Developer Console is Now Optimized for Mobile

Today we are shipping an enhanced version of our Developer Console for mobile devices! As part of our mission to become an authentically mobile company, our goal is to provide ROBLOX developers with best-in-class debugging tools on iOS and Android platforms. With our newly updated mobile Developer Console, you’ll be able to zap those bugs and have a much smoother experience on smartphones and tablets.

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You Can Now Chat with Friends on Mobile!

ROBLOX is getting some major upgrades on mobile this year. Given that mobile players are the fastest growing audience on ROBLOX, we’re committed to helping you find even more reasons to play and connect with your friends wherever you go. A big part of that initiative is implementing a way to chat instantly with friends inside the app, just like you can on desktop computers. We’re excited to announce that our latest update on smartphones and tablets now allows you to do exactly that. That’s right – we’ve brought chat to both iOS and Android devices!

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Mobile is the #1 Growing Platform on ROBLOX

Mobile has become our fastest growing platform in just a few short years after we first premiered ROBLOX on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Millions of ROBLOXians have logged countless hours tapping into their favorite games and experiences on-the-go. Millions more are joining them today – so much so that mobile devices are becoming an increasingly lucrative platform for all developers. We thought we should break down the stats and take a close look at some of the explosive numbers that summed up the past year and a half on ROBLOX Mobile. Check it out, and you’ll see why the mobile behemoth reigns supreme.

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In-game Mobile Ads Now Pay 2 ROBUX Per Impression

Mobile, mobile, mobile! We’ve had a couple of exciting announcements, for both gamers and developers, in the realm of tablets and phones over the last week alone. Now, we have one more update to add to the list. The rate at which we reward developers for showing mobile video advertisements in their games has doubled, landing it at two ROBUX for every one impression. If you haven’t tried implementing this feature yet, now is a better time than ever to consider it.

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Test Your Games on Mobile — Without a Mobile Device

As ROBLOX continues to expand to more mobile platforms (just last week we launched on Kindle and Fire Phone), developers are looking for more ways to ensure good gameplay experiences for mobile players. We recently had TylerMcBride, creator of Super Bomb Survival and seasoned game creator, document some of the key ways to make your game mobile-friendly. Since then, we’ve released a pair of ROBLOX Studio features that make another important part of mobile game development – the testing process – much more robust than it’s ever been. Now, you can not only tell ROBLOX Studio to emulate mobile screen dimensions and interfaces, but you can pair an iOS device with Studio using the ROBLOX Developer app to test your games – without publishing them to the cloud.

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ROBLOX Arrives in the Amazon App Store

Following the launch of ROBLOX on Android, many ROBLOXians wanted to know when we’d be launching the app for Kindle devices. We heard you, and we’re proud to announce that ROBLOX Mobile is now available in the Amazon App Store! The Amazon App Store allows you to download ROBLOX for any supported Android device, which now includes most Kindles and the Fire Phone.

ROBLOX Mobile lets you explore the thousands of games created by builders and developers, trade messages with friends, customize your character, and more. When you play on Kindle, you even join the same games as your friends on Mac, PC, iOS, and other Android devices, so you can play anywhere, with everyone. While ROBLOX spreads even further across platforms, we’re making sure you and your friends always stay connected in the same virtual world.

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Configuring Your Game for Mobile

ROBLOX is going increasingly mobile and, as evidenced by the 1.2 million new mobile installs this summer, our mobile player numbers are rising quickly. That being the case, we have added a new configuration option for game developers that allows them to choose the platforms (desktop, tablet, and phone) on which their games are supported. What’s even cooler is that this configuration is helping to shape the way we display games on different devices — for example, if your game is popular but simply isn’t meant to be played on phones, you can use this feature to prevent it from displaying to people playing ROBLOX on such devices. These things all come together to make for a better mobile experience with more mobile-friendly games. Continue reading →