Do You Use ROBLOX for School?

ChalkboardThat’s the question we asked our Twitter followers a week ago. We encouraged them to take a survey about how they’ve used ROBLOX for school assignments and projects. The feedback we received showed us that not only is ROBLOX helping young technology enthusiasts learn the skills they need to turn their passions into careers, but helping them have fun while earning great marks in school. We sifted through the submissions in search of creative uses of ROBLOX in student educational endeavors. Here are four of our favorites.

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Bay Area After School Initiative STEM Goes Behind the BLOX

BTB1When it comes to developing ROBLOX, we take to heart specific and constructive feedback from our community. That’s why we started Behind the BLOX, a chance for builders to come and play test with us every Friday right here at ROBLOX HQ. In our last visit, we tested with a local group of middle schoolers from Benicia, all of whom are members of an after-school initiative called STEM. The acronym stands for science, technology, engineering and math–so it makes sense that each of them are not only familiar with ROBLOX, but builders themselves. Continue reading →

Scripting in ROBLOX Studio

ROBLOX: Helping Cultivate the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Scripting in ROBLOX StudioIn late February, published a video, in which several tech-industry luminaries – from Bill Gates and Gabe Newell to Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey – extol the values of being able to write code. While the video has an underlying goal of increasing the prevalence of programming classes in schools ( claims that nine out of 10 schools do not offer them), it conveys a bigger message: anyone can learn to code and anyone can position themselves to be a successful engineer. And they can start today – even if their school doesn’t have a formal computer science program. Continue reading →


Community Outreach: ROBLOX Stops by Bay Area Middle School

Alice Rice is the Technology Coordinator for the OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center in San Francisco, California. The non-profit center works with various local educational entities to serve the San Francisco Community through a variety of programs and services for adults, youth, and families.  One of these services has come to be known as The Games Review Board–kids collectively review video games they’ve been playing and share the reviews through a podcast. Alice had noticed that mostly all of the recent reviews were from ROBLOX games, so she asked us to participate in one of their sessions. Founder and CEO David Baszucki, Senior Software Developer Robert Morgan and Studio Engineering Director Tim Brown took up the opportunity to interact with ROBLOX users in person and headed to the James Denman Middle School in San Francisco. Continue reading →

School Project Contest Winners!

The School Project judging is over and the winners have received their prizes. Hooray!

There are 106 Grand Prize winners – users who sent in projects that used ROBLOX in inspiring and clever ways. The users on this list received 500 R$ and all the book hats currently in the Catalog…

Biology Textbook, Chemistry Textbook, Economics Textbook, Fait Lux: The Life and Times of a Builderman, Finnegan’s Wake, Geography Textbook, I, LOLRUS, Learn to Program C++, Math Textbook, Music Theory Textbook, Quantum Chromodynamics For Dummies, Reading Textbook, Teapot Tome, The Lolcat Bible, The Necrobloxicon, The Nethack Man Pages, The Recess Codex
and… ROBUK: How Education Determines Future Success




There were another 225 user who received the book hat ROBUK: How Education Determines Future Success as an entry prize. We liked their work a lot and wanted to reward them for trying. Many of the entries showed a lot of scholastic skill but were not really using ROBLOX as an aid to learning.

This event really shows that ROBLOX can be used to help with school projects, at school or at home. There were so many entries we will not be able to showcase them all on the News. We would like to show a few more though! Here are a few and hopefully soon we can put others soon.

Check these out!

Motion – Friction and Energy

Assignment- Give an example of Friction and Energy

Roblox helped me with this project because it displayed the properties of Friction and Energy and it was easy to use. -mythicman95

Life Science

I used Roblox to create the carbon cycle. My class had to create a cycle on the environment. Since some one had already done a water cycle, I decided to make a carbon cycle. I created a carbon cycle on Roblox. After I finished I edited with Photoshop. Roblox helped so much with this. The next day I gave it to my teacher and I received an A. -Daniel9107



In Art Class I was required to construct a three dimensional Project for the end of the year. I was stumped on how I should complete the project. I decided I’d make some form of Abstract or Modern art. I realized I could use the computer for my project. I tried designing my model on paint, but I just wasn’t good at it. I got bored and decided to play a little bit of my favorite game, Roblox. After a bit of building I noticed that I could design my project on Roblox. I successfully made the models my teacher was asking for and I got an A+. – StoneBlood

Direct quote from the teacher: “Great Work! Your models contain lots of texture and are very Abstract!”


Newtonian Physics

Assignment: Show that in the absence of air, ALL objects, regardless of weight or shape, fall at the same rate. I learned that Sir Isaac Newton was the first to use experiments to show that there is something called air resistance. Air actually slows an object down when it falls. The heavier the object is, the less it is affected by air resistance. So if there was no air they would all fall at the same speed! Since I am home schooled I was able to get on Roblox and show that since there is no air on Roblox a small brick and a large brick fall at the same speed! This was great because one, I got an A and two, I had a chance to participate in a Roblox contest! YAY! – ryno1o1


We were looking at Simple Harmonic Motion. We’d been spending a few lessons looking at simple harmonic motion in a spring, we’d been having to look at a spring because it’s hard to look at the displacement, acceleration and velocity or a pendulum. So I went into Roblox and made a pendulum, and made it print off the position of the pendulum over a course of 10 seconds, every 0.05 seconds. I then put this into excel to get a graph. Later I made a script to actually plot a graph in game.
My physics teacher was impressed by the application of Roblox for motion physics experiments. -Articerile


You can talk more about this contest on our forums!


