Mobile Push Notifications Are Now Live!

Push notifications are a great way to stay in touch with everything that’s happening on ROBLOX even when you’re away, but getting these instantaneous alerts on your mobile device is even better. That’s why we’ve updated our mobile app to bring you push notifications on-the-go!

This feature has already rolled out on iOS and Android platforms (support for Windows 10 Mobile and Amazon Kindle/Fire devices is coming soon), so check it out and start getting notified today!

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Bring Your Sounds to Life with New Audio Effects and Properties

Sounds are one of the most powerful assets you can have in your developer toolkit. As any video game sound designer would profess, a well-written musical composition can produce incredible emotional responses that resonate among players. With that in mind, the ROBLOX product and engineering teams have been cooking up a medley of highly-requested audio-related updates and other cool features that will help you find and create the perfect mix of tunes for your project. Keep on reading to catch up on all the latest news about sounds!

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