The Memorial Day Sale is Here!

It’s a holiday weekend here in the United States, which means a few things. One, a day off of school (hooray!) and two, The ROBLOX MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SALE is here!

Starting this evening, and continuing through Monday, May 25, we’ll be filling the catalog with awesome stuff. We’re releasing brand new items. We’re discounting some of the most coveted hats and packages. We’re even bringing certain special hats out of retirement for a limited time.

Take a look at some of the amazing items on offer.

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Let It Snow with ROBLOX’s Winter Games 2015

Winter is in full force here at ROBLOX, and with it come the 2015 Winter Games! For the rest of January you’ll have the chance to earn eight awesome ROBLOX hats and gear items.

We’ve called upon the talented ROBLOX community to create winter themed versions of some of the most popular games. Apocalypse Rising, Flood Escape, ROBLOX Top Model, and Reason 2 Die headline this year’s event, all dusted with fresh powder, and looking cooler than ever.

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Get Merry with ROBLOX’s Holiday Giftsplosion and Game Events

The holidays are here, and ROBLOX is getting all festive with in-game events and 12 days of awesome prizes!

You may have noticed some mysterious gifts appearing in your inventory and the catalog lately. These are the first prizes in the 12 Days of the 2014 “Giftsplosion.”

Here’s how it works: for each of the first 12 days of December, a gift will appear in the ROBLOX inventory. Some gifts will be for meeting past requirements  – such as playing ROBLOX a lot for the last 30 days – while others will contain clues on how you can earn them. If you complete the task, the gift box will be awarded to you (sometime after the deadline, usually about 24 hours). After the gift box is awarded, it goes on sale in the catalog, so everyone has the opportunity to snag it. A day or so after each gift box goes off sale, it opens, awarding you a special prize.

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The ROBLOX Black Friday Sale Extravaganza!

It’s that magical time of year, where we all stay up way past our bedtimes so we can get super sweet deals for holiday goods! And while your friends and family might be lining up for Blu-Rays and video games, you can stay inside all toasty and warm for the ROBLOX Black Friday Sale.

We got a huge response from the ROBLOX community, and you guys helped decide which stuff got into the sale. Over 60 items will be discounted, put back on sale, released for the first time (ie new!), or made limited during the sale, which runs through Monday, December 1.

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BLOXgiving Is a Feast of Games and Prizes

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and ROBLOX is bringing you a cornucopia of awesome events, sales, and cool prizes to earn. This month’s ROBLOX event, BLOXgiving, takes three of the most popular games on ROBLOX and adds a Thanksgiving twist!

The three games, The Mad Murderer, ROBLOX High School, and Super Bomb Survival, have all added a Thanksgiving theme, and have special badges for you to earn sweet prizes! Each game has two unique prizes to earn. The first is earned by completing a specific task in-game; the second is earned by finding a special Thanksgiving-themed item that randomly spawns in-game. Completing each objective earns you an exclusive hat and badge. Get all six prizes and you’ll earn a pilgrim BLOXikin!

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