New Humanoid Properties: Custom Jump Height and Climbing Angle

ROBLOX characters have super powers. They can jump higher than they are tall and can climb up any hill, no matter how steep. Up until now, game creators had no easy way to control these powers. While this may be appropriate for some games, many game creators have been asking for a way to let them set how humanoid characters behave in their worlds. Some creators looking to disable jumping all together, while others seek to simulate low gravity moon physics, some have expressed a desire to use unclimbable high hills to direct characters down certain paths.

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ROBLOX Maker Faire Booth

Maker Faire: A New Home for All 2014 ROBLOX Events

After 2013’s BLOXcon took us around the world, there has been rumor and speculation as to where we’re going this year, and, more importantly, what we’ll be doing.

We considered not only the many, many (many) requests to come to a city near you (and that’s a lot of cities), but we also wanted to take an approach that will provide a much broader reach overall for the ROBLOX brand and provide greater exposure to potential new players and builders. We met with more than 3,000 people last year at our events; this year, we’re going for more than 100 times as many!

So we will be traveling, as always, though your BLOXcon experience will take the form of something new and exciting: BLOX Faire. And chances are that we’ll be doing something in a city close to you — as part of a Maker Faire.

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Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour Is Now Open to Everyone

Halloween LogoBLOXtober continues this week with a big Tuesday announcement: our 2013 Halloween game, The Witching Hour, is now open for everyone to play! Those of you who paid for early access during either the 1,000- or 500-ROBUX phase will receive your exclusive items in the near future.

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Halloween Logo

Introducing ROBLOX Halloween 2013: The Witching Hour!

Halloween Logo

We’re proud to present the official game event of BLOXtober 2013: The Witching Hour! The game is available with Paid Early Access starting today for the price of $1,000 ROBUX–early access means you’ll get the jump on collecting items and gear, and receive exclusive in-game benefits. The game will be open to everyone soon and running for the next couple of weeks, so don’t fret if you miss out on the early access period.

The Witching Hour features several firsts for a ROBLOX game. It introduces features and abilities that will not just change the way the game is played, but the way ROBLOX games are developed. We’re going to walk you through some of the major features of The Witching Hour, including Consumables, Companions, and the largest holiday map we’ve ever created. It’s ROBLOX Halloween 2013! Welcome! Continue reading →


Introducing Developer Central and the Developer Exchange


Keep making great games–we’ll pay you for it!

We have really exciting news to share with you today. We at ROBLOX are putting much effort into enabling, encouraging, and rewarding our developers and creators — and we think you’ve only scratched the surface of what can be done. Today we’re launching Developer Central, a hub on ROBLOX.com for all things development-oriented.

You’ll find Developer Central on the Develop page, which has replaced Build in the main navigation bar. The Develop page is similar to the Build page, but will be home in the coming weeks and months to a variety of developer-centric features, such as metrics that provide insight into how your creations are performing (how many visits? how long do people play?), special forums, toolkits, tips about what successful games do well, and more.

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Moving Parts After Update

Rendering Changes and Improved Performance Are Coming Soon

Next week, we’ll be releasing new rendering code that will boost performance by up to 3X, enabling more people to play games that have tens of thousands of parts. Part of the performance boost will stem from turning off bevels, which round the corners of bricks. The rest will come from featherweight parts and fast parts technology applying to ROBLOX parts of all shapes, sizes and materials, and a dynamic quality adjustment sensor that automatically adjusts material quality based on your hardware. The following video demonstrates the performance differences in a place that has over a hundred thousand parts.

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