The Eggventure Beta is Live! Plus All the Event Details!

The annual Egg Hunt has long been ROBLOX’s biggest, and most loved event. Every year we do something different, and this year is no exception. We’ve rebranded Egg Hunt and turned it into an all new event. Get ready for our Eggciting Eggventure!

Starting today, we’re Beta Testing Eggventure on PC. The official game is available now as paid access, and features most of the eggs you can earn in the event. If you want to get a head start on the event you can be one of our testers. Eggventure goes live and free for everyone on March 22nd.

Here’s a breakdown of the event:

  • Eggventure officially runs from March 22 through April 3.
  • It’s all contained in one big game.
  • There are 24 eggs to collect. That includes 2 Faberge eggs and an Admin egg!

Longtime ROBLOX fans will notice that Eggventure is an homage to the Egg Hunts of the past. The map is massive, split up into multiple zones, each with their own challenges and eggs to collect!

The challenges in Eggventure vary from cooperative puzzle solving, to PvP combat, to good old fashioned scavenger hunting. There’s a ton of stuff to do in Eggventure. You can fight a giant dragon, help a friendly wizard, and battle it out against the meanest gym teacher in the New Yolk City public school system.


There will be special items in the catalog, like a categgapult, and the egg beater sword, that will help you earn certain eggs, so make sure to snag one, or team up with a friend who has one. And the Eggventure will support VIP servers so you can play solo or with your friends.

The Eggciting Eggventure opens for everyone on March 22 and runs through April 3rd. If you want to be a beta tester the Eggventure place is currently open in paid access. Be sure to use hashtag #Eggventure2016 to chat with other ROBLOX fans on social media and share tips for collecting the eggs. Happy hunting!


It’s Time to Save the Eggverse in the 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt


[Update: The Egg Hunt is back up!]

It’s here! The official 2014 ROBLOX Egg Hunt is unveiled and ready to play. Grab some friends, spawn in the lobby (where three out of the five levels are currently playable) and get ready to save the Eggverse! Each level has its own unique sets of challenges and eggs — you’ll have to work together to obtain some of the harder-to-get eggs (hint: be on the look out for concrete squares). Other eggs actively avoid you, decoy eggs spawn attackers, and some eggs are in parts of the maps that will require some perilous climbing skills! Continue reading →

Egg Compilation

The Success and Making of the 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt

The ROBLOX 2013 Egg Hunt has become the most popular event we’ve ever thrown on our platform. We thought we’d take some time to share some of the staggering numbers the game has accumulated in the last week (nearly 2.5 million players and 20,000 concurrent players!)–both in terms of users playing, and the amount of eggs collected. We also got the chance to sit and talk with three of the key architects behind the Egg Hunt, who shared some of the challenges of undertaking such a massive endeavor.

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Winning Entries

Presenting The Winners of the Egg and Face Design Contests

A few weeks ago we launched several fan art contests, where we asked our artistically inclined users to submit egg textures for the upcoming and wildly popular ROBLOX Egg Hunt, and users to create their own ROBLOX faces–the prize being a 2,500 Robux payday. We received a ton of creative submissions, and have officially chosen winners in both categories.

Winners: ROBLOX Egg Retexture Contest

We received over a thousand entries, and there were way too many cool designs to pick just two winning eggs. So we chose three regular eggs, and three Fabrege eggs to add to our 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt. We’ll be posting info about the 2013 ROBLOX Egg Hunt early next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Winning Entries

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