact we’ve got a graph to analyze that as well.


The first thing you’ll probably notice is the lack of Dota 2 on here. It’s so high up there it breaks the chart, so we removed that outlier (Dota 2 wins everything). There’s a lot of other interesting stats in here, though. That huge spike for Left 4 Dead 2 is when Valve gave the game away for free in late December. After that players, well, left it for dead. The huge surge in Counter-Strike: GO player after the Arms Deal update shows the importance of keeping games fresh for the fanbase.

ROBLOX has been steadily rising in terms of players, keeping a rather substantial chunk month after month. It’s a long-burning game with a massive (and growing) user base that few games even come close to for a short time, much less for months and years.

That’s part of why ROBLOX is such a great place to make a game. There are millions upon millions of hungry gamers looking for the next cool thing. On top of that, ROBLOX makes the experience of developing, beta testing, publishing, and finding an audience easy by integrating it all into one environment and community.

We know ROBLOX fans are some of the most dedicated, passionate gamers on the Internet. And now you can see just how dedicated.

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187 thoughts on “ROBLOX vs Steam: How We Measure Up

  1. StickyNoteBandit

    You can’t compare ROBLOX itself to single Steam games. Steam games are actual games while ROBLOX itself is like a place where you can make games. ROBLOX may seem like a game itself because you can customize your avatar, but you have the option to make a singular game. The real way to compare ROBLOX and Steam is to compare it with singular ROBLOX games. Apocalypse Rising VS Team Fortress 2, Base Wars: The Land vs DOTA 2. Etc.

  2. lol

    It’d be better if they compared Roblox to mere recent games, with similar players and themes.

    left 4 dead 2 has been out forever, and throughout the consoles there’s bound to be more kids on roblox than adults playing the gory L4D2.

    better games to compare it to would be things like Webkinz, and club penguin.

  3. RealSchwatzhenov

    I think that Roblox and Steam are a perfect combination. Even though Dota 2 wins, I think that Roblox shouldn’t be in 3rd place, they should be in 1st place.

    1. Flare the Andalite

      Steam isn’t a game though. ROBLOX needs to understand that. ROBLOX is a game itself, while Steam has games in it that other people made, and it isn’t a game itself. If ROBLOX fails to understand the differences and realize that it is unfair to compare these two (since ROBLOX is a game and Steam isn’t) together, then he should really think about deleting this topic. This is the worst comparison that I have ever seen. If ROBLOX should compare itself with any game, it should be something like Animal Jam, Club Penguin, Feral Heart, or Second Life.

  4. Helionotic

    I never really read the blog that much but when I see titles like this, I just have to read them.
    Steam isn’t exactly what you call a game. It’s technically a chatting device and a store, like facebook and gamestop mixed together. While roblox, is a virtual game where you can make your own character, chat, buy stuff in the catalog, (without spending real money unless you spend real money on robux and BC.) building worlds and games, and playing player created games and looking at showcases.
    So as you can see, there’s a HUGE difference.

  5. PREDleader

    Why should this be a comparison? Roblox and Steam are completely different platforms, Roblox is a game about designing games. While Steam is a games distributor. If you’re going off of popularity then you’re also competing with every other F2P game out there. So Roblox is even lower on that list because of games that have millions of people playing like; League of Legends, Smite, Etc that aren’t on this statistic.

    1. Anonymous

      Actually, you can create games AND then submit them to Greenlight or you can make a small movie with SFS.

  6. Davman8

    You can’t compare these. Roblox is kind of a game in itself. Steam is for long time developers to upload games that they make as a living. Roblox is for everyone to socialize and make games with very strict guidelines. I would consider Roblox a quality game but Steam is not a game it is a collection.

    1. superultrasonic45

      Well Steam and roblox have are both technically the same, you make games on a network and you get people to play them. The difference is that Steam games are more like actual video games. Roblox games are more like minigames on one engine. So Roblox is not one game. It is a network of games. Roblox cant be one game if it has other games on it.

      1. Noobstastegood(FreidrichHauser)

        Good point they are both similar in that aspect, then we have all these fanboys freaking out calling our devs morons, there is a strong problem with that.

    2. markagent

      Actually, I think ROBLOX and Steam are very similar. They both have games in themselves, and people can earn REAL money for making games (DevEx). ROBLOX is a lot like Steam.

  7. Joe Comics Corp (PBgggggftfrdsr)

    WOW!! I never knew these facts, and as MasterAtom10 said, i never knew roblox was popular. The first (interesting) thing that I learned about Roblox’s popularity

  8. SPECTER50

    You can’t compare Roblox as a whole to certain games on Steam, for an accurate graph you would have to put up certain Roblox games against certain steam games.

    1. Anonymous

      I was just thinking the same thing.. Steam is a Platform with games on it and so is ROBLOX but we are comparing Steam’s Games to our platform? It is like trying to compare two things that shouldn’t be compared.

