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Where are they now?

February 23, 2007

by John Shedletsky


The Roblox Team just shipped a fabulous release last week and are celebrating their achievements by living it up on Builderman’s yacht in the Key West, while catching up with some other 49er alumns. Hot tubbin’ it (on the yacht, ‘natch) after a long day of scuba diving, we were discussing the features we are each working on for the next big release.

Matt has been working on DB caching to improve website speed and has been working on backend stuff for customized characters.

Erik has been working on webpage GUI stuff for customized characters, while kicking back pina coladas and reading through all the dump files that people have been sending him when Roblox crashes. Since the last deploy, we’ve been getting 60% fewer of these.

Builderman was busy waterskiing backwards, and so missed most of the team meeting. Though he did shout to us about characters and humanoids and something about slowing down the boat.

I’ve been continuing my valiant crusade towards making Capture the Flag games a reality. Next step: Player Spawn Locations.

The most exciting feature for scripters in the next release? It’s a little something called a DHTMLWindow. At least I’m excited about it.

– Telamon