You Could Make Money Streaming ROBLOX to Twitch

Twitch-IconROBLOX’s presence on Twitch has been expanding rapidly over the last three weeks. Since we launched our channel, we’ve hit the front page a few times – thanks, audience! – and we’ve seen many new broadcasters start streaming their own gameplay, even reaching numbers as strong as 400+ concurrent viewers in some circumstances. To take it to the next level, we’re introducing monthly leaderboards with virtual items and cash prizes for players who do the best job of broadcasting their ROBLOX gameplay on Twitch. Continue reading →


The ROBLOX Commercial Contest Begins Now

ROBLOXTVIf you’ve been following us on Twitch.TV, you’re probably aware that we’ve been sharing more announcements, information games via live broadcasts. After our first episode of The Next Level, NobleDragon posited an interesting question: “Why don’t we have commercials?”

This lead to a brief internal discussion, which has manifested itself in this blog post! Crazy how things work, right? And though we agreed that, yes, we should be airing commercials during our broadcasts, we’re leaving the content of them to you. That said, we’re kicking off a ROBLOX commercial contest. Your commercial can be about anything ROBLOX-related — your favorite group, your favorite item, the game you love most — and we’ll favor those that are ridiculously funny and/or entertaining. After the entry period, we’ll pick our favorites to air during our livestreams on Twitch.TV. Continue reading →

Crossroads by Giraffesonparade

One Giant Gallery of Fan Art

Crossroads by Giraffesonparade

“Crossroads” by Giraffesonparade

Back in November, we launched a fan art contest, giving the designers and artists of the community an opportunity to show what they can do with pen and paper (or, as is the case more often than not, tablet and stylus). The results were fantastic — it’s crystal clear that ROBLOXians are super talented and creative in just about any way you can imagine. Continue reading →

Last Man Standing by Ravenshield

Calling All Artists! Fan Art Contest #2 Starts Today

We’ve hit a lull between the excitement of BLOXtober and the upcoming holiday and winter festivities. Rather than let you catch your breath, we’re taking this opportunity to launch a short fan art contest! We held a similar contest last spring and received plenty of great submissions, and we’re excited to see (and share) a fresh round of fantastic ROBLOX art.

Last Man Standing by Ravenshield Continue reading →

Virtual BLOXcon Logo

Last Chance to Enter the Virtual BLOXcon Game Contest

Virtual BLOXcon LogoThis is it, folks: your last opportunity to enter your BLOXcon-themed place or game in the Virtual BLOXcon Game Contest. Whether you’ve got a work in progress or are going to challenge yourself to build something from scratch in roughly 32 hours, it’s time to get down to business. The submission period ends promptly on Sunday, September 8th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Continue reading →

Nine Days Remain to Enter the Virtual BLOXcon Game Contest

Virtual BLOXcon LogoLast week, we kicked off a Virtual BLOXcon Game Contest, giving you the opportunity to have your BLOXcon-themed game featured at the big event on Saturday, September 21st. We know making a game and building a place are both time-consuming processes, so take this as a friendly reminder that the contest deadline is nine days away (technically, Sunday, September 8th at 11:59 p.m. PT).

In case you missed the news last week, here’s how the contest works. Continue reading →

Virtual BLOXcon Logo

Your Creation Could Be Featured at the Virtual BLOXcon on 9/21

Virtual BLOXcon LogoAs you probably know by now, we’re hosting a Virtual BLOXcon less than one month from today. Roughly 0.1% of ROBLOX’s population could actually attend one of this summer’s in-person BLOXcons, so this online event will give everyone a chance to experience some of the magic. The following is a tentative overview of what the Virtual BLOXcon will offer — including some of your creations. Continue reading →