Announcing New Physical Material Properties

Materials on parts have always been a part of ROBLOX, but short of changing appearance of the parts these materials provided little influence to actual gameplay. When the update rolls out, users using the new system will find that picking a PartMaterial now affects the elasticity, friction, and density of objects to better match the real-life material! Fear not, those of you that like to customize every facet of their game will still be able to customize Friction and Elasticity of their parts, with the added ability to customize Density as well!

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New Physics update cover photo

ROBLOX Introduces New Physics!

We are excited to introduce the new physics engine, also known as the PGS solver!

The physics engine is responsible for determining how parts move in a ROBLOX  game.  It takes into account how parts are connected with joints and how they collide with each other so that everything moves in a physically realistic way (as seen in this physics demonstration). 

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