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You Can Now Toggle Outlines

Outlines Up CloseAs announced at BLOXcon London and shortly thereafter in a Comments on Comments article, we’ve decided to make the recently launched outlines feature optional for all ROBLOX builders and game developers. While we do see outlines as part of our vision for the ROBLOX aesthetic – and they do look great in many instances (see screenshot at left) – the feedback we’ve received indicates they don’t yet work everywhere. We will continue to work toward a perfect implementation but, in the meantime and with the latest version of ROBLOX Studio, you now have complete control. Continue reading →


Developer’s Journal: Raycasting to Make Reflectable Lasers

djcatbloxHello everyone, this is Catblox–I’ve been a long-time member of ROBLOX (five years and still going) and a scripter for a little over half that time. Today, I’m going to talk about some more advanced ways to use ROBLOX’s raycasting API – namely simulating the interactions of lasers with mirrors. I’ll walk you through the steps of how to turn an idea like this into a finished product, explaining the basics of vector (and Vector3) math and features of ROBLOX Studio’s API along the way. To check out an example of what I’ll be explaining, check out this test level I made, which will show you the basics behind this premise.

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Become a More Efficient Builder with These Studio Tricks

johnstudio2After mentioning the ability to select individual parts from a model in last week’s Feedback Loop, we were surprised to find how many of our builders were enthralled with, and grateful for, what we thought was a relatively minor suggestion. Alas, there are many small things you can learn that can make your building experience with Studio easier and faster. We decided to talk with Creative Director John Shedletsky and the Studio Team’s Tyler Berg to get some basic building advice. We’ll start with technical advice from John. Continue reading →


Video How-To: Implementing a Store in Your Place

Last Saturday, we offered our builders a plugin in order to utilize our recently released in-game transaction API. The idea was to make it easier for builders to utilize the feature, as using the plugin removes the scripting aspect. We always keep a close eye on our blog comments, and these particular comments were varied–some people seemed to understand how it worked right off the bat, while others needed some guidance. That’s why we decided to document the procedure in a video, so builders who are having trouble can watch the entire implementation process from beginning to end. Check it out below.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”qXu_NiF3jhg”/]

Dynamic Lighting Explorer

Lights On: Dynamic Lighting and Shadows are Here

No more previews, contests, or prototype videos. Today, we officially flipped the switch on dynamic lighting–and we can’t wait to see what our builders do with it. Dynamic lighting is a smart voxel solution that not only lets builders control the ambient light and resulting shadows in the worlds they create, but place customizable light sources for aesthetic and gameplay purposes. Torches, flashlights, lamps–the future is a bright one. 

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Snowmobile Customization GUI

ROBLOX GUI Design: Z-index and Best Practices

Snowmobile Customization GUIPart of our performance and memory optimization for ROBLOX Mobile was a transition from drawing graphic user interface (GUI) elements individually to in batches (read the details in this previous article). This change dramatically reduced the number of rendering commands sent from ROBLOX to your graphics chip, but in a small fraction of ROBLOX games it caused user-created menus to render in an undesired order. Today, Game Engineer Ben Tkacheff and Content Team Lead Deepak Chandrasekaran (Sorcus) help owners of existing games fix their menus, in the rare instance it’s necessary, and provide useful guidance and best practices for new GUI designers. Continue reading →

ROBLOX FPS Screenshot

How to Build a FPS in 15 Minutes with ROBLOX

ROBLOX FPS ScreenshotBy the time the ROBLOX Content Team finished developing ROBLOX Base Wars FPS, we had accumulated a number of powerful scripts that quickly turn a standard ROBLOX game into a class-based, first-person shooter (FPS). Recognizing the power of the scripts, we packaged them in a FPS plugin for ROBLOX Studio and put them to the test.

Do they make it possible to create an FPS in 15 minutes? Continue reading →