Learn How to Create with Live Video Tutorials in Game Templates!

Given the user-generated nature of ROBLOX, we’re committed to providing everyone who is interested in game design with the most powerful, easy-to-use tools so even the most novice builder could create something truly impressive. To make developing ROBLOX games more fun and accessible for beginners, we’ve recently embedded a series of video tutorials into our templates. Now you can really sharpen your building skills by watching and learning how to use the tools in Studio without having to leave your workspace!

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Get a Jumpstart on Building with New Game Templates

At ROBLOX we’re constantly trying to make the experience of jumping from player to builder, and builder to developer, easier and more streamlined. Sometimes, the biggest challenge to making a game is just taking that first step. To that effect, ROBLOX Studio features a few templates for new players to use to get right into the experience. We’re pleased to announce we’ve added two new templates to Studio, and they’re the coolest ones yet!

If you open up Studio the first thing you’ll see is the Game Templates section. That’s where you can find things like castles, or ready to go shooter game set pieces. And it’s where you can now find the templates for Infinite Runner and Pirate Island.

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Game Templates: A Smart Way to Start Building and Scripting

You may remember us mentioning our new Capture the Flag template a few weeks ago. Since then, the Content Team has been hard at work creating new templates–particularly prime for competitive gameplay, with more styles of games to come in the future. ROBLOX Software Engineers Dan Healy and Kip Turner explain.

Each of the templates we’ve built is designed to serve a specific purpose, though there are numerous assets you could pull from them. There are standard death-match templates, and a few that may flip that basic mode on its head.

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CTF Game Template - ROBLOX Studio

ROBLOX Launches Game Templates, Starting with CTF

CTF Game Template - ROBLOX StudioROBLOX’s Content Team has been hard at work as of late creating Game Templates, which are freely available starter levels with the nuts and bolts of a specific genre already in place. Our first template gives you the basic elements you need to build a game of the popular multiplayer shooter variety, Capture the Flag. You can find the template — and more in the near future — from the “Templates” ROBLOX user profile.

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