Take Control of Who Can Interact With You on roblox.com

While we have a dedicated team of moderators and automated systems that ensure everyone on ROBLOX has a positive and productive experience, we also strive to give our community members the power to make their time on ROBLOX as great as it can be — without our intervention. Today, we enabled a new social web feature, allowing anyone to prevent specific users from initiating direct contact (which includes chat messages, private messages, trades, and more) on roblox.com. This is one of our community’s most anticipated updates, and we’re happy to make it available, as it offers you additional power to make your experience a positive one. Continue reading →

new games page

New “Liquid” Games Page Makes Blank Margins a Thing of the Past

new games pageThe ROBLOX Web Team is always looking to update and improve ROBLOX.com to further empower our builders, developers and gamers. We are on a never-ending quest to ensure that great games and content get as much visibility as possible. Positive and upfront exposure is one of the keys to being successful on ROBLOX, and it’s in that spirit that we’ve begun rolling out a new “liquid” Games page. In our tests thus far, we have received great player feedback and we’ll be incorporating that into the official release in the near future.

Liquid, in this context, means that the amount of games that populate your Games page is dependent on the amount of screen real estate you have. The wider the screen, the more games you can see. Continue reading →

Automated Web Testing - Browsers

Automated Web Testing: Where Quality and Efficiency Meet

Automated Web Testing - Browsers

In this article, web engineers Antoni Choudhuri and Brandon Chothia discuss ROBLOX’s commitment to quality via automated web testing, and what the future holds for our testing infrastructure.

ROBLOX is a growing company – just look at our Jobs page to see the variety of positions we’re looking to fill – and our expansion is enabling us to develop and release features faster than ever before. While we’re producing a greater quantity of features, we’re just as importantly placing a greater emphasis on the quality of everything we do. One of the ways that has manifested itself is the expansion and improvement of our testing infrastructure for Roblox.com. Continue reading →


ROBLOX Named One of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2012

ROBLOX on TIMEROBLOX is proud to have been named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2012. The annual list recognizes websites in a variety of categories, including web tools, games, education, news and information, shopping, productivity, social and more.

The 50 best websites are those that TIME editors “find to be useful, entertaining, innovative or just plain addictive — and, in some cases, all of the above,” according to the article. We think we’re all of the above.

This recognition is a testament to the day-in, day-out effort and passion the ROBLOX team puts into building ROBLOX, and inspires us to continue to improve the quality of our product for our users. Continue reading →

Game Pass

ROBLOX Introduces Game Passes

ROBLOX game developers have the ability to create VIP shirts, which give players special perks and abilities in games. These added abilities can be anything, from super strength or speed, to a special item—the benefits are up to the game creator.

Originally an ingenious ROBLOX user idea, we’re simplifying the VIP t-shirt process with a new feature: Game Passes. A Game Pass essentially does the same thing a VIP shirt does–if you purchase a Game Pass for any particular game, you’ll have access to perks and abilities that others don’t. Continue reading →


Website Navigation Refreshed

CompassThe ROBLOX website is a constant work in progress, as evidenced in the last week alone by launches of a mobile site (at m.roblox.com) and a new and improved ROBLOX Catalog. Despite reaching those major milestones, we continue to work toward a cleaner, leaner, easier-to-use web experience, and today unveiled a refreshed navigation menu.

The key goals of the redesign were reducing the amount of real estate used by the navigation and implementing stylistic changes that gel better with the rest of the website. Continue reading →

New ROBLOX Catalog

The Revamped ROBLOX Catalog Arrives

New ROBLOX CatalogOur Catalog has undergone many changes over the years, and we continue to develop it so it’s easier to use, navigate and ultimately find the gear you need for your ROBLOXian. Today, an overhaul of the Catalog launched on Roblox.com, bringing new functionality and a better user experience to shopping on ROBLOX.

New Search Engine and Filters

Powered by Solr, an open-source search platform, our new Catalog’s search engine is more robust than ever before. We took advantage of wide-table search, a touted feature of Solr, and included new search filters, including extra pricing options, genres, gear categories and creators. The new gear category filter allows users to to search gear by type (i.e., “melee weapons” or “explosives”), and the new creator filter allows users to see what kind of models and items ROBLOX users are creating. Continue reading →