Zeekerss Puzzles Players in 2.5 Dimensions

ROBLOX is traditionally home to 3D, multiplayer, physics-based games. So, when players discovered that Zeekerss was making narrative-driven, single-player, game in 2.5D – restricting players to a single plane of movement, but built using 3D assets – they quickly took notice. Inspired by the game Choices by GollyGreg, Zeekerss is now one of the top creators of side-scrolling ROBLOX titles. What’s even more stunning than the quality and aesthetic of his games is that Zeekerss is a mere 12 years old (going on 13), and already designing clever levels and puzzles that have stumped even adult players.

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The 2014 Event Season Wraps This Weekend in Toronto

Remember way back in March when we launched the program that would have actual ROBLOX builders and developers run ROBLOX booths at events around the world? Well, with your help, we did it — hitting 24 events across 19 major metro areas in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. throughout the bulk of 2014 in the process. It was a whirlwind of fun that let hundreds of you help us demonstrate what ROBLOX is all about to a lot of new people. We’re winding down our events for the year, but we have one left to go this weekend in Toronto, Canada, and we’re already getting the wheels in motion for an exciting 2015.

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ROBLOX Streamers Have a Big October — and Three Win Prizes

The ROBLOX Twitch streaming community has been growing steadily since we formally launched there several months ago — and, in October, the community really came together and made waves for the 24-hour Extra Life streaming marathon. It was great to see so many people get involved and broadcast their own gaming and building to ROBLOX, and it’s for that reason that we continue to award prizes to the top channels every month. Read our guide to streaming ROBLOX to Twitch using free Open Broadcaster Software to learn how to go live, and read on to see the top ROBLOX streamers of October!

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Preview Mad Studio’s Next Game, Mad Paintball

One of the premiere game development collectives on ROBLOX is Mad Studio. Between games like Darkness (and its sequel), Intense Sword Fighting, and the The Mad Murderer, this group of game developers, spearheaded by the 17-year-old loleris, has racked up around 30 million cumulative gameplay sessions and earned more than $70,000 in the last year through the Developer Exchange. Today the group’s latest effort is on the brink of release, so we decided to get an inside preview of Mad Paintball and find out what loleris believes will separate it from the other great shooters on the ROBLOX market.

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Test Your Games on Mobile — Without a Mobile Device

As ROBLOX continues to expand to more mobile platforms (just last week we launched on Kindle and Fire Phone), developers are looking for more ways to ensure good gameplay experiences for mobile players. We recently had TylerMcBride, creator of Super Bomb Survival and seasoned game creator, document some of the key ways to make your game mobile-friendly. Since then, we’ve released a pair of ROBLOX Studio features that make another important part of mobile game development – the testing process – much more robust than it’s ever been. Now, you can not only tell ROBLOX Studio to emulate mobile screen dimensions and interfaces, but you can pair an iOS device with Studio using the ROBLOX Developer app to test your games – without publishing them to the cloud.

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Visit ROBLOX This Saturday at Events in San Francisco and Houston

This weekend, ROBLOX will be present at even more exciting events: Discovery Days at AT&T Park in San Francisco and the Mini Maker Faire in Houston, Texas. We’ll have builders and developers from our community showing off ROBLOX in our booths at both locations, and several members of our team will be present, as well. If you’re in the Bay Area or Houston, come hang out with us and help spread the word about ROBLOX.

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The Top Games of Fall, 2014

As a user-generated content platform, the tides and trends of ROBLOX are largely dictated by our community’s tastes and preferences. That said, it’s always interesting to take a bird’s-eye view of the entire gaming ecosystem – and draw conclusions about what types of content are tripping players’ triggers. We pulled together game data for September and the first two-thirds of October; let’s see what is resonating among the community this fall.

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