April Fools courtesy of Telamon


02, 2007

by David Baszucki


Kudos to Telamon for his nicely crafted ROBLOX April fools post.  And congrats to “miso-ichy-san” for being our first user to recognize the spoof.  Some hints for those of you who are Sherlock Holmes proteges:

  • The 380 million quoted in Telamon’s spoof is just a little on the high side considering the early stage of ROBLOX.
  • Use of the word “noob” in a press release by a publicly traded firm would be somewhat unconventional.
  • It would be financially risky to execute such a merger without first grabbing the domain name of the new company!

Just to be on the safe side, I went ahead and grabbed this domain about five minutes ago. Cybersquatters you lose!

– Builderman