Expanded Water Properties

At ROBLOX we are constantly looking to improve our tools and technology so you can make better games and experiences. A big part of our development process is iteration: constantly making updates and additions to features already implemented. Last year we released Smooth Terrain ( which brought ROBLOX into a new era of environmental design. Recently Stickmasterluke announced some major improvements to the smooth terrain tool kit ( bringing even more power and potential to the creations on ROBLOX. Yet, there is still another important feature we want everyone to know about: Water Properties! Continue reading →


Smooth Terrain and New Horizons

We’ve got some new and exciting updates for you! Since Smooth Terrain’s release back in May, we’ve seen the quality and immersion of worlds on Roblox soar. To keep up with the overwhelming use of the tools, we’ve made a few upgrades. These updates give the tools new functionality, make them easier to use, and make them more fun to play with. Lets dive in!

Something simple we added to help speed up workflow, is the material picker. When using any of the brush tools, you can easily select materials from the terrain itself by holding Alt and clicking on the terrain. This allows you to quickly sample different materials while staying in the flow of painting and shaping.

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New Humanoid Properties: Custom Jump Height and Climbing Angle

ROBLOX characters have super powers. They can jump higher than they are tall and can climb up any hill, no matter how steep. Up until now, game creators had no easy way to control these powers. While this may be appropriate for some games, many game creators have been asking for a way to let them set how humanoid characters behave in their worlds. Some creators looking to disable jumping all together, while others seek to simulate low gravity moon physics, some have expressed a desire to use unclimbable high hills to direct characters down certain paths.

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Explore the Endless Possibilities of Custom Particles

Particles are a staple in computer graphics and game creation. They’re an easy way to create flames, smoke, explosions, sparks, splashes, weather, dust, and even abstract effects, such as the wispy, glowing trail behind a magic spell. These kinds of effects can set the atmosphere and mood of your game, make vehicles roar to life, bring excitement and visceral feedback to combat, and more. Now, with Custom Particles, you have the freedom to change the existing ROBLOX particle effects – and the power to build beautiful and creative effects of your own.

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The Rendering Team Closes 2014 with a Boom

The ROBLOX Rendering team made 2014 yet another year of beautification for ROBLOX, unveiling such eye candy as new particle effects, new material textures, and environmental reflections, and even transitioned to an entirely new rendering engine developed just for our platform. To top off the year, this week the team launched two final updates: a new texture-rendering technique that reduces repetitious tiling, and a new explosion particle effect.

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Physics Support Comes to Solid Modeling

The recent release of our Solid Modeling tool ushered in a new and exciting era of creation, in which builders and developers have the ability to create complex objects using ROBLOX’s primitives as a foundation. We’ve seen the potential of the feature become a reality, with a plethora of impressive games and worlds leveraging the tool to great visual effect. Today, Solid Modeling has received its first substantial upgrade: accurate physics simulation for complex objects.

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