RGC 2013: Announcing the London Venue and Third Location!

If you’ve been keeping up with our ROBLOX Game Conference announcements, you know that we’re taking RGC 2013 on the road, and will be stopping off at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on July 13, before traversing the Atlantic to visit our UK fans in London. What you don’t know is where we’re going in London, and where we’re going after that.

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Rally 2011 Crowd

RGC 2013: This Summer, We’re Coming to You!

Rally 2011 CrowdA couple weeks ago, we released a survey to find out where we should host ROBLOX Game Conference 2013. Since then, we’ve been leaking bits and pieces of information via the ROBLOX forums and Twitter, but not so much that we slowed the rumor mill. Will there be more than one? Where will they be held? Are there really going to be hobos? Today, we’re clearing the air – partially, at least. Continue reading →

RGC 2012 R&D

Help Us Choose the Location of the 2013 ROBLOX Game Conference

We’ve begun planning our annual ROBLOX Game Conference for 2013, and we need your help. We understand that not everyone on ROBLOX can make it to the Bay Area each and every year–we figured it was time for us to do some traveling for a change. That’s where you come in. Taking this survey will help us determine where RGC 2013 is going, and arguably more importantly, what you’d like to see during this year’s event.

We’d appreciate if you could take five minutes out of your day to fill it out.

It’s important to us that our users help shape the paths we take at ROBLOX, whether those footprints are digital or real. Tell us where you’d like us to go, and we’ll do our best to get there.