ROBLOX Games Get Massive Boost in Performance with Level of Detail

As any game developer would tell you, lowering memory consumption is crucial if you want to fully optimize performance. Over the past month, we’ve been working hard to significantly improve the usability and efficiency of one of ROBLOX’s core features, Smooth Terrain, so that users of all kinds of hardware configurations could see and digest the fruits of your labor. One aspect of this process is introducing a new Level of Detail (LOD) system, which can help save video memory and ultimately make your games and experiences perform much better. In this article, we’ll explain more about LOD’s benefits and why this update will improve your overall ROBLOX experience.

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Customize Particle Colors with the New ColorSequence Editor!

We’re always looking for helpful ways to improve your ROBLOX experience. Whether you’re a dedicated builder or a loyal user, we believe that providing access to powerful and accessible tools in the Studio will usher in a more varied assortment of fun and incredibly innovative experiences for everyone. Today, we’re happy to introduce another new addition to the ROBLOX Studio – the ColorSequence Editor! If you enjoy using particle effects, this editor gives you the ability to customize their colors like never before. In addition, we recently rolled out a new graphical update for particles, which will now allow them to blend more seamlessly into the background. Let’s check it out!

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Our 150K Celebration – A Week of Prize Giveaways on Twitch!

Exciting news! Yesterday we passed 150,000 followers on our official ROBLOX Twitch channel. Whenever we hit a large milestone like this, we like to celebrate by holding a special livestreaming event. It also means we give away prizes to you guys, our loyal ROBLOX fans who tune in every week. This time around we wanted to do something really special, so we’ve got two different events happening this week and next on our channel.

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Uploadable Custom Meshes Come to ROBLOX!

We’ve got exciting news, ROBLOXians! We are delighted to announce that ROBLOX is once again ushering in a new era of creativity and world-building for over 400,000 creators and builders alike. As many of you may have seen or heard, we are now allowing everyone – yes, EVERYONE – to import their own meshes into their games! Our latest update to ROBLOX Studio provides a greater level of freedom than ever before, opening up the door for a wider range of incredibly detailed imaginative experiences. Let’s jump in and discuss how the world of ROBLOX will evolve with Custom Meshes!

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VIP Servers for Group Games Now Available!

VIP Servers have been an increasingly popular addition over the years. Since their launch in late 2014, more and more ROBLOX players have embraced this feature so they could easily connect and play with friends privately. Over the past several weeks, our engineering team has been hard at work implementing the next exciting incremental update for VIP Servers. Today, we’re answering the call for one of our most popular requests to date. All group-owned games on ROBLOX can finally support VIP Servers…starting now!

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Animations Spring to Life with New Easing Styles!

The ROBLOX animation system has recently received yet another powerful update. I am pleased to announce that five easing styles have been enabled for all developers on PC and Mac, providing animations with smoother transitions, more organic movements, and greater performance. Now it’s easier than ever to bring your characters to life!

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Get Notified with ROBLOX Desktop Push Notifications!

Whether you’re browsing your favorite social media sites, texting with friends, or playing games on ROBLOX, it’s always so compelling to see that little alert that pops up whenever you receive a new friend request or message from someone. But what happens when you jump to another website? How can you know the instant you receive a new ROBLOX notification? Today, we’re proud to announce that there’s a new and exciting way to stay up-to-date with everything that happens on ROBLOX, even if your browser is closed! Meet… (drumroll) …desktop push notifications!

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