The Latest and Greatest ROBLOX Twitch Channels

Throughout 2014, we worked to not only launch and grow the ROBLOX Twitch channel, but help you — the gamers of the ROBLOX community — get your own streams up and running. Part of this was the monthly streaming leaderboards, with which we rewarded top broadcasters for entertaining viewers, being active, and doing unique and noble things live on camera. December was the final leg of the leaderboard program, and this post shows you who, of the 2,170 people who streamed ROBLOX to Twitch, topped the charts at the close of the year.

We’re going to find new ways to make Twitch streaming even more fun in 2015, so stay tuned to

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Dummiez Cracks the Code with the Unique, Unpredictable Quarry

When you first spawn into The Quarry, you see nicely decorated terraces leading to a hole. The environment is pretty, you might bump into one of the other nine players, and there are a few friendly NPCs with which to interact, but it doesn’t look like a game – not in the traditional sense, at least. You wouldn’t be in the wrong for wondering why, then, this title has been played about five million times in less than a year and even chosen as a community favorite more than any other game in a recent survey. Dummiez, the game’s creator, has an answer.

“It is different,” he says. “It doesn’t fit neatly into any category, making it unique from the current popular games.”

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Behind the Scenes at ROBLOX Hack Week 2014

Before adjourning for the holiday season, the entire ROBLOX team gathered for an afternoon of excitement and innovation in the form of Hack Week presentations. What is Hack Week? It’s an annual opportunity for our team to take nearly five full days and explore a visionary new idea or piece of technology. Needless to say, there were many impressive projects on display and, as always, we’ve picked a select few to share with you. Remember: there is no guarantee that any of these projects will transform into official features, but the possibility is there.

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Happy Holidays from ROBLOX!

2014 has been a fantastic year for ROBLOX. With 4.4 million monthly active users now logging 70 million hours of engagement per month, we’ve reached new levels of gaming, building, game development, character customization, Twitch streaming, and all the other fun stuff that comes with being part of this platform and community. And with other industry happenings — such as Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch and Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang — we’re confident that user-generated content truly is the future. We’re banding together to make it happen in the gaming space.

We’ll be off celebrating this successful year and enjoying the holidays with our friends and family for the next few days, but we didn’t want to leave without wishing you all a safe and happy holiday week. Enjoy your break, play and create as many games as you possibly can, and stay tuned for some cool year-in-review stories as we approach the new year.

We’ll see you in 2015.

Fan art seen at the top of this post by DarKSector007. See the full masterpiece here.


ROBLOX Hack Week 2014 Begins!

Starting today and running through Friday, our team is wrapping up a strong 2014 with five days of exploration — of visionary ideas, process improvements, experimental technology, and other cool things that don’t quite fit our immediate plans for ROBLOX but merit a week of investigation. While there is no guarantee that the things we’re working on this week will become official features, they do make for an entertaining Friday afternoon of demos and inform what we do in the future. This is Hack Week.

It’s not unprecedented for a Hack Week project to become an official ROBLOX feature. In fact, 12 Hack Week projects from late 2013 made it to production this year — and some of them went (or are on their way) directly to our community of gamers and developers.

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Watch the Complete ROBLOX “Hour of Code” Tutorial Series

We’ve heard from many of you this week that your schools and STEM programs are participating in the global Hour of Code event, which is intended to introduce people of all ages to valuable computer science concepts and runs through this Sunday, December 14th. Even so, thousands of aspiring ROBLOX game developers participated in ROBLOX’s own Hour of Code event by following along with our series of four tutorial videos that teach everything from the very basics of Lua scripting to writing while loops and if/then statements to make a fireball-launching cannon. Now that all the videos in the series are available on our YouTube channel, we’re publishing them here as well to make sure nobody misses this great learning opportunity.

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