    2. rj707

      Though that may be true, it’s still an interesting thing to see. Comparing Roblox as a game AS A WHOLE. That being, people go on roblox all the time as a game itself. Not viewing each game individual, since it’s all part of Roblox. It would also, however, be interesting to see each game fair seperately against steam games. That would, however, also be wrong, since Roblox games constantly change in popularity much quicker, seeing so many different/copied versions of games are made, thus you can never ACTUALLY compare the two platforms. :P

    3. Garrett

      Ok. You still cant compare the the platform anyways to steam at all. Its divided into hours and ROBLOX is plays. There is no way to convert one to the other.

    4. Zephyrical

      Well it isn’t like you can build a game on ROBLOX to the scale of any of the games listed above (not even near). ROBLOX games are just minigames compared to those. Hence why ROBLOX as a whole was compared.

    5. Killerspartain55

      If you put it like that, it seems like Roblox is using all of it’s games together as a swarm to swamp single strong games, rather than going for Steam’s collection.

  9. metalmastergreen09

    Pretty amazing thinking about how popular this game has became since 2006.

    1. CrystalClear20

      Yea, kind’ve makes me regret not jumping on board with ROBLOX sooner and getting my own name out there, especially after seeing the amount of plays on simple games like “Build A Hideout And Fight”.

  10. Kevin7515

    I think the hours spent on Dota 2 is ridiculous because in my opinion, Dota 2 stinks. I don’t even know how it got to be that popular and liked. Because with those statistics, people are spending way too much time on Dota 2. That peak player on Dota 2: 843,000 hours.

  11. DeathIsPromoted1

    I feel like I’m betraying both Valve and ROBLOX. I play both Source Engine games and ROBLOX games…

    1. Zech299

      Can’t work. Too many games and all to be integrated properly to Steam. And with all the people that would surely come to Steam to play Roblox, Valve would, even though they would profit be shoveling out even more money for more Bandwidth and larger servers to support all the new people.

  12. ChariQuaza123

    I never check the ROBLOX blog that often but this is really cool! I play Steam but mainly just to talk to my friend or play Sonic games. :/ Even then my Laptop can’t handle half the game’s graphics due to my laptop not having a graphics card… I guess it’s why I perfer ROBLOX lol…

  13. PKyler2001

    Well, ROBLOX at least isn’t being all “snobby” about their statistics. When I saw the article title, I would have exploded if I wouldn’t have read this. I’m glad ROBLOX recognizes(for once) they’re not the best thing or most played thing in the world. I hope they stay that way. :)

  14. Ciriater4

    I have never really visited the blog but it is kind of cool. And I agree that steam seems bigger but you have to think of all the players that go inactive for a while.

    1. Davman8

      Steam is a store not a game with minigames. I love Roblox as a game but Steam is a store. Also peak players matters.

  15. CowBuoy

    Maybe, like Source has their Source Film Maker, you should do something a bit like that so you can publish movies, add more effects and so on, ROBLOX Studio already has most of the other features on SFM, But I think ROBLOX should be also for making movies captured in ROBLOX studio

  16. Toasterbomb

    I think Garry’s mod should be included in the data, otherwise Steam is not about multiplayer games. The ratio of singleplayer to multiplayer games are much higher. Steam is a place to buy both indie and top developer games (usually at sale), and asides from a few multiplayer games Valve and Steam are much more famous for their singleplayer games. Half life 2 and portal 2 are 2 games by valve that remain at the top of the ranking.

  17. MiniAwesome1

    I play on Steam as well (mainly on TF2) and I am glad to see ROBLOX is doing better than most games on Steam! WOW!

  18. snowwater5

    Roblox: best gameing site, in history, ever. With user made games, and ANYONE can build what they want.

    1. NBA157

      No, it’s a service where you can use money to buy all kinds of games. In a way it’s like ROBLOX but mostly it’s like a video game store and system in one; you can buy and play the games there.

    2. zeldafan2234

      Steam is an online game store selling many computer games, some of which are free.

  19. mrbossyboots1337

    Steam trumps ROBLOX in socialising, I’m afraid, I prefer chatting on steam to chatting on ROBLOX cause its less glitch and much easier to tell if somebodies said something or replied.

  20. Reviewer

    Well, that is an interesting article and you can see how ROBLOX mostly keeps the players it receives (other words, the new content and features keep the players coming back. )

  21. asdp99

    Nice post, but will roblox ever be available for steam?
    I personally link all my games to steam due to the handy in-game menu accessible with Shift+Tab.

    1. SirRobinMcDougall

      How would that benefit ROBLOX? ROBLOX is a gaming platform where you ave a wide variety of games to choose from, Steam is also a gaming platform, platforms cannot sell other platforms.

  22. TailskoFox

    If you are ever gonna make a advanced version of ROBLOX, I suggest you try to get it in Steam. It will be awesome!

  23. Anonymous

    keep in mind money spent on the game, why dont you compare sid meiers civilization hours with the amount of bc player hours?

  24. Nconnor

    Well, I think Roblox is going up hill and will become very very popular in the gaming community. But comparing Roblox against Steam, now that’s jut weird. Steam is a much larger community then Roblox, just saying.

  25. jacobarnold

    Notice how the top three most played roblox games are intense, shoot players in there face, high action PvP games.

  26. Plantini

    Wow, Dota 2 is through the roof. I have heard it’s a good game, but never dared to play it.

    1. SirRobinMcDougall

      Dota 2= F2P 4life! That is why I have never played it. Me and my friends call that kind of game a “Soup Kitchen” game.

  27. Cryptize

    ROBLOX gamers are indeed dedicated, I haven’t spent more time on a single game in about 3 years.


    Nice first Blog post Jack.
    You should tell us all some info about CSG Modeling though, heh.

    1. Delorean225

      No, DotA 2 is currently the most played/owned Steam game, which beat TF2 only recently.

  29. Will K

    Well, it’s an interesting comparison but Steam stills holds the lead- though that’s expected. Nevertheless, ROBLOX has an impressive amount of recurring users.

  30. Luigi7381

    Boy, you know, I’m really happy to be part of such an awesome community. I just can’t say anymore than that other than ROBLOX is just incredible…

  31. Ajedi32

    Haha: “Dota 2 wins everything”. :) Interestingly enough, Dota has been the top game on my list lately also.

    And The International is in less than 2 months.

    Pretty awesome that Roblox is up there with Counter-Strike though.

  32. xtremepop45

    This is quite impressive. Putting things to data really shows how much ROBLOX has grown over the years.

  33. Anonymous

    This is VERY impressive, but I still find Steam the superior gaming platform, just because of how it’s set up. (And the special throne it sits upon in my heart!)

  34. TF2/ROBLOX Player

    I enjoy both roblox and tf2. The thing is that roblox has more possiblities than tf2 and you can make any thing with roblox but not with tf2. But you can’t really compare them. But I do think that the economic system is easier than the tf2 system. Enough said they’re different and I love all my children equally.

  35. wattati

    I like both, Steam has a collection of games, same as ROBLOX, ROBLOX has free games, Steam has less free games, but the paid games have features too. Also, they are both unique and somewhat sort of same, for Steam has free games made by different people as for paid ones too, and ROBLOX has games made by many people too.

    1. Your neighborhood Celestial

      Wrong, but it’s only a matter of opinion, if you’re asking me I’d throw that title to Team Fortress 2

    2. Pkamara

      Roblox is not a game. It’s collection of games running on multiple servers. Get facts right before you try and call a game better than another.

  36. An Anonymous Fox

    In the first picture, if you combined all of the games on steam (TF2, Dota, CSGo, etc.), as well as if you used more of the most played games on Steam, you would end up with a much larger number than the players of Roblox. I’m not saying it’s fraudulent data, but some aspects could have been taken into account.

    1. Jack "jackintheblox" DeVries

      Right, but those numbers can’t be cumulative. Some of those 23 mil DotA 2 players are ALSO those TF2 players. Counting them together would double up (and triple up) the number of players, see?

      1. The Ice Cream Man

        But then again, many players on TF2 also play Roblox, such as me, and I don’t think it is fair that Roblox is allowed to sport hundreds of games and game modes while other games are set for the game they are for. For example, the graphics in TF2 and character development are truly much better than Roblox (More life like but still cartoon like). However, Roblox will have more games but maybe not as high quality luxeries or gameplay.

      2. shortPinman

        Doesn’t make sense to add up statistics of many games and then compare the total to Roblox though, if I understood you right.

      3. Ninjadude501

        Hmm, true, but what about concurrent players for all of Steam at one time? That would be some interesting data to see.

      4. Fax Machine

        Jack, you must be Smart enough to know that there are Also plenty other players that have a Wide Variety of games to play.
        Kudos to you!

      5. cool37132

        Well for peak players that is incorrect as you can only be playing one at a time just as on roblox, when talking about total hours spent his argument somewhat correct as those players are playing multiple games just as they are on steam.

      6. The guy with the though

        But roblox players might also play a few games per one day and even play the same game a few times, believe me i know that because when you find an broken server you will instantly leave and join again
        that makes another visit which might be counted as another guy entering the same game twice
        that’s also an doubling and or tripling the number of players wouldn’t that?

      7. Anonymous

        You should compare either specific games, or both platforms for a better, more accurate result, because at the moment you are comparing roblox, a platform of games to specific steam games rather than the amount of active users on steam, making it an unfair speculation.

    2. Bzrk262

      You also have to realise that ROBLOX is going to layout out this data to put it in the best light. Which, to be honest, they have done very well at it (I would also do this).

    3. Resubian

      While jack pointed out that most of those players are the same people because believe it or not people play more then one game. This isn’t ranking roblox against steam and seeing where roblox would be on steam. So it makes no sense to stack the other games together.

  37. MasterAtom10

    I actually found this very interesting. I hadn’t realized that ROBLOX was that popular. Lol. Learn something new every day.

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