Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Sheeppie

Meet Sheeppie! This player is one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever on ROBLOX. He has become rich and famous by creating high quality uniforms selling them at reasonable prices. Many groups come to him for custom uniforms of all ranks and styles.

Why do you play ROBLOX?
I play ROBLOX because of the level of customizability you can have with places and avatars.
What is your favorite thing to do on ROBLOX?
My favorite thing to do on ROBLOX is to create outfits and clothing for the player community.
Where do you get your ideas?
I browse the Internet looking at outfits from games. When I see something cool I make it on ROBLOX.
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Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Arbirator

arbiratorMeet Arbirator, creator and Editor-in-Chief of one of ROBLOX’s most popular player news sites. We caught up with him for an interview about his ROBLOX game playing experiences.

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?

I run a ROBLOX blog called ‘Arbirator’s ROBLOX News‘ that has 160,000 views so far this year and a staff of 14 volunteers. It is a blog that informs ROBLOX players of the latest news on the game, whether it is updates, new site features, event news or interviews, there’s always something new! We interview ROBLOX users and also review popular places. Roblox News also occasionally runs contests for it’s followers and consequently some cool retextures have been published to the catalog by Telamon and Brighteyes!

Why do you play ROBLOX?

I play ROBLOX because it a huge online world in which I can do anything. I enjoy playing games and meeting new players. ROBLOX gives me the opportunity to use my imagination; it is somewhere where I can explore my creativity in several areas such as game building and working with mesh textures. I play it because I can talk with friends and interact with them in-game, I can build whatever I can imagine (although my scripting needs a bit of work), I can purchase items from the catalog, and I can debate new topics in the varied ROBLOX forums. It’s unique, addicting and promotes user freedom.

Tell us something cool that happened to you recently on ROBLOX.

Well, my hat retexture Soviet Ushanka was published to the ROBLOX catalog, but the most recent cool thing that happened to me was buying and selling the Purple Sparkle Time Fedora; this made me a lot of profit and the most ROBUX I have ever had!

What is your favorite thing on ROBLOX?

I would say my favourite thing to do is to participate in the ROBLOX events which occur at several intervals during the year. My top favourite is definitely Christmas because I love earning gifts for specific achievements within the game. I enjoy building games but am often too busy to create them, so I usually go on the forum ROBLOX Talk and occasionally interview users.

Where do you like to go for vacations?

I like going to Cornwall in the south west of England for my summer holidays. In the winter holidays however, I usually pay a visit to either Switzerland, Austria or Germany to ski in the beautiful mountains.

Membership Type: BC Member
Visits: 13,222
Forum Posts: 9,951
Member Since: August 2008
Best Place: Arb’s Spooky Mansion 
Location: England

Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: TheGamer101

TheGamer101Meet TheGamer101
Membership Type: BC Member
Visits: 7,333,273
Knockouts: 27,366
Member Since: Feb 2009
Best Place: Sword Fighting Tournament
Location: Ireland

Why do you play ROBLOX?
I play Roblox for fun! I just love to build and script places. Roblox lets you be as creative as you want to be. You can shape your own place to whatever you want.

What is your favorite thing to do on ROBLOX?
My favourite thing to do is to script. I love scripting and feel I have achieved something whenever I learn something new. :D

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?
I want them to know that I really want to thank all the people who have played my game. It has made my time on Roblox even better. I also want them to know that I collect #101 limited items in case they have any of them!

Do you have any advice for noobs?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand how a game is played you should ask other people in the game. You can also look for general information on roblox at

What are your top 3 favorite games (besides your own) on ROBLOX and why?
1. The Underground War REVAMPED by Stickmasterluke
I find this place very fun because of the simple yet highly entertaining game play. I also like how there are both swords and guns in the place as this gives it variety.
2. Checkpoint Racing v3.1 by Wingman8
This is a brilliantly scripted game. I like it because simply put, it’s epic.
3. The Creed (Version 2.45) by theRal
This game inspired one of the bonus rounds in my main game, Sword Fighting Tournament. I like it because it is a very strategic game.

Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Piedude777

Piedude777Meet Piedude777
Membership Type: Free Member
Best Place: Epic Mining 2
Visits: 1,183,255
Knockouts: 10,040
Location: Canada

Why do you play ROBLOX? 
Back in 2008 one of my friends, Pieperson2222, told me about this “cool website that you can build with virtual blocks,” and sent me a link to ROBLOX. When I saw what ROBLOX really was I fell in love with it. Back then I was a noob, using only free models and Build mode. When I discovered ROBLOX Studio, that was really when I began making games and learning to script. I learned that I had a passion for programming and that kept me hooked ever since.

What is your favorite thing on ROBLOX?
Scripting. I loved it ever since I made my first lava script. It’s really interesting to see all the cool things you can do with scripting, like making your own ROBLOX Studio plugins. I found it fast to learn and flexible. It can be a gateway to learning other programming languages, so maybe it will guide you to making your own programs and websites someday.

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?
I am a video game and web developer. I enjoy making video games. Hopefully, as I continue to learn programming languages like Java, C#, and ASP.NET, my games and websites will get better and gain more popularity. My dream is to one day work in a video game company, like ROBLOX or Electronic Arts. If it wasn’t for ROBLOX, I probably would not have started programming!

Do you have any advice for noobs?
Learn to script. Really, it opens up lots of new things and games you can
make on ROBLOX. It’s fast and easy to learn, and once you know the basics, the rest is a breeze. If your games are well scripted, it will likely gains lots of popularity and support. Learning how to program will also give you a great opportunity to work in the booming video game industry.

