A Look Back at a Summer Full of BLOXcons

DaveBLOXconI distinctly remember the morning of our first BLOXcon at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I was making some last-minute preparations, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I peered outside to see a line of people stretching hundreds of feet from the museum’s entrance. I had been so busy running back and forth throughout the massive venue, that I hadn’t yet realized: You were here. And you were smiling.

Here we were, at the beginning of a massive journey that would eventually take us around the world. Yet, somehow, it seemed in that moment that our world had come to us. That morning in Chicago meant a lot to me–and painted a clear picture that we were doing the right thing. That feeling carried myself and the ROBLOX staff throughout the globe. It was infectious and it didn’t wear off. Continue reading →

Q&A Session

You Can Still Experience Much of the Virtual BLOXcon

Q&A SessionVirtual BLOXcon was a fantastic event. We had tens of thousands of ROBLOXians from around the world drop in to watch our five-hour live broadcast, view recorded footage from each of our summer BLOXcons, and play contest-winning games with ROBLOX staff. We even saw #BLOXcon become a trending topic on Twitter in multiple countries — that’s what roughly 10,000 tweets will do. We poured a lot of effort into presenting the event, but it would have been nothing without your participation and enthusiasm. Continue reading →

Virtual BLOXcon logo 2

Virtual BLOXcon Is Live!

Virtual BLOXcon logo 2Virtual BLOXcon is now live! To join the fun, don’t delay; go to ROBLOX.com/bloxcon.

The event consists of three “stages.” There’s the Livestream Stage (roughly 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.), where we’re streaming gameplay, Q&A sessions, product demos and awards shows from ROBLOX HQ. The World Tour Stage features content we collected from each of our three in-person BLOXcon events this summer. Then there’s the Game Stage, which is home to seven contest-winning games, a couple fan favorites from the last year, and an articulated physics demo! However you decide to participate in Virtual BLOXcon, you can’t go wrong. Continue reading →


Presenting the ROBLOX Shop

ROBLOXShopYet another awesome facet of Virtual BLOXcon! We’re proud to present the first-ever official ROBLOX Shop. Now everyone at home has the same chance to purchase exclusive ROBLOX items and real-life gear that attendees to our city BLOXcons snapped up.

Visit shop.roblox.com to see what we have available — from t-shirts, hoodies, and fedoras to pins, patches, trading cards, and more — we’ve got a lot of stuff for you to drool over. We’re opening the shop to run in line with Virtual BLOXcon tomorrow, but will be keeping the Shop open for (at least) a full month after the event takes place, in case you need some time to snag that one (or several) item(s) that you really want. Continue reading →


Building Virtual BLOXcon, from Schedule to Stage

Fresh off our BLOXcon “world tour,” we’re taking our annual fan convention online for the first time with the Virtual BLOXcon! The event takes place this Saturday at ROBLOX.com/bloxcon, starting at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. We’re hard at work putting the finishing touches on our schedule and setup, so we thought today would be a good time to show you a tentative schedule for the day and share a few photos.


Welcome to our makeshift Virtual BLOXcon staging area! We picked the largest area of our lobby, and set up shop. You can tell Andrew is thinking, because he’s touching his beard (it gives him sound advice).

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Virtual BLOXcon logo 2

Let the Countdown to the Virtual BLOXcon Begin!

Virtual BLOXcon is now just one week away! The online event will give everyone in the ROBLOX community a chance to experience our annual fan conventions via a livestream from ROBLOX HQ, recorded BLOXcon footage, and a lineup of great games. On top of that, ROBLOX staff will be playing games and chatting with you all day, so you could very well get to meet us – virtually, at least.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”Tv8hP3jD8Do”/] Continue reading →

Virtual BLOXcon Logo

Last Chance to Enter the Virtual BLOXcon Game Contest

Virtual BLOXcon LogoThis is it, folks: your last opportunity to enter your BLOXcon-themed place or game in the Virtual BLOXcon Game Contest. Whether you’ve got a work in progress or are going to challenge yourself to build something from scratch in roughly 32 hours, it’s time to get down to business. The submission period ends promptly on Sunday, September 8th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. Continue reading →