Celebrate Our Twitch Milestone & Win Prizes!

Did you know that the official ROBLOX Twitch channel is one of the fastest growing Twitch channels of all time? We’re one of the top 40 most watched channels ever, and just recently we passed 100,000 Followers! It’s a huge milestone, and we owe it all to you guys, the amazing ROBLOX fans. And so to celebrate we’ll be holding an extra long celebration episode of The Next Level this Wednesday, August 19 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.

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The 2015 BLOXY Awards Are Coming!

UPDATE: In our excitement to announce the BLOXY Awards, we accidentally left off a couple of important awards from our list, namely Best Action Video, Best Music Video, and Video of the Year! Check the list for the new, updated category list!

The BLOXY Awards are a celebration of the talented creators in our community, showcasing the coolest ROBLOX games and places, the funniest videos, the most impressive groups, and more. In years past we’ve held separate awards for games and video content, but this year we decided to combine them, and expand them, making the 2015 BLOXYs the biggest award ceremony we’ve ever done.

The 2015 BLOXY Awards ceremony will take place on January 16, 2016. We’ll have more info on how you can watch the show (which will be live streamed), and how you may even be able to attend!

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We Bare Bears Bearstack onto ROBLOX

The Bears from We Bare Bears are walking their bearstack over to ROBLOX. They’re here to play a game loved by bears, humans, and every animal that knows what’s up – Hide and Seek Extreme!

While extremely Hiding or Seeking, keep an eye out for the Bears’ missing backpack and win Panda’s cellphone – his most prized possession. Make your way alongside Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear in their stack.  A bearstack is, by far, the best way to travel – but alongside a bearstack is pretty cool, too.

Play the game here, and don’t miss We Bare Bears premiering Monday, July 27th on Cartoon Network!

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BLOXcast Logo

Play Brand New ROBLOX Games Tomorrow on BLOXcast!

This Saturday, July 18, some of your favorite ROBLOX admins and developers will be showing off some new and never before seen ROBLOX games, and YOU can play them with us!

Starting at 11 a.m. Pacific on Saturday, we’ll be streaming on the ROBLOX Twitch channel (, and hanging out with some of our intrepid ROBLOX interns. These are some of the biggest names in the ROBLOX developer community — Gusmanak, ZolarKeth, Arceusinator, Defaultio, Merely, Seranok, Davidii, Rukiryo and more!

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Hundreds of Thousands of Minions… and Counting!

The Minions are still wandering around on ROBLOX, shouting the names of different fruit and slap-fighting each other. You guys have banded together to find and win:

  • 89,396 Banana Leaf Minions
  • 78,039 Cro-Minions
  • 49,919 Vive Le Minions
  • 89,396 Dawn of Time Goggles
  • 78,039 Cro-Minion Clubs
  • 49,919 Vive Le Minion Swords

But all good (evil?) things must come to an end. Check out the Minions-themed games to find the lost Minions, and collect your prizes before it’s too late! The Minions have appreciated the help they’ve received so far, and they’ve still got plenty more villain swag to give out. Be sure to catch Minions, now playing!


Get a Jumpstart on Building with New Game Templates

At ROBLOX we’re constantly trying to make the experience of jumping from player to builder, and builder to developer, easier and more streamlined. Sometimes, the biggest challenge to making a game is just taking that first step. To that effect, ROBLOX Studio features a few templates for new players to use to get right into the experience. We’re pleased to announce we’ve added two new templates to Studio, and they’re the coolest ones yet!

If you open up Studio the first thing you’ll see is the Game Templates section. That’s where you can find things like castles, or ready to go shooter game set pieces. And it’s where you can now find the templates for Infinite Runner and Pirate Island.

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Search for Minions in Games on ROBLOX

The story of the Minions begins at the dawn of time, and while on their search for a new master, some of the Minions have gotten lost in our games. We need your help to find them. Discover each Minion and win some cool prizes!

  • Kick back and relax in Beach House Roleplay: spend some time looking for a Minion who wandered off after they first emerged from the sea, and snag a pair of the very first goggles the Minions ever wore.
  • While scrambling for your life in Super Bomb Survival, keep your eyes peeled for a Cro-Minion to win the original super-villain weapon: a spiked club. Villain tech sure has come a long way in the last few millennia.
  • As you search for items in Speedy Hunt, do the Minions a favor by finding their Napoleonic-era comrade, and win a sword.

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