ROBLOX School Project Contest Update

The contest mailbox is closed and we’re working like mad to finish sorting through all the entries. We got a lot more entries for this contest than we expected. That’s great!

We’re going to announce the winners as soon as we can. There will be a lot of winners. All the entries must be looked over by ROBLOX staff. It’s a fun job actually, since we get to learn new things at the same time.

We only have time right now to show three – but there will be another post in the future showing off tons of great entries.

So for now check these out.

Ancient Cultures

ROBLOX gave me a better chance to get a better grade on my model and also made it more fun! It gave me the chance to be free and express my self as I made this wonderful world of Mesopotamia. We should be able to make a place where we can imagine AS MUCH AS ARE LITTLE HEARTS CAN! And ROBLOX helped me because it is a very compatible and safe way to let teachers know that we can make projects with just about anything.  – Ronat

Teacher comment: Good work.  This is one astounding idea and helps with our budget!

Scripting Languages

I had a project recently about programming at my school! My project was about all of the types of programming, and what they do. Roblox helped me in this project by showing me ways of scripting techniques and things like, lua, and all kinds of scripting in the lua language. Also roblox helped me because it made it easier because I already knew about Lua very well. Another thing is that I made a PowerPoint for this project. One thing that helped me with this project was the scripting language of lua, like the “game.Workspace.etc.etc” because a lot of scripting engines handle things similar to that type of scripting. In Roblox the scripting engine: LUA, helped me again by showing me ways of boolean values in it, which we are talking a lot about in class!

Parent comment: This is a great way to learn and help you with scripting and it would help you with the project!

LUA Power Point Slide


Roblox helped me on this project by letting me show cool models to the class, but also show the sharks in a gentle way. Other pictures I looked for in this projects showed some of the creatures as killers. They wouldn’t have helped to show sharks aren’t all bad as most people say. The saying, “the only good shark is a dead shark” really gets to me and I couldn’t not show these sleek and amazing creatures gently, yet still cool looking, other wise. The pictures got the classes attention. P.S. I got an A.

 Great White Power Point Slide

You can comment and chat about this contest on our forums!


Some Awesome School Project Entries

We’ve received a ton of awesome entries to the School Project contest. The last day to enter is Wednesday Oct 1 at midnight Pacific time. Read how to enter here.

It looks like our users are finding a lot of different ways to mix ROBLOX and learning. That’s great! We’d like to show off some of the entries and encourage people to keep sending in great stuff like this.


I had to build a Rube Goldberg. Using ROBLOX really took away the material limitation factor. I used ROBLOX’ immense open-source to mimic what my group had to do: Pull a light switch. A little night to day script helped make it look very real. Using ROBLOX’ physics helped make the Rube Goldberg look like it was real, and using Lua gave any mis-haps a nice little patch. It helped give my group an A. -briguy9876


ROBLOX helped me with this presentation because it showed the I could give a 3D presentation without using real life things. First, I had some different functions of Lua, and described them to the class. Next, I used a more complex script to demonstrate how Lua makes a ROBLOX fountain work. After that, I asked Pyro if he would let me film his suits, he said yes. So then I showed the class how Lua could be used to create very complex things without using up memory space. That?s how ROBLOX helped me in class this time, I?m sure it will help me again.

My mom was very excited to see I was doing Lua programming, as it is something she didn’t learn until about a week ago. My teacher was happy with the presentation and I got a 100% on it. -Antartikid



I used ROBLOX to demonstrate the water cycle. This helped me a lot because I wanted to do something special to wow my class, and it sure did! We were on the last chapter of the year when we were asked to do a project on the water cycle. We were allowed to do anything as long as it demonstrated the water cycle. Then I discovered ROBLOX. It was by far THE BEST GAME EVER! Then I thought to myself, “What if I used this for my project?” -techno802

contest entry (2)


Assignment: Make a model of the urinary system, and describe functions.

ROBLOX helped me a lot on this project because it was easy to construct and it was an easier alternative rather than using a big expensive 3d modeling program. I wasn’t really good with clay, so I requested permission from my teacher to make a video of a ROBLOX model. She agreed and allowed me to show it to the class with my partner. I enjoy the easy ROBLOX interface, as well as the fast upload times. ROBLOX was a huge help, and I am thankful it even exists. -maxxz

Direct quote from teacher- “Awesome! The creativity in this movie really shined through!”



My project was to demonstrate how structural differences in bridges alters their stability. I constructed several bridges and demonstrated how they withstand weight. For example, I used body velocity/rotation to show how a bridge can withstand an Earthquake.

I just have to say that ROBLOX is fantastic. As a game, and as a learning tool. It’s because of ROBLOX that I got an “A+” on my project and am now really quite popular in my class. I will always use ROBLOX! -Derthmonuter

My Laboratory


For my ASE Art class I was required for my final project to make some form of three dimensional art. I decided to make a piece of abstract art for my project, but I had no idea what exactly it should look like. Four days into the project week long project I had come up with nothing. So I decided to take a break from the little work I had done and play in ROBLOX studio. After fiddling around on ROBLOX for a while, I realized that I could use my favorite game to do my homework. After a few failed attempts, I came up with the model shown above. I immediately set out and made a scaled down version of the model after I finished.

Had it not been for ROBLOX I never would have been able to come up with a passable figure-let alone the masterpiece I made- in time for the project’s due date on the second to last day of school. -Samacado


Well that’s all we have for right now. We are still sorting through all the email entries. All the users mention in this blog will receive the prizes by Oct 7. I know it’s a long wait but please be patient.

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