New Profile Pages Add New Features for Interacting With Friends

You may have noticed something very different when you went to a friend’s profile page on That’s right, we’ve completely redesigned the profile page, as part of our ongoing makeover to make ROBLOX easier to use, and nicer to look at.

Our new profile page is designed to look clean and be easy to navigate on any screen. Now there’s more content available without having to scroll, and the drop down windows cut down on the amount of clicking you need to do to browse through your friend’s badges, collections, and places.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Debuts on ROBLOX

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition has come to ROBLOX!

Here’s what’s coming down the pipeline for this event: Work at a Pizza Place and ROBLOX Dodgeball. Work together with your friends to deliver pizzas, then don your helmet for a competitive round of Dodgeball!

Worth noting, Mickey Mouse apparently has some mad Dodgeball game.

Check out Work at a Pizza Place and ROBLOX Dodgeball to see where all the fun is at and be sure to get Disney Infinity 3.0 available now!


Get a head start on your ROBLOX Halloween costume with the help of Hotel Transylvania 2

This week, walk the runway in ROBLOX Top Model or chill at the beach in Beach House Roleplay and you may find Drac Bat or a Vampire collar. Find both to alternate between these two perfectly ghoulish items. Plus you can be like Dennis in the movie, and try to convince your friends you really are a monster.

Start your hunt now at and be sure not to miss Hotel Transylvania 2 coming to theaters in 3D on September 25th!

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Endless Summer Camp Out – Everything You Need to Know About Our Biggest Streaming Event Ever

The Endless Summer Camp Out is less than a week away, and we’re already blown away by the response from the community. Almost 1,500 of you signed up to participate in the event! WOW! We’ve got some more details on the event for you. As a reminder, here are the main details:

  • What: An all night livestreaming event on #EndlessSummerCampOut
  • When: Starting at 4 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, September 4 and going until 9 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday, September 5.
  • Who: Tons of ROBLOX admins and developers, and you guys, the awesome ROBLOX community!
  • Why: To give one last hurrah for summer, and have a ton of fun with our favorite people in the world!

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Earn ROBUX Through Referrals With the ROBLOX Affiliate Program

ROBLOX is a platform that grows by word of mouth. That means that you guys out there drive most of our growth simply by sharing with your friends, and the world at large, your favorite ROBLOX games. It’s awesome, and we want to keep encouraging you to find more ROBLOX friends. Which is why we’ve started the ROBLOX Affiliate Program.

The ROBLOX Affiliate Program is a system to reward promotion of ROBLOX games. Whenever a user shares a promotional link to a ROBLOX page, and new players come to the website from that link, the sharing user earns ROBUX from every purchase the new players make! Developers will also earn ROBUX from new users who land on their game page first.

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Meet the Creators of ROBLOX Deathrun

Have you ever wondered who made your favorite games on ROBLOX, and how they got their ideas? We want to know too, which is why we host a bi-weekly show on Twitch dedicated to interviewing the developers of awesome ROBLOX games, and playing with them. It’s called The Creator Show and it airs every other Friday at 2 p.m. Pacific on

This episode featured two of the guys behind the hugely popular Deathrun series, Wsly and Zomebody. With the launch of their third entry into the series, ROBLOX Deathrun, we brought them on the show to talk about what it’s like working as a team, and what challenges go into making a game like Deathrun.

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Announcing The Endless Summer Camp Out All Night Livestreaming Event!

Here in the US, Labor Day typically marks the end of summer vacation. Many school districts start back up after Labor Day, and it’s culturally when summer is considered done, and we all have to go back to the real world. But ROBLOX isn’t going to just let summer end like that! No way! Before summer leaves us, we’re having one last hurrah with our spectacular event: The ROBLOX Endless Summer Camp Out!

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