Taymaster Earns the First Ever $50,000 DevEx Payout

If you’ve been on ROBLOX any time in the last six months, chances are you’ve heard of Twisted Murderer. Not only has it remained one of the most consistently popular games, accumulating more than 14.5 million total visits since its launch last fall, it’s also been the top earning game. This killer combination has all but guaranteed Twisted Murderer a prime spot at or near the top of the ROBLOX Games charts — and kickstarted Taymaster’s game development career.

Defying the usual lifespan of a video game, Twisted Murder’s barreling momentum continues to this day. In fact, the game has done so well so far this year that Taymaster just achieved yet another huge milestone: he’s become the first person to earn $50,000 in a single month through the ROBLOX Developer Exchange.

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Berezaa Brings Co-op Gameplay to Tycoons — and Cashes In


Bases in various states of construction (the one in the top left is getting pretty hefty!)

Following yesterday’s exciting announcement that we have now paid more than $500,000 to ROBLOX game developers, we thought now would be a great time to highlight one of the top-earning game makers of the summer: berezaa. His game, 2-Player Gun Factory Tycoon, seemingly came out of nowhere and quickly shot (heh) to the top of our game charts, earning the once-unknown developer throngs of fans and several million ROBUX. With the success of the game, he’s converting his virtual earnings to cash to supplement his life and eventually pay for higher education.

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Apocalypse Rising v5

Game Devs Have Now Earned $300K+ with DevEx

DevEx CycleIt’s been about 10 months since we unveiled our Developer Exchange program and in that time game developers have earned a total of more than $300,000. As the total amount of money earned grows each month, so too does the number of new DevEx participants. TheGamer101 remains the only ROBLOX dev who has earned $10,000 in a single month — something the development duo has actually done twice — though several developers (Floppa98, loleris, and Nikilis, to name a few) have earned over $10,000 total since the Developer Exchange debuted in October. We spoke with three of the top earning developers from June about their achievements and plans for the future. Continue reading →

DevEx Cycle

Earn Up to $10,000/Month Making Games on ROBLOX

DevEx CycleWith the launch of new features like Developer Products and our new game universe framework, we’re giving ROBLOX developers more tools than ever before to make high-quality games that can earn massive amounts of ROBUX, which can now be exchanged for real-world currency using our Developer Exchange program. In our last DevEx article, we mentioned that the monthly limit on how much cash you could earn had risen to $2,000. We’ve adopted a new philosophy this month that we’d like to share with you: Limits? Nah.

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DevEx Cycle

Developers Have Earned $68,000+ After Month Four of DevEx

DevEx CycleAnother month has passed, and our top developers continue to earn cash via our Developer Exchange program. At this point, we’ve paid developers over $68,000 since we introduced the program in early October. We promised then that we’d be keeping a close eye on what ROBLOX developers are doing with the money they earn, as well as how they are earning it. We saw several firsts in the month of January, both in terms of total amount of money earned ($20,000+), and the amount of users leveraging the feature (73). We also saw four developers take advantage of the new $2,000 maximum monthly limit in the first week of February — we checked in with a couple to discuss their strategies and plans for their earnings. Continue reading →

DevEx Cycle

Starting February, We’ll Pay You $2,000/Month to Make Great Games

DevEx CycleIf you’ve been following any of the stories about ROBLOX in the press this week, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings and rumors of a potential increase in the maximum monthly payout from our Developer Exchange program. Let it be known that the rumors are true: starting in February, the maximum monthly DevEx payout will increase from $500 to $2,000. We certainly are fostering the next generation of indie developers. And the most successful ROBLOX game creators will be rewarded — handsomely, at that — for the time they spend creating fantastic games. Continue reading →


Developers Have Earned $46,000+ in Three Months of DevEx

DevExFinalAnother month has passed, and our intrepid developers continue to earn real-life cash via our Developer Exchange program. We’ve cashed out over $46,000.00 since we introduced the Developer Exchange in early October. We promised then that we’d be keeping a close eye on what ROBLOX developers are doing with the money they earn, as well as how they managed to earn it. Before we get to personal anecdotes, let’s look at the latest statistics. Continue reading →