Game Creators Show the Power of Custom Particles

A couple weeks ago, ROBLOX launched the Custom Particles feature, giving game creators the power to make their own particle effects. We built the feature in hopes that it would make games feel more immersive and alive, and we’re thrilled with the early results from our community of creators. From lightsabers and lively projectile trails to waterspouts and leaves blowing in the wind, there are already a lot of awesome examples of Custom Particles.

Whether you need inspiration for your own effects or just want to see how creative minds are using this feature, read on!

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Explore the Endless Possibilities of Custom Particles

Particles are a staple in computer graphics and game creation. They’re an easy way to create flames, smoke, explosions, sparks, splashes, weather, dust, and even abstract effects, such as the wispy, glowing trail behind a magic spell. These kinds of effects can set the atmosphere and mood of your game, make vehicles roar to life, bring excitement and visceral feedback to combat, and more. Now, with Custom Particles, you have the freedom to change the existing ROBLOX particle effects – and the power to build beautiful and creative effects of your own.

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Light Your World with New Surface Lights

Lighting is one of the most important parts of designing a game. Low light and heavy shadows create tension. Bright lights and vibrant colors bring out the cheer in players. ROBLOX’s dynamic lighting engine allows you to achieve these effects – and everything in between – and we have now updated it to include the Surface Light. This new type of light complements the existing Point Light and Spot Light, and gives you an easy way to illuminate large surfaces and vast spaces.

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Experience These Six Unbelievably Good Looking Games

We talk a lot about game developers on ROBLOX — after all, our tools as a whole are designed to enable people of all ages to build and publish rich games, and share them with an audience of millions of gamers. However, there are many specialists on ROBLOX, and some of the most impressive creations come from the community of showcase builders, who focus their efforts on creating stunning worlds, memorable atmospheres, and beautiful scenery. Read on to see six of the best current worlds to explore in the vast virtual expanse that is ROBLOXia.

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Physics Support Comes to Solid Modeling

The recent release of our Solid Modeling tool ushered in a new and exciting era of creation, in which builders and developers have the ability to create complex objects using ROBLOX’s primitives as a foundation. We’ve seen the potential of the feature become a reality, with a plethora of impressive games and worlds leveraging the tool to great visual effect. Today, Solid Modeling has received its first substantial upgrade: accurate physics simulation for complex objects.

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You can visit the most magical place on earth!

Carthay’s Quest to Build Disneyland in ROBLOX

Carthay’s long-time quest to build Disneyland — including every single ride and attraction — is one of the most ambitious ROBLOX projects we’ve ever encountered. It’s also one of the most impressive, both in terms of its quality and its scope. As it stands, Carthay’s Disneyland is composed of more than 20 separate ROBLOX places, some more finished than others, each one featuring an incredible amount of detail.

You can visit the most magical place on earth!

You can visit the most magical place on earth — in ROBLOX!

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Announcing the LEGO Ideas Building Contest Finalists!

legotrophyThe voting period on our LEGO Ideas Building Contest has come to an end and we had an awesome turn out!  The ROBLOX community sent in tons of cool, crazy, and funny entries. We saw everything from recreations of games, to ROBLOX characters, to insane vehicles. Thanks so much for participating. We hope you had as much fun building as we did checking out all your creations.

We’ve whittled down the hundreds of LEGO sets to these eight finalists, which we believe captured both the spirit of ROBLOX and the concept of a LEGO Ideas entry.

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