Tell us something cool that happened to you recently on ROBLOX.
Just recently, my game Epic Mining 2 reached a million place visits! It
was my goal to get a million visits in a year, and I did it in only 9 months! I want to say thank you to everyone who played my games and supported me!

Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Alexnewtron

AlexnewtronMeet Alexnewtron
Membership Type: BC Member
Visits: 4,859,753
Knockouts: 2,436
Location: USA

Why do you play ROBLOX?
Five years ago, my brother Mranthony2 and I had found Roblox off of an advertisement. When I saw the ROBLOX Studio for the first time, I saw the great creativity that you could do. It just stuck to me as I started to create places friends could visit. When I saw that users loved my games, I continued to make new and better games.

What is your favorite thing on ROBLOX?
My favorite thing to do on ROBLOX is the script Lua, its a fast and easy to learn language that you can do so much with in ROBLOX. It also helps me to learn even more programming languages, so when I am older I can start a career in programming.

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?
I’m a web developer in training, I like to make cool websites to people to enjoy – and its thanks to ROBLOX for helping me get there. As I continue to learn to web develop, when I am older I can get a job in web developing – maybe even professionally. I know languages like Html, PHP, SQL, and even Javascript – and I always thank ROBLOX for helping me with helping me learn these languages.

Do you have any advice for noobs?
If you want to learn ROBLOX’s Lua Scripting, take a creation someone else has made, and bend and twist the scripting and see what comes out! That’s how I learned, making scripts at Script Builders, create fun places people will love! Remember, never steal someone else’s creation and call it your own – it’s always polite to give them their credit for their work.

Tell us something cool that happened to you recently on ROBLOX.
Recently, At the ROBLOX Rally 2011, I was announced as ROBLOX’s Game Developer Of The Year! It was a great advantage, and I wish I was at the Rally to hear it for myself. I received a special gear as a prize, and it makes me happy to make even more games for ROBLOX! I do plan to attend another ROBLOX Rally, maybe even next year! Can’t wait!

Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian: Genius5

Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian

Welcome to the first in a series of player interviews! You can look forward to meeting interesting ROBLOXians from all around the world.

Name: Genius5
Type: Builders Club
Visits: 21,771
Knockouts: 2,241
Location: USA


Why do you play ROBLOX?
Because of the variety of places! On ROBLOX, there are places for everyone. It’s also fun to play around with the real-life physics, which makes ROBLOX so great! You can make friends anywhere, from the games, to the forums.

What is your favorite thing on ROBLOX?
Definitely the fact that you can share your creations with the world; be it places, models, clothes, etc. Sure, there are some incredibly awesome places on ROBLOX, but have you ever taken your time to look at the detail that goes into the clothes that some of the graphic designers have made? That’s what I like about ROBLOX: There is a wide variety of people, from scripters to graphic designers. It’s almost impossible not to make friends!

What do you want your fellow ROBLOXians to know about you?
I LOVE computers! When my first birthday came, what did my parents get me? Yes, you guessed it, a computer! I was one of those babies, where you could hit your rattle on the keyboard, and make things happen!

I am a graphic designer. (Not professional, though.) I taught myself Photoshop. I started out by learning MS Paint, then Paint.Net, until I understood the “ultimate” program, Photoshop. Most people say that I am the “King of ROBLOX Ads”! (I don’t believe that! There are TONS of radical ad makers out there.) If you don’t know the first thing about graphic design, I encourage you to learn more about it, and to try your hand at it in MS Paint, and possibly Paint.NET. Set your goals, and you will reach them!

Do you have any advice for noobs?
Don’t walk off the end of the baseplate! There’s no telling where it leads. If you do, don’t worry, you will respawn back to the starting point. If something should go wrong, just blame John!

ROBLOX Rally 2011 Report

ROBLOX Rally Presenters
John Shedletsky, Erik Cassel, Christina McGrath and Matt Dusek

On Monday August 1 ROBLOX held our first ever player convention – The ROBLOX Rally 2011! As the doors opened at 9:30am hundreds of players and parents flooded into the Exploratorium in San Francisco eager to see what we had planned for the day. Players ages 6-16 traveled from as far away as England and Hong Kong to talk with ROBLOX developers, hear about the latest advancements within the game, learn how to create their own virtual worlds with Lua coding language, and share ideas.

The ROBLOX Rally was such a huge success we’re already making plans for next year’s event. It will be bigger so more players can attend.

Here’s a short video montage of the event.

Featuring david.baszcuki and bigbluesnow10.

More videos of the Rally, including the presentations and scripting classes, will be published on our blog and on our YouTube Channel in the next week or two.

Attendees were able to participate in…

  • Exclusive Rally Tophat for attendeesPresentations by the staff
  • Demos of upcoming features
  • Scripting classes
  • Testing new features in the game lounge
  • Talking to staff 1:1
  • Getting autographs on posters and t-shirts
  • Winning prizes from the art contest and raffle games
  • You can check out the whole show on the brochure

Rally Cable Car for prize winnersNewer players got to meet famous veterans such as Stealth Pilot, Stickmasterluke, doctorwho1216, and loser123. The Rally was such a big deal that the local news even ran a piece about it. The devs and staff were so excited to get feedback directly from the players about the product. Thanks for coming! We look forward to seeing you next year.


Here are some more photos from the event…

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