Hall of Fame 2013Every year, we host a Hall of Fame where we give awards to ROBLOX builders who are making anything from great games and places to advertisements and videos. This year, we chose our favorites, gave you the opportunity to vote on your favorites, and looked at data from the last 12 months to determine what resonates among the community.

For each category, we have three nominees and one winner. This is all great stuff you don’t want to miss, so make sure to check out everything listed!

Most Active Group


First Encounter Assault Recon
The ROBLOXian Army

Item of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”FKBxMIlKqV8″/]

Classic Swordpack Throwback
Darkage Master

Most Visited Place

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”p8_FvO_iRy4″/]

Paintball! by daxter33
Base Wars: The Land by d4rk886
Catalog Heaven by Seranok

Top Earning Game

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”zgSdFhzcNyA”/]

Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101
ROBLOX Survivor by Jojomen56
The Hunger Games by Ozzypig

Video of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”uuThoh_bs3k”/]

Harlem Shake by Hacker225
Shufflin’ by sharpTH
Lazer-itis by EZcheeez

Best Recreation of a Real-World Place

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”6zweX6hCpIQ”/]

City of Rome, Italy by Juliane14 and ITA
City of London, United Kingdom by cooldude215
The Original Washington DC by sgccode9

Best Use of Dynamic Lighting

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”KvkjC-Njeuc”/]

Dungeon Delver by Gl0in and Gl0in2
Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak and Zolarketh
Doom Caverns by Maelstronomer

Best Use of Physics

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Ic2bvUuPat8″/]

Sword Fight and Sink a City by TheAmazeman
Cold Fusion: the Power of ROBLOX Physics by Spacek531
Broken Bones by zamsongod

Most Innovative Gameplay

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”0RNBstnlA48″/]

Strobe by Team Rudimentality
ClashBLOX Battle Cards by Nexx
Mystery City by Ptah70

Users’ Choice, Best Survival Game

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”qzcisztACnc”/]

Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak and Zolarketh
Deadzone by DeadzoneZackZak
ROBLOX Survivor by Jojomen56

Users’ Choice, Most Creative Game

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Mjm8qwBSbFQ”/]

The Stalker by CloneTrooper1019
Dungeon Delver by Gl0in and Gl0in2
Obby Lobby 2.0 by FunFish7098 and smellypencil

Users’ Choice, Best Looking Game

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”WtqWpZfa82c”/]

Roadrunner Canyon by asimo3089
After the Flash: Darkness by chadthedestroyer2
Dungeon Delver by Gl0in and Gl0in2

Users’ Choice, Gear of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”8WENrqHLY4Y”/]

The Fallen Artemis Bow
Dual Darkhearts
Rubber Chicken Launcher

Users’ Choice, Game of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Gi7hIDMzZ3A”/]

Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak and Zolarketh
Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101
Welcome to the Neighborhood of ROBLOXia by testin423

Place of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”6X_0fnI9xqU”/]

The Wind by asimo3089
Dojo by ninjabart122
Temple of the Sea by Unclear

Game of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”zfbB0F693zw”/]

Apocalypse Rising by Gusmanak and Zolarketh
Strobe by Team Rudimentality
Authority by Spookyfox and Logitech101

Users’ Choice, Best Use of In-game Purchasing

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”2o33XSxJOXs”/]

Kestrel Home Store by ojo1234
Grand Mall of ROBLOXia by ScriptOn
Intense Swordfighting by Loleris

Users’ Choice, Best Co-op Game

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”7wy5CpqyCZ8″/]

Juggernaut by Ozzypig
Dungeon Delver by Gl0in and Gl0in2
Avert the Odds II by Venvious

Users’ Choice, Best Horror Game

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”IvRdRti9lQQ”/]

Possession by narutoworl
The Stalker by CloneTrooper1019
SCP Containment Breach by SCPCB

Users’ Choice, Best First-person Shooter

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Djrnmz8nlSw”/]

Call of ROBLOXia 5: ROBLOX at War by litozinnamon
Battlefield by DeadzoneZackZak
Authority by Spookyfox and Logitech101

Users’ Choice, Best Roleplay/City Sim

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”eDlEP8VURZ0″/]

ROBLOXity by 1dev3
Washington, District of Columbia by Nightgaladeld
City Of Rome, Italy by juliane14

Users’ Choice, Developer of the Year

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”szzN5BQ7xcE”/]

Gusmanak and Zolarketh (Apocalypse Rising)
TheGamer101 (Sword Fighting Tournament)
DeadzoneZackZak (Deadzone, Battlefield)
TheAmazeman (ROBLOX Titanic, Industrial Gladiators)
OzzyPig (Juggernaut, Hunger Games, Studio plugins)