Physics Support Comes to Solid Modeling

The recent release of our Solid Modeling tool ushered in a new and exciting era of creation, in which builders and developers have the ability to create complex objects using ROBLOX’s primitives as a foundation. We’ve seen the potential of the feature become a reality, with a plethora of impressive games and worlds leveraging the tool to great visual effect. Today, Solid Modeling has received its first substantial upgrade: accurate physics simulation for complex objects.

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Preview Mad Studio’s Next Game, Mad Paintball

One of the premiere game development collectives on ROBLOX is Mad Studio. Between games like Darkness (and its sequel), Intense Sword Fighting, and the The Mad Murderer, this group of game developers, spearheaded by the 17-year-old loleris, has racked up around 30 million cumulative gameplay sessions and earned more than $70,000 in the last year through the Developer Exchange. Today the group’s latest effort is on the brink of release, so we decided to get an inside preview of Mad Paintball and find out what loleris believes will separate it from the other great shooters on the ROBLOX market.

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In-game Mobile Ads Now Pay 2 ROBUX Per Impression

Mobile, mobile, mobile! We’ve had a couple of exciting announcements, for both gamers and developers, in the realm of tablets and phones over the last week alone. Now, we have one more update to add to the list. The rate at which we reward developers for showing mobile video advertisements in their games has doubled, landing it at two ROBUX for every one impression. If you haven’t tried implementing this feature yet, now is a better time than ever to consider it.

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Configuring Your Game for Mobile

ROBLOX is going increasingly mobile and, as evidenced by the 1.2 million new mobile installs this summer, our mobile player numbers are rising quickly. That being the case, we have added a new configuration option for game developers that allows them to choose the platforms (desktop, tablet, and phone) on which their games are supported. What’s even cooler is that this configuration is helping to shape the way we display games on different devices — for example, if your game is popular but simply isn’t meant to be played on phones, you can use this feature to prevent it from displaying to people playing ROBLOX on such devices. These things all come together to make for a better mobile experience with more mobile-friendly games. Continue reading →


Mobile Video Ads Payout Rate Increases (Again) to 1:1

Back in September, we launched an in-game mobile advertising API, which allows game creators to show video ads to non-Builders Club mobile players in exchange for ROBUX. The API’s functions give developers full control over the playback of video ads, meaning they can be implemented such that they’re a seamless part of the game. Since the launch of the feature, we’ve been monitoring how it’s being used and tweaking the rate at which we reward ad impressions — as of today, we have increased the rate to one ROBUX for every one ad impression. You can now earn ROBUX 20 times faster than you could at the launch of this feature! Continue reading →


Meet the Team Behind the GCC-Winning Horror Hit, Confined

With the first-ever ROBLOX Game Creation Challenge in the books, we’ve played some of the best, most original horror games on ROBLOX yet. The Game Creation Challenge winner, Confined, a Story of Death and Shadow, blew us away. How did this game come into existence in a mere week and a half, and who are the minds behind its creepy tale?

Confined is the product of a three-person team: level builder Legoman654, and coders Tyridge77 and Stroudie. The trio had been working together on yet-to-be-released project when the Game Creation Challenge started — and they paused to make their entry.

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Announcing the Winner of the Game Creation Challenge

Trick or Traitor is an excellent GCC submission.

Trick or Traitor is an excellent GCC submission.

Our first Game Creation Challenge has come to an end, and we’re thrilled to announce the winner and finalists of this amazingly successful contest. We were blown away by the number of high-quality entries we received, and had a blast playing through all of your submissions. (Personal note: I think you all shaved 10 years off my life with those jumpscares!)

Of course, there can only be one official winner, and it was an extremely tough choice. Our panel of judges looked at technical achievements, writing, atmosphere and scare-factor to come up with the spookiest game on ROBLOX. So, without further ado, we’re excited to bring you the winner of the first Game Creation Challenge: Scare us Silly. Continue reading →