Sword Fight on the Heights by MechaWaffle

Have you made something awesome? We want to share it!

We’ve run a couple fan art contests in recent months and have received tons of awesome submissions, but we always want more! If you’re a ROBLOXian artist and you want to be featured on our Facebook page and the blog, submit a high-resolution photo of your art to fanart@roblox.com. This is not currently a contest, so take as much time as you’d like.

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Tips for getting featured:

Create a piece of original, high-quality ROBLOX-themed art using any medium you’d like (if physical, snap a high-quality photo or scan), then attach it to an email to fanart@roblox.com. Please be sure to include your ROBLOX username so we can give you credit. Send at as high of resolution as possible, preferably in PNG format (JPG and bitmaps are fine, as well). Ideas:

  • Drawing of ROBLOX characters
  • Painting of an iconic ROBLOX level
  • Hilarious comic strip
  • Illustration representing your favorite ROBLOX game
  • Build/paint ROBLOX mini-figures
  • Sleek modern art in your favorite graphics software
  • ROBLOXian made strictly out of vegetables
  • Heartwarming vignette screenshots
  • Illustration depicting your favorite emote

The most important thing is expressing yourself!