Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

How the Top-Rated Games Earn Your “Thumbs Up”

Thumbs Up, Thumbs DownVarious changes have hit the ROBLOX Games page in the past couple of weeks. The “Top Earning” sort allows users to see which games are able to rake in the most amount of Robux. The thumbs up/thumbs down rating system gives you the power to vote on the content populating that page, so that the entire community can band together to establish an easy-to-read quality metric. We’re also in the process of rolling out a brand-new layout that shows you a lot more content.

Since the release of our ratings system, we’ve been keeping an eye on the top-voted places on the Games page. We decided to take a look at the top 100 vote-getters, and do a bit of analysis–particularly as to what aspects drive players to cast positive votes.  Continue reading →

new games page

New “Liquid” Games Page Makes Blank Margins a Thing of the Past

new games pageThe ROBLOX Web Team is always looking to update and improve to further empower our builders, developers and gamers. We are on a never-ending quest to ensure that great games and content get as much visibility as possible. Positive and upfront exposure is one of the keys to being successful on ROBLOX, and it’s in that spirit that we’ve begun rolling out a new “liquid” Games page. In our tests thus far, we have received great player feedback and we’ll be incorporating that into the official release in the near future.

Liquid, in this context, means that the amount of games that populate your Games page is dependent on the amount of screen real estate you have. The wider the screen, the more games you can see. Continue reading →

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up to Game Ratings

Thumbs Up, Thumbs DownJust last week, we described our vision for a Games page that’s loaded with fantastic games to play and worlds to explore. One piece of that puzzle is improving and adding alternative methods of sorting games, an effort we recently bolstered by launching the Top Grossing sort (soon to be “Top Earning”). Another piece of the puzzle is a rating system that lets you and everyone else vote content up and down, thereby providing a community-generated metric for games that are amazingly good, offensively bad and everything in between (i.e., “decidedly meh”). Continue reading →


Surfacing Quality Games with the Top Earning Sort

ROBLOXityWe have a vision of a Games page that’s populated with incredible games to play and places to explore. With content like Apocalypse Rising and ROBLOXity and Battlefield and Sword Fighting Tournament re-appearing week after week, we’re partway there. However, among such great stuff, you might see games that don’t live up to their own hype. We’re working on solving that problem; one step we’re taking is experimenting with a new sort for the Games page, known as the Top Earning sort. Continue reading →