An Update on ROBLOX on Xbox One

ROBLOX on Xbox One is one of our most exciting projects to date. We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting news on ROBLOX on Xbox One, and we’ve been pretty tight lipped over here. A large part of that is because submitting a game for release on Xbox is unlike any other platform we’ve done to date. We’ve been hard at work, and so have dozens of awesome ROBLOX developers, to make ROBLOX on Xbox the best example of ROBLOX experiences we can provide, and now we’ve got a great product we’re eager to show you.

First off, we’ve got some good news for you all. ROBLOX on Xbox One has officially passed Microsoft’s certification process, which means it’s cleared for release!

However, that doesn’t mean ROBLOX on Xbox can immediately ship. After a game gets cleared, it gets slotted for a release date, a process which takes a few weeks. Meaning that ROBLOX will be released on Xbox One towards the end of January 2016.

As any gamer knows, delays are a natural part of the development cycle, and only being delayed for a month or two is pretty short in this industry. Creating ROBLOX on Xbox One was a monumental undertaking for us, that presented a lot of new and interesting challenges, and we’re stoked that we’ve finished it before the end of the year.

Developing ROBLOX for the Xbox One was an entirely new and ambitious project. It’s a game that is unlike anything on the Xbox One and pushes a lot of boundaries that no other titles have ventured into. We worked very closely with Microsoft to make a product that fits into the mission and vision of ROBLOX as an Imagination Platform.

As such, ROBLOX on Xbox is a stronger product than we originally thought we would be able to develop. Features like being able to link your Xbox account and your account were previously considered off the table, but Microsoft has been very accomodating, and now your personal ROBLOX account is the same you’ll play with on Xbox.

The architecture that ROBLOX on Xbox is built with is using ROBLOX’s own code, meaning we can easily add new games to the library. Right now we have 15 games slated for release date, and we’re working closely with developers to add more in the weeks following release.

It’s still our goal to have ROBLOX on Xbox operate in the same fashion as ROBLOX on all other platforms, where creators can publish their places and games and see them instantly appear on every device. This is just stage one, and we’ll see how ROBLOX on Xbox performs in 2016.

Below are the list of some of the 15 games coming out on launch. If you’ve got a favorite ROBLOX game you think would play great on Xbox, let us know in the comments.

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706 thoughts on “An Update on ROBLOX on Xbox One

  1. Melonman (clone4858)

    Phantom Forces PLEASE. That’d be nice…although, I already play it with an Xbox One controller…

  2. BrayLaneInsane

    It would be an honor for you to put Get Eaten on. That is the only game i am truly interested in.

  3. What games should be on ROBLOX Xbox One?

    Battlefield. I think it’s shut down, but if it can be brought back, then Battlefield.

  4. Universiv

    I think some other games that would be great for ROBLOX for Xbox would be Framed by pa00, Twisted Racing by taymaster, Deathrun by Wsly, Stealth by Mailbox Games, Heroes by Davidii, Cube Simulator by TheAmazeman, TNT Rush by Red Penguin Productions, and Sprint Racing by Rukiryo. Obviously, the game of the year, Phantom Forces, would also be an awesome addition.

  5. NodeTechGamming

    I may not have a good place that i have built but it sure does do great with the controller. My main feature of my game was controller support (Using the PC with a controller) and it works pretty darn well if i must say so myslef. Its SuperSmashBlox made by.. well NodeTechGamming :P it is a PvP game and allows almost all gear ingame. There are teams and stuff so yeah! Not really asking for it to be added (Dont mind if it is though :P) But just pointing out that it works fine with the controller! So maybe im saying that we could have a setting on our games that says “Controller Supported?” and if we like tick the box there the game can be played on an Xbox One!

  6. @KwoopieRBLX

    Yo, twisted murderer or extreame murderer by reizayah1 will be good. Or trading games will be good

  7. Shmargin

    You really need Phantom Forces! That game would be perfect for the Xbox One crowd. And Lumber Jack Tycoon. And Tiny Town.

  8. Sabastian Gabaldon (Sabastiang1)

    cant wait for the xbox one my least fav are speed run 4 so thx u for adding that also natural disaster is a epic game too so thx u for building a xbox one version of roblox

  9. lilyjoyce

    you should put phantom forces on there, I’m sure that many people will enjoy that game in an Xbox type style

    1. CommanderwolfXX

      I think they would of but I think the guy (Forgot his name) who made it didn’t add xbox controller support (I think atleast)… I would expect them to add it later on.

  10. xDisturbance

    as others have stated, Apocalypse Rising would be pretty darn sick on Xbox One. That would probably be the only one I would play for any length of time.

  11. DogDude7800

    I agree with derie00, Heist should be added. I have spent alot of time on roblox playing it and it already has controlle support. (with a few bugs)

  12. epictrollgaming

    a game that would be amazing on xbox one is phantom forces phantom forces is epic on pc so i would be boss on xbox

    1. HEROBRINE228

      Phantom Forces is already there. Its not on this list but you’ll see it when xbox one roblox comes out.

  13. RobloxBoii

    You guys should make a demo version so that people can play and try it out before the release

  14. Nur Aqilah

    You should include this games!

    – Mad Murderer
    – Mad Games
    – Mad Paintball
    – TNT Rush!

  15. Question

    If you have a keyboard can you connect it to the XBOXOne and play ROBLOX? Or is it controller only?

  16. Chocaholic

    These would be sick on Xbox One!

    – Natural Disaster Survival
    – Apocalypse Rising
    – Stop it Slender 2
    – The Stalker
    – UD: Westover Islands
    – UD: Newark
    – Anarchy

      1. Chocaholic

        Really? Oh man that’s really sad. Anyway the others are cool too. Also Winter Death Run is one i forgot to add.

    1. Nikolas

      -Work At A Pizza Place
      -Roblox High School
      -Prison Life
      -Make A Cake: Back For Seconds (Must Pick On Xbox One!)
      -Ripull Minigames
      -Beach House Roleplay

      If One Of These Are Rejected, Its OK.

  17. derie00

    My only request is to add Phantom Forces and/or Heist to the list.

    Other than that the list is looking good!

    1. HEROBRINE228

      It is. If you watched the Announcment trailer of it on youtube, it shows all of the games on it, and PF was on it.

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