The Top Games of November

With ROBLOX democratizing game development in a way that no other platform has and at a scale of more than 4 million monthly active users, what people create and play here is a strong signal of the things the current generation of young gamers finds entertaining and interesting. In November, the top games covered just about everything you can imagine, including pizza-place simulators, multiplayer murder mysteries, social hangouts, first-person shooters, fashion shows, and much more. Let’s take a deeper look at the top-charting games of the month.

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Get Merry with ROBLOX’s Holiday Giftsplosion and Game Events

The holidays are here, and ROBLOX is getting all festive with in-game events and 12 days of awesome prizes!

You may have noticed some mysterious gifts appearing in your inventory and the catalog lately. These are the first prizes in the 12 Days of the 2014 “Giftsplosion.”

Here’s how it works: for each of the first 12 days of December, a gift will appear in the ROBLOX inventory. Some gifts will be for meeting past requirements  – such as playing ROBLOX a lot for the last 30 days – while others will contain clues on how you can earn them. If you complete the task, the gift box will be awarded to you (sometime after the deadline, usually about 24 hours). After the gift box is awarded, it goes on sale in the catalog, so everyone has the opportunity to snag it. A day or so after each gift box goes off sale, it opens, awarding you a special prize.

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The ROBLOX Black Friday Sale Extravaganza!

It’s that magical time of year, where we all stay up way past our bedtimes so we can get super sweet deals for holiday goods! And while your friends and family might be lining up for Blu-Rays and video games, you can stay inside all toasty and warm for the ROBLOX Black Friday Sale.

We got a huge response from the ROBLOX community, and you guys helped decide which stuff got into the sale. Over 60 items will be discounted, put back on sale, released for the first time (ie new!), or made limited during the sale, which runs through Monday, December 1.

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Going from ROBLOX Developer, to ROBLOX Teacher

ROBLOX and other user-generated content platforms are in the unique position of being at the intersection of fun and productivity. They are places that are simultaneously prime sources of entertainment and breeding grounds for creativity.

It’s not surprising, then, that many students have used ROBLOX’s physics-based engine to complete school assignments and projects. But how about ROBLOX being the school assignment? Recently, some members of the ROBLOX developer community shared their stories of how they incorporated ROBLOX into their school’s curriculum.

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Experience These Six Unbelievably Good Looking Games

We talk a lot about game developers on ROBLOX — after all, our tools as a whole are designed to enable people of all ages to build and publish rich games, and share them with an audience of millions of gamers. However, there are many specialists on ROBLOX, and some of the most impressive creations come from the community of showcase builders, who focus their efforts on creating stunning worlds, memorable atmospheres, and beautiful scenery. Read on to see six of the best current worlds to explore in the vast virtual expanse that is ROBLOXia.

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Zeekerss Puzzles Players in 2.5 Dimensions

ROBLOX is traditionally home to 3D, multiplayer, physics-based games. So, when players discovered that Zeekerss was making narrative-driven, single-player, game in 2.5D – restricting players to a single plane of movement, but built using 3D assets – they quickly took notice. Inspired by the game Choices by GollyGreg, Zeekerss is now one of the top creators of side-scrolling ROBLOX titles. What’s even more stunning than the quality and aesthetic of his games is that Zeekerss is a mere 12 years old (going on 13), and already designing clever levels and puzzles that have stumped even adult players.

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BLOXgiving Is a Feast of Games and Prizes

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and ROBLOX is bringing you a cornucopia of awesome events, sales, and cool prizes to earn. This month’s ROBLOX event, BLOXgiving, takes three of the most popular games on ROBLOX and adds a Thanksgiving twist!

The three games, The Mad Murderer, ROBLOX High School, and Super Bomb Survival, have all added a Thanksgiving theme, and have special badges for you to earn sweet prizes! Each game has two unique prizes to earn. The first is earned by completing a specific task in-game; the second is earned by finding a special Thanksgiving-themed item that randomly spawns in-game. Completing each objective earns you an exclusive hat and badge. Get all six prizes and you’ll earn a pilgrim BLOXikin